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Chapter 876: The First Seat’s Brutal Takedown, Unleas.h.i.+ng an Immortal Technique With an Immortal Physique

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A great battle was taking place in the Ancient G.o.dly Moon Kingdom.

Chu Kuangren displayed his strength, killing enemies left and right while reciting poems. Everyone was utterly stunned by his prowess as the Sword Poem Immortal.

During that time, the Heavenly Daoist Celestials from Planet Zi could not do anything against Chu Kuangren as they were held back by the other Heavenly Daoist Celestials. As for the remaining Daoist Celestials, all they could do was stand and watch as Chu Kuangren slaughtered them one after another.

Just when the Planet Zi cultivators were deep in trouble, a powerful aura erupted from their camp and swept out everywhere.

Everyone’s eyes lit up when they realized who it was.

“It’s the Royal Highness!”

“The First Seat of Planet Zi, Zi Xiao!”

Their eyes gleamed with hope.

The overpowering aura was coming from none other than Zi Xiao, the most powerful Immortal Progeny of Planet Zi!

“Sword Poem Immortal, Chu Kuangren!”

A low and grim voice sounded.

Zi Xiao glared at Chu Kuangren with a powerful battle intent lit up in his eyes.

Only when Chu Kuangren looked at Zi Xiao did it hit him. “I seem to recall someone making a commotion nearby while sleeping earlier. Was that you?”

“Hmph. You’ve truly surprised me with your strength.”

Zi Xiao replied with a snort.

Purple swirls of light soon surrounded him, and a purple armor appeared on his body. It was a defensive Heavenly Daoist Weapon.

“That’s the Planet Zi Starry Divine Armor!”

Planet Zi’s Third Seat, Zi Feng’s eyes were wide with surprise.

The Planet Zi Starry Divine Armor was one of the most powerful defensive Daoist Weapons that Planet Zi possessed. Even a Heavenly Daoist Celestial would have trouble breaking through its defenses.

After summoning the Starry Divine Armor, Zi Xiao took out a long dark purple saber. On the long saber sword with patterns that formed a dragon silhouette.

“That’s the Purple Dragon Saber, the offensive Daoist Weapon that accompanies the Starry Divine Armor!”

“It is a Heavenly Daoist Weapon as well. Bringing out two Heavenly Daoist Weapons at the start? It looks like the First Seat is feeling threatened.”

Zi Feng said sternly.

In fact, the power Chu Kuangren displayed had far exceeded that of the Second Seat. Hence, it was not a surprise that Zi Xiao would feel threatened.

Armed with two Heavenly Daoist Weapons, Zi Xiao’s aura instantly erupted!

“Chu Kuangren, ever since I became a Great Daoist Celestial five hundred years ago, no one below the level of a Heavenly Daoist Celestial has ever injured me except Planet Jin’s First Seat. Now, I wonder. Can you do the same?!”

Zi Xiao said coldly.

Although the fact that Chu Kuangren could create Immortal Techniques shocked him, Zi Xiao knew he was also a late-stage Great Daoist Celestial like his opponent. As such, he was confident that he could defeat Chu Kuangren.

“Heh. Where did you get this confidence from, despite being so weak?”

Chu Kuangen shook his head and scoffed.

“Take this!”

Zi Xiao stepped forth and charged with his long saber, slas.h.i.+ng it across the air.

A dense surge of saber qi suddenly burst out from the saber and intertwined with his Daoist patterns, turning into a purple dragon apparition that roared towards Chu Kuangren.

“What a useless attack!”

Chu Kuangen casually struck out with his sword.

His Prominent-grade Emperor qi and sword qi erupted, instantly tearing apart that dragon apparition!

Following that, his figure disappeared and immediately reappeared before Zi Xiao, where he unleashed a gorgeous sword ray from his Descendant Self Sword.

Zi Xiao raised his saber and blocked the attack.


Sounds of metal clas.h.i.+ng rang out as a tremendous strength qi spread everywhere!

Zi Xiao could only feel an inexplicably powerful force sweeping toward him, sending him flying out of control.

“Such power!”

Zi Xiao felt his whole arm turning numb from that attack.

If it were not for his Starry Divine Armor, his arm would have been torn apart by that tremendous force.


Chu Kuangren’s figure disappeared again in a flash.

He then appeared above Zi Xiao and immediately unleashed a punch at his opponent.


His fists landed on the Starry Divine Armor.

Chu Kuangren’s planet-crus.h.i.+ng strength caused the Heavenly Daoist Weapon to tremble incessantly. Although Zi Xiao did not take the direct impact of that blow, his internal organs were still shaken by the tremors.

After that punch, Chu Kuanrgen grabbed Zi Xiao’s arm and tossed him into the air. His figure flashed again, landing punches and kicks on Zi Xiao’s body from left to right and then upwards around his opponent…

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Before the likes of Chu Kuangren, their great and dignified First Seat was as defenseless as a child. The gap in power between them was just too much!

Chu Kuangren appeared above Zi Xiao and kicked him.


Zi Xiao crashed into the ground like a meteor.

With a loud bang, the whole Ancient G.o.dly Moon Kingdom shook, and a gigantic crater was created.

Lying inside the crater, Zi Xiao spat out mouthfuls after mouthfuls of blood. Even his indestructible Starry Divine Armor had several cracks on it.

His hair was messy, and he looked like a mess.

He was overcome by a crippling sense of humiliation that he had never experienced before.

It was the first time ever since he became a Great Daoist Celestial that he was beaten up so badly. Even Planet Jin’s First Seat had never injured him to such an extent. Besides, he was completely overpowered and suppressed! That was no different than b.l.o.o.d.y torture!

“This turtle sh.e.l.l of yours is quite tough, it seems.”

Chu Kuangren slowly descended onto the ground.

He chuckled. “Speaking of which, I can’t believe you’re weaker than I thought. It seems like the Planet Zi Seats are nothing but tough talk.”

Then, he looked at the other Planet Zi Seats watching from the sidelines. “Say, why don’t the few of you join in as well? It’s easier for me to wipe everyone out in one go.”

Upon hearing his words, they felt a chill run down their spine and quickly took a few steps back. By then, they had completely lost the will to fight him.

The difference in power was just too big!

“Chu Kuangren, I’m going to f*cking end you!”

“I’ll wipe you off the face of this world!”

At that moment, Zi Xiao slowly stood up inside the crater, glaring at Chu Kuangren with unfathomable hatred.

“Galactical Starlight Immolation!”

Zi Xiao grunted as he unleashed his Immortal Technique.

The surrounding starlight rapidly gathered around him to form a colorful river of starlight seething with a domineering aura that swept towards Chu Kuangren.

Chu Kuangren merely unleashed a punch.

Invincible Technique, Inverted Universe!


The two devastating techniques clashed, immediately causing the surrounding void to crumble!

In the end, the starlight was broken through, and the dense fist energy landed on Zi Xiao’s body. Just like that, he was sent flying with blood spewing out from his mouth once more.

Even in terms of Immortal Techniques, Chu Kuangren had overpowered him!

“No, no! Argh!”

Zi Xiao roared.

As Planet Zi’s First Seat, he was a very prideful person, yet he was now beaten up brutally before everyone’s eyes.

His pride had been trampled by Chu Kuangren.

“Behold this technique!”

“Planet Zi Divine Eyes!”

Zi Xiao leaped into the air as a powerful Immortal Technique fluctuation emanated from his body. A purple light radiated from his eyes.

At the sight of that, Zi Feng and the other Immortal Progenies could not help but exclaim.

“That’s the Planet Zi Divine Eyes! Planet Zi’s most powerful Immortal Technique!”

“Only a few people in Planet Zi’s history have managed to cultivate this Planet Zi Divine Eyes Technique. As expected of the First Seat Elite, he has done it!”

Zi Xiao’s Immortal Technique fluctuation grew stronger.

The purple light in his eyes also shone brighter like a burning star!

“Take this!”

The purple light from Zi Xiao’s eyes had lit up to its brightest.

In an instant, a purple ray of light shot out and shattered the void wherever it pa.s.sed, displaying catastrophic conjurations of planets crumbling.

Even the Heavenly Daoist Celestials were frightened by this attack.

“Single Thought Series, Endless Subzero Decimation!”

An incomparably powerful energy fluctuation erupted from Chu Kuangren’s body.

Surges of freezing qi appeared, freezing up the void.

However, those were not ordinary freezing qi.

They were freezing qi unleashed by the Moon Frost Immortal Physique!

He was unleas.h.i.+ng an Immortal Technique with an Immortal Physique!

Terrifying surges of freezing qi erupted and formed a glacial mountain that came cras.h.i.+ng down.

As soon as the purple light crashed onto the glacial mountain, the freezing qi began eroding the purple light until it froze. Then, it shattered effortlessly!

The Heavenly Daoist Celestials gasped as their eyes widened in fear.

“An Immortal Physique!”


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