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Chapter 741: Battle Casualties, the Blood Kings’ Meeting, the Daoist Weapon, Isolation Sealing Insignia

“Commodore, in the recent battle, a total of eight thousand, one hundred and sixty Blood Tribe wars.h.i.+ps were destroyed, with a total of nearly a hundred and twenty million Blood Tribe forces annihilated. Among them were a hundred and thirty Emperors, eleven Heavenly Imperials…”

A commander was reporting the outcome of the battle to Luo Shui.

“What about our casualties?” Luo Shui said.

“A hundred and sixty-seven wars.h.i.+ps were destroyed by enemy forces, with eight million troops either killed or wounded in battle. Among them were eleven Emperors, as for those that are a Heavenly Imperial and above, there were no casualties…”

Even the commander found it a little hard to believe the report. 

The number of casualties was just too little.

On the other hand, the Blood Tribe casualties were ten times larger at the very least.


Luo Shui nodded slightly while looking at Chu Kuangren nearby.

She understood that Chu Kuangren’s contribution to the low number of casualties in the recent battle was not something to be ignored. Without his Spatial Conveyor Skill and sword qi clones, their casualty numbers would increase tenfold at least.

“Brother Chu’s abilities are just too powerful on the battlefield.”

“Mmhmm, that’s right.”

Luo Shui nodded slightly. “However, we must not let our guard down. This is just the vanguard of the Blood Tribe forces. The battles that are soon to come will be even more difficult.”

The war between the Blood Tribe and Firmament Star was a drawn-out war.

It was completely normal for a battle to last for more than a dozen years.

This first battle was not even considered an appetizer in the multiple course meal that symbolized the whole war campaign.

Following this, Luo Shui received battle reports from the other great strongholds one after another.

Except for Stronghold Thirty-One, the other strongholds successfully fended off the first wave of attacks from the Blood Tribe. After all, that wave was only a means for the Blood Tribe to gauge their overall strength, considering their main force had not yet arrived.

Even their Daoist Celestials had yet taken action.

Despite this, each of the great strongholds did sustain some damages, with the heaviest blow being a stronghold losing a few of their Heavenly Imperials. Even their stronghold leader was critically injured too.

In that situation, the fact that Stronghold Thirty-One, their weakest stronghold’s losses were negligible was simply remarkable.

All of the stronghold leaders were impressed upon learning that it was all because of Chu Kuangren’s doing. Everyone was glad of the new help that Luo Shui gained.

“Stronghold Thirty-One will have to be on high alert. Although you guys have Chu Kuangren helping out there, I bet the Blood Tribe will attack more aggressively next time. I believe they’ll come up with measures aimed specifically at Brother Chu too.”

Luo Shui was holding a meeting with the commodores from the other strongholds.

Among them, Heavenly Imperial Ghostblade cautioned solemnly.

Luo Shui nodded in reply. He fully understood what Heavenly Imperial Ghostblade meant.

Somewhere in the vast universe, a huge group of wars.h.i.+ps has gathered.

On one of the wars.h.i.+ps, thirteen people were sitting around a huge round table discussing something.

They were the thirteen Blood Kings of the Blood Tribe.

Several light display screens were in front of them, displaying scenes of battles recorded and sent from the frontlines.

“Alright. That’s the battle report provided from the frontlines. Now, if anyone has something to say, please share it,” said one of the Blood Kings. 

That person was the Argent King, the strongest among the thirteen Blood Kings.

“I don’t have anything to say about the other strongholds, but can someone tell me what’s going on with Stronghold Thirty-One? Why were our forces defeated so easily?” a Blood King in black robes asked curiously.

The Argent King then flicked his fingers to reveal another light display screen before everyone.

On the light display screen was a figure in white robes.

That guy had black hair that reached his waist and was wearing immaculate robes that were white as snow. He was also handsome, with an otherworldly demeanor. 

“Oh my, who’s this lovely man? He’s so good-looking, I can’t wait to capture him and play with him all day and night.” Among the thirteen Blood Kings, the only female Blood King, King Mei’s eyes lit up with excitement.

At this time, a chilling surge of murderous qi erupted.

It came from one of the Blood Kings. The other Blood Kings looked at him and then at Chu Kuangren again. They soon figured out why.

“Is this the person that King Bai wants to kill?”

“Hah! Interesting.”

King Bai was the one seething with murderous qi.

He was also Bai Juexin’s father.

“Alright, let’s go back to the topic at hand. The reason our forces sent to Stronghold Thirty-One were defeated so quickly was because of this person.”

“This person’s name is Chu Kuangren. He’s well-versed in spatial techniques…”

The Argent King then told everyone about Chu Kuangren.

Everyone gradually had a stern look on their faces the more they listened.

If Chu Kuangren could utilize his abilities well on the battlefield, he would certainly be a great threat to the Blood Tribe.

“Unless a Daoist Celestial steps in, even the strongest Heavenly Imperial has no chance of winning against him.”

Another Blood King said.

“If our Daoist Celestial intervenes, the Firmament Star Daoist Celestials will not sit by and let this happen too. I plan to send a few Boundary Daoist Celestials with the Isolation Sealing Insignia to Stronghold Thirty-One. What does everyone think?” The Argent King proposed.

“Oh, the Isolation Sealing Insignia, huh? That Daoist Weapon will certainly do the job.”

“If that’s the case, we’ll have nothing to worry about then.”

“Hmph, I want this person to pay for taking my son’s life. Bai s.h.i.+, I want you to join them this time,” King Bai spoke to the void behind him.

An ugly pale-faced man with a slightly swollen body walked out and nodded slightly. “Your servant, Bai s.h.i.+ will fulfill his mission without fail.”

“Oh, is the Bai clan’s Bai s.h.i.+, known as the strongest cultivator below the Daoist Celestial level, going as well? We hope you won’t disappoint.”

“Word has it that Bai s.h.i.+’s body is indestructible and that he possesses the most powerful physical strength among the Blood Tribe. It looks like this battle will be something to look forward to.”

A few Blood Kings looked at Bai s.h.i.+ with great interest.

After that, the Blood Kings continued discussing their second wave of attack.

Several days later.

The second battle commenced!

At Stronghold Thirty-One, Chu Kuangren and the others noticed the Blood Tribe forces heading towards them almost at a speed of light. This time, there were more wars.h.i.+ps than the last, at least twice the number from the previous battle. 

“I’m afraid we’ll have to trouble you again, Brother Chu.”

Luo Shui said to Chu Kuangren.

“Don’t worry. You can leave it to me.” Chu Kuangren nodded slightly. Then, he unleashed the same technique — sending his attacks to the enemy forces using his Spatial Conveyor Skill.

However, dozens of light figures were heading towards him at rapid speed.

All of them were Heavenly Imperials.

At the same time, one of them locked on to Chu Kuangren and unleashed a palm attack towards him. An incomparably terrifying fist strength surged out at that moment.

Chu Kuangren raised his hand and shattered that person’s attack.

He then looked at the person who attacked him.

That person had an ugly, pale face with a slightly swollen body. Just by looking at him, Chu Kuangren could sense a frightening amount of power contained inside the other party’s body.

That energy was not spiritual power or Emperor qi…

It was a power that he was familiar with, which was pure and raw physical strength!

“Oh, now that’s interesting.”

Chu Kuangren started to get interested.

At this time, the other Heavenly Imperials were about to fight against the Heavenly Imperials from the stronghold. Luo Shui had also started battling a Boundary Daoist Celestial.

However, three Boundary Daoist Celestials remained along with the Blood Tribe cultivator with a swollen body, and Chu Kuangren was surrounded by the four of them.

“Is this your strategy to defeat me?”

“I’m afraid you must die here today.” One of the Blood Tribe Boundary Daoist Celestials took out a red insignia and tossed it into the air.

In that instant, a powerful surge of energy appeared and spread from that insignia. Several pillars of light soon formed everywhere in the void, forming an incredibly huge boundary that trapped Chu Kuangren inside.

Chu Kuangren suddenly felt that the spatial structure around him was strengthened tenfold. As such, his Spatial Conveyor Skill was restricted.

“That’s a Daoist Weapon!”

From afar, Luo Shui’s pupils shrank uncontrollably.

Daoist Weapons were akin to the Daoist Celestials among cultivators.

The power contained within them far exceeded that of any Emperor Weapon.


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