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Chapter 688: Await Their Returns, A Lesser G.o.d’s Divine Fragment

“G.o.dly Secret Realm? Interesting.”

Chu Kuangren once explored an oceanic G.o.dly Secret Realm. Its abundance of treasurer was enough to make one go mad.

The Thunder G.o.d Cult had uncovered one such realm.

However, Chu Kuangren was in no rush to be there. These people would be back anyway. He decided to remain in the Dark Tiger Prefecture and await their return.

The Black Heaven School was expanding smoothly.

The arrival of the Black Heaven School had effectively curbed the expansion of the Thunder G.o.d Cult in the Dark Tiger Prefecture, and more people were converting into the Black Heaven School.

On this day.

The Thunder G.o.d Cult Leader and his party had returned.

They soon noticed something strange upon their entrance into the city.

Usually, large groups of followers would rally at the gates to celebrate their returns. This time, not a single person came to greet them.

In fact, some of the citizens were even glaring at their arrival with resentment. It confused the Thunder G.o.d Cult Leader to no end.

What… What in the world just happened here?

“Leader, look.” A Thunder G.o.d Cult’s cultivator pointed at a collapsed statue with fear written all over his face.

The Thunder G.o.d Cult Leader was equally appalled. The fallen statue was none other than that of their Thunder G.o.d, and it was lying gracelessly on the ground.

“Who’s responsible for this?!”

The Thunder G.o.d Cult Leader felt uneasy. He repositioned the Thunder G.o.d statue and scanned the city with his Emperor Thought.

Then, a mighty aura descended from above, followed by the arrival of a majestic white-clothed figure.

The Thunder G.o.d Cult Leader noticed the person’s extraordinary aura. His arrival was accompanied by a blossoming garden of white lotuses and a fiery carpet in his path, as if marking the arrival of a G.o.d.

“The false G.o.d does not deserve his legacy to be honored!”

Chu Kuangren descended and touched the statue with the tip of his toe.

Suddenly, the statue imploded and was turned into a cloud of floating dust.

“All hail the True Black Heaven G.o.d.”

“All hail the True Black Heaven G.o.d…”

The citizens knelt in devotion upon witnessing Chu Kuangren’s arrival. Such a scene had made the returning cult members grimace in disgust. At the same time, they were also in disbelief.

What has happened in the past few days?

Where did this True Black Heaven G.o.d come from?

“You’re just a false G.o.d. How dare you deceive the ma.s.s with these false gospels of yours! You must die!”

The Thunder G.o.d Cult Leader glared at Chu Kuangren. Although he had no clue where the True Black Heaven G.o.d came from, he had no doubts that Chu Kuangren had offended his belief and the Thunder G.o.d Cult’s faith.

He concentrated on his Emperor qi and summoned a giant lightning serpent that clawed ferociously towards Chu Kuangren.

To the cult leader’s surprise, Chu Kuangren merely lifted his hand, and his purified Emperor qi effortlessly tore through the lightning serpent.

“Heretic, experience this divine punishment for yourself.”

Chu Kuangren activated his spiritual thought as strings of runic glyphs were conjured in the air and formed into ten Emperor-grade Lightning Rune!

The Lightning Runes erupted all at once!

Rays of lightning came flas.h.i.+ng down from the sky with power far more destructive than that displayed by the Thunder G.o.d Cult Leader.

Moreover, it was infused with the strengths of the Heavenly Punishment Daoist Runes.

As the lightning struck the party, the cultivators below the Emperor Realm were turned into ashes. The Thunder G.o.d Cult Leader himself did not have an easy time either as the lightning ripped his s.h.i.+rt apart and charred his entire body.

“d.a.m.n it! Oh, Thunder G.o.d, grant me your strength!”

The Thunder G.o.d Cult Leader shrieked in anger and triggered the Thunder G.o.d’s power.

An enormous Thunder G.o.d conjuration appeared in the realm.

Chu Kuangren chuckled coldly and summoned the magnificent Almighty Avatar. With its fist launched forward, the Almighty Avatar unleashed a fury of energies and Heavenly Punishment Daoist Runes upon the Thunder G.o.d conjuration and tore it apart!


The Thunder G.o.d Cult Leader was incredulous.

Then, the Almighty Avatar reached forward and grabbed the Thunder G.o.d Cult Leader in its grip. With a tight squeeze, the Thunder G.o.d Cult Leader was squashed into pulps!

Chu Kuangren’s display of power had shocked everyone.

From the followers’ perspective, only a supreme G.o.d could summon such power!

After killing the Thunder G.o.d Cult Leader, Chu Kuangren took his Yin and Yang Ring for himself and let the Immemorial Sage take care of the rest.

Back at the Black Heaven School, Chu Kuangren retrieved the cult leader’s Yin and Yang Ring and unpacked all of the items with his Emperor Thought.

The room was immediately filled with an a.s.sorted array of valuable treasures. Amongst it was all sorts of weapons and elixirs.

Its values would have surpa.s.sed the combined net worth of a few hundred Emperors. Chu Kuangren was delighted at his findings.

“Oh look, divine ambers.”

Chu Kuangren found pieces of divine amber amongst the treasures.

The divine ambers were the size of a football. While its contained energies were not as impressive as Chu Kuangren’s previous findings, it was still a decent amount.

These divine ambers were sufficient to lift Chu Kuangren’s cultivation to the next level.

Never mind all the other treasures.

Chu Kuangren contemplated as he stared at these treasures.

Apart from the divine ambers, he realized that the rest of the treasures were of little use to him. After all, he was a Rank Nine Initial Emperor who could not be defeated by anyone below the Heavenly Imperial Realm.

“I’ll just pick some of it for myself and reserve parts of it for the Black Heaven School. The rest could be sent to the frontline.”

Chu Kuangren murmured. The frontline was fighting a crucial battle. He would not let the Emperors who were battling there run out of resources.

Although Chu Kuangren had not been there, he was eager to contribute.

He proceeded to pick out a few items.

A faint blue crystal seemed to attract his attention.

It was a rhombus-shaped crystal that was seething with a G.o.dly aura. Layers of intricate Daoist runes surrounded it.

“Lil Ai, a.n.a.lyze this item.”


As the Omniscient Spirit scrutinized the item, Chu Kuangren soon learned that this G.o.dly object was known as… a divine fragment!

After a G.o.d was slain, their remaining energies would be transformed into an indestructible divine fragment.

It was almost impossible to destroy a divine fragment, but it could be refined!

Once a cultivator refined the divine fragment, they would absorb the G.o.dly power within as their own to form their G.o.dly physique.

However, in doing so, it would be no different than ascending into a G.o.d themselves. They would be unable to heighten their cultivation realm and rely solely on the power of faith to increase their strength.

Unless the divine fragment belonged to a powerful deity, cultivators who wished to progress further would not refine such an item.

The divine fragment that Chu Kuangren merely belonged to a Lesser G.o.d. Few would consider refining it.

“Any ordinary cultivator would immediately ascend into a G.o.d because their initial bodies could not adapt to the G.o.dly power. As a result, the G.o.dly power would transform them. However, a G.o.dly power is just another form of energy that exists in the natural realm.”

“Master, you possess the Universal Cauldron Physique, a body that’s capable of harnessing all forms of natural energies. You can safely refine this divine fragment without any negative consequences.”

The Omniscient Spirit said.

Chu Kuangren smiled in satisfaction. The amount of power contained within this Lesser G.o.d’s divine fragment was far more than that of the divine amber he previously acquired. If he could use this power for his own…

Chu Kuangren stared greedily at the divine fragment.

Perhaps he would be able to ascend beyond the Initial Emperor Realm!

The realm above would be the Heavenly Imperial Realm!

It was just a few years ago when Chu Kuangren first stepped into the Emperor Realm. If he managed to ascend into the Heavenly Imperial Realm within such a short time span, it would definitely be an unprecedented event in history.


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