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“Cough cough…”

“Freak! You really are a freak!”

With Chu Kuangren gripping his throat, the Toxin Sovereign could not stop coughing. Of all the Sovereigns at the scene earlier, he was the last one remaining.

“Toxic Plague Physique, not a bad research material.”

Chu Kuangren smiled gently.

He squeezed his five fingers, and a ma.s.sive spiritual power gushed out, crus.h.i.+ng his victim’s heart. With that, he was able to kill his victim and preserve his physique in the best condition possible, for the convenience of his research.

After he tossed Toxin Sovereign’s corpse into his Yin and Yang Ring, he used his mind power to collect all the remaining Sovereigns’ Yin and Yang rings and Emperor Weapons.

This battle had finally drawn to a close.

Chu Kuangren was just about to leave when he suddenly noticed Li Celong, who was playing dead, from the corner of his eye. Hence, Chu Kuangren walked up to him.

The edge of Chu Kuangren’s lip curved upward. “You’re not dead yet?”

The blastwave from the battle between him and the dozens of Sovereigns was unimaginably scary. Yet, the injured Li Celong could lie here without getting affected. The good fortune he had really surprised Chu Kuangren.

Li Celong’s body trembled when he heard Chu Kuangren’s voice. A look of terror could be seen from his eyes.

“Chu Kuangren, please have mercy on me.”

“I won’t ever dare to offend you anymore. Please just let me go this one time, alright? I’m begging you…”

Li Celong sobbed as he pleaded for his life.

He was scared.

He had witnessed everything and saw Chu Kuangren’s invincible poise. While all of that went down, he could only lie here like a pool of mud.

The gap in power between both of them was so drastic that he felt absolutely hopeless.

Even if he were to use his full strength, he would deal no damage to Chu Kuangren.

“Let you go?”

“First, we have to ask if the others are willing to let you go.”

Chu Kuangren glanced at the Seven Emotions Sect disciples beside him.

Noticing that the attention was s.h.i.+fted to them, they stared at Li Celong with fury seeping from their eyes.

“We shan’t trouble you, Brother Chu. Just leave him to us.”

One of the Seven Emotions Sect disciples scoffed.


Chu Kuangren did not object to their request.

After he left, the group of Seven Emotions Sect disciples walked up to Li Celong and took turns kicking him without any mercy.

“What makes you think you have the right to thirst over our Maiden Sage? Have you ever taken a look at yourself in the mirror? What wishful thinking!”

“You want to make a mess in the Seven Emotions Sect? Well, try us.”

“You were even cunning enough to bring the Toxin Sovereign here to poison us. Not bad, huh?”

Soon, amidst all the kicking from the Seven Emotions Sect disciples, Li Celong’s life ended bitterly in resentment.

Seven Emotions Sect, inside the great hall.

Chu Kuangren walked inside, and Sovereign Ying immediately ordered her people to welcome him.

“Brother Chu, the Seven Emotions Sect owe you a ma.s.sive thanks for helping us get through this predicament.” Sovereign Ying made a fist salute and said, showing a deep sense of respect and grat.i.tude to Chu Kuangren.

Then, she stole a glance at Chu Kuangren.

Besides his slightly messy hair, the white robe on his body remained stainless, and the energy on his body had slowly returned to normal. He did not look ruffled at all.

How could he remain unscathed after an intense battle with the Sovereigns?!

The sight of this made Sovereign Ying more astounded.

This man was simply a freak.

At the thought of this, she could not help but revere him even more.

Chu Kuangren looked at her and said calmly, “This time, the Seven Emotions Sect was only dragged into this mess because of me, so don’t worry about it, my Lady.”

“We can’t ever pin the blame on you, Brother Chu. Who would’ve known that the Sword Tribe and the rest of them would use such a shameless tactic to force Brother Chu to the corner?”

They exchanged a few sentences.

Then, Chu Kuangren decided to stay at Seven Emotions Sect for a few days.

After this great battle, his Dao had broken through to the Ultimate stage. However, achieving that breakthrough in battle was rather hasty, so he needed some time to consolidate his Dao.

Aside from that, he also needed time to study Toxin Sovereign’s Toxic Plague Physique.

During the time when Chu Kuangren was in Seven Emotions Sect.

News of him slaying over dozens of elite Sovereigns alone had already spread across the whole Emperor Road. Countless people were shocked by the news.

The sky prides from all sects were even more devastated by that. Chu Kuangren had raised the bar in this era too high, and they had all been reduced to his foil, forever living in his shadow.

After this battle, Chu Kuangren had cemented his status on Emperor Road. Whether it was outlawed sky-prides or Sovereigns from archaic ancient orthodoxies, none of them dared to seek Chu Kuangren’s trouble until they became an Emperor.

Inside Seven Emotions Sect.

Chu Kuangren was sitting cross-legged inside a room.

He was in the midst of consolidating his Dao.

Since his Dao had already reached the Ultimate stage after a fierce battle with the top-notch Sovereigns, the next step for him would be to become an Emperor by affirming his Dao.

A vast majority of the Emperors only managed to affirm their Dao after ascending the Emperor’s Throne and become an Emperor by utilizing Heavenly Dao energy from Emperor Mountain.

Legend has it that certain Emperors did not even require ascending the Emperor Mountain nor help from the Heavenly Dao energy to affirm their Dao. All they needed was their strength alone.

This was what people regarded as affirming Dao through strength alone!

Nonetheless, n.o.body knew how to pull it off.

Since the beginning of time, only a few people had become Emperors by affirming their Dao through strength alone. Each one of their methods used was distinct and almost impossible to replicate.

Some people meditated under a tree for three days and three nights until the morning sun came out before successfully affirming their Dao. Some people fished by the river for a century until they eventually fished a gold dragon, which they then rode into the sky, affirming their Dao and becoming an Emperor…

There were also scholars with no cultivation who read through three thousand Dao literature until they gained cultivation. Once that happened, they were able to make ground-breaking advancements and cross through realms like a matter of course. In less than a century’s time, they managed to scramble their way to Emperorhood, albeit quite scruffily.

Regardless of which example, each person who affirmed their Dao through strength had an appalling foundation before they became Emperor. All of them were unrivaled amongst their counterparts and were even capable of dueling with Emperors!

Once they became Emperors, they instantly became the strongest bunch amongst all Emperors.

“Affirming Dao through strength is perhaps a good way.”

Chu Kuangren snapped open his eyes and mumbled to himself.

Nevertheless, he was still lacking wisdom in this matter. Hence, he planned to utilize Seven Emotions Sect’s resources to carefully study all information regarding this.

He was not in a rush at all. After consolidating his own Dao, he retrieved Toxin Sovereign’s corpse and began gaining insight from his mysterious physique.

The process went on smoothly.

Toxin Sovereign may be dead, but since his Daoist Physique was still around, Chu Kuangren managed to master all the physique’s secrets in no time through an intensive study.

Thus, Chu Kuangren now had five types of Supreme Daoist Physiques.

“Hm, we should call Swordsman Mei over soon. She has the Dark Descent Physique, which is a Supreme Daoist Physique itself. I shouldn’t waste it.”

“And also Nangong Huang’s Yinyang G.o.d Eye, Murong Xuan’s Crimson Sun Daoist Physique… These are all top-notch physiques. Oh, right. After that strange encounter at the Heavenly Pool Mountain, Shang Qingxue’s Deep Freeze Physique had also improved into a Supreme Daoist Physique.”

Chu Kuangren tried to recall what other physiques he had around him. If he were to gain insights from all of them, it would certainly be of great help to him.”

Needless to say, the Almighty Avatar’s power would surely increase by a great margin.

After figuring out all the things he needed to do in the near future, Chu Kuangren stepped out of his closed-door meditation. The first thing he did was to borrow Seven Emotions Sect’s stash of literature as he wanted to read up about affirming Dao through strength.

The Seven Emotions Sect did not turn down his request. Instead, they generously opened up their library to him and allowed him to source for any book that he wanted.

As an archaic ancient orthodoxy, the Seven Emotions Sect’s resources were rather vast. There were a myriad of books in their sect that covered all sorts of topics.

Amongst those were quite a few books about affirming Dao through strength.

However, after some serious studying, the conclusion that Chu Kuangren obtained put a slight frown on his face.

The literature recorded that most instances of affirming Dao through strength happened during the Era of Great Dharma Prosperity, which spanned from the archaic ancient era to the immemorial times. This phenomenon stopped occurring in the past ancient era. Even up to the recent ancient era, no one had managed to become Emperor, not to mention affirming Dao through strength.

This meant that in order to affirm Dao through strength, one must carry it out during an Era of Great Dharma Prosperity. Even so, the chances of succeeding were really slim.

In an Era of Dharma’s End, this feat would simply be impossible!

Unfortunately, although this was currently the Era of Great Battles, the Great Dharma Emergence had only just begun for a few years. Hence, they were still in the transitional stage from the Era of Dharma’s End to the Era of Great Dharma Prosperity. Not even an Emperor had been produced yet.

To try and affirm one’s Dao through strength in this period would be almost impossible!

“Heh, what a pleasant coincidence. My favorite thing to do is to challenge the impossible!” Chu Kuangren closed the book and chuckled.


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