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The abundance of treasure in Chu Kuangren’s possession had long been known amongst many cultivators who entered the Enchanted Forest Realm.

He had certainly attracted a decent amount of attention.

Many cultivators were tempted to grab his treasures for their own but were stopped from doing so by the fact their abilities were far weaker than that of Chu Kuangren.

Yet, there were few who were bold enough to take the risk.

“You’re Chu Kuangren.”

A white-clothed youngster stepped forward. He was accompanied by several others, each of them radiating a powerful and distinctive Sage Aura.

“It’s them, the Sevens of Draconic Mountain.”

A cultivator exclaimed.

The Draconic Mountain was a prefecture, where the Sevens of Draconic Mountain were the seven most outstanding sky-prides of the region.

All seven of them hailed from the Draconic Mountain, and each of them was a remarkable sky-pride of their own. The leader of the Sevens of Draconic Mountain was a stellar sky-pride second only to the outlawed sky-prides.

It was said that when the sevens fought in a group that not even the outlawed sky-prides dared to underestimate them.

Of course, it was all but a rumor. No one knew if their abilities were as their reputation described, but it certainly made the Sevens of Draconic Mountain famous.

Chu Kuangren looked at the youngster and uttered calmly, “What do you want?”

The white-clothed youngster, who was the leader of the group, replied, “I heard that you’ve taken everything within the Spiritual Qi Leyline for your own. Don’t you think that such behavior is simply too much?”

“Heh, my actions are backed by my ability. What about you? Are you here to steal from me?” Chu Kuangren said.


The leader laughed menacingly as the cultivators behind him went into an attack formation.

“No matter where I go, there’ll always be imbeciles like you guys.”

Chu Kuangren shook his head.

“Hmph. They say you’ve battled several outlawed sky-prides at once and still managed to emerge the victor. I refuse to believe it! The outlawed sky-prides are at a league of their own, and only a few could win against even one of them, what more to survive their combined attacks! There’s no way a young cultivator could pull such a feat.”

“Then you’re an ignorant fool. Your shallow imagination is limited by your perception and abilities.”

The leader frowned and glared at Chu Kuangren. “Let’s see who’s the real ignorant fool!”

The leader channeled his spiritual power into freezing torrential force and unleashed a barrage of water arrows towards Chu Kuangren.

However, the arrows instantly vaporized as soon as they reached within three meters from Chu Kuangren.


The leader was shocked. Evidently, he did not expect his attacks to be countered with such ease.

“Help me!”

The leader commanded, and the remaining members immediately stood behind his back.

With a long grunt, they slapped their palms onto the leader’s back as they channeled an incessant stream of spiritual power into his body.

The seven distinct forms of Daoist Rhymes combined to form a magnificent energy source within the leader’s body.

“Oh, it’s a fusion technique.”

Chu Kuangren smiled mischievously.

The spectating cultivators were surprised too.

“What a powerful display of energy. No wonder the Sevens of Draconic Mountain is said to be equal to an outlawed sky-pride.”

“However, is that enough to defeat Chu Kuangren?”

The spectators’ attention was fixed.

The Draconic Mountain Leader let out a battle roar, unleas.h.i.+ng a devastating fury of energy from both his palms.

The blast of energy gushed out violently and devastated the entire battlefield.

“Die, Chu Kuangren!”

The leader unleashed his spiritual powers toward Chu Kuangren, only to see his opponent remaining still.


Chu Kuangren gently lifted his palm before he sent forth a ripple of spiritual powers into the void.

The combined fury of the Sevens of Draconic Mountain was instantly shattered under Chu Kuangren’s gentle palm technique, causing a shocking explosion of spiritual powers to erupt!


The Sevens of Draconic Mountain were blasted away by the impact as blood spewed from their mouths. Some of the weaker members even perished as their bodies disintegrated in the explosion!

“How’s that possible?!”

The Draconic Mountain Leader was in disbelief.

His attack had pooled the combined energies of seven cultivators. He believed that not even the outlawed sky-prides would emerge unscathed being on the receiving end.

However, Chu Kuangren’s effortless endeavor had both banished their techniques and heavily wounded their members!

What level of combat strength was that?!

Several cultivators, who were hoping to take advantage of this situation, immediately abandoned their plans upon witnessing Chu Kuangren’s shocking display of power.

If a gentle palm technique could yield such a level of power, just how powerful would Chu Kuangren be at his ultimate form?!

They did not dare imagine.

“It looks like the rumor is true. He did defeat multiple outlawed sky-prides at once.”

“This is terrifying. How does he have such power?”

“He must be the outlawed amongst the outlawed.”

The cultivators only had respect and fear for Chu Kuangren.

On the other hand, Chu Kuangren decided to ignore the Sevens of Draconic Mountain and proceeded to leave.

Just then, several strains of overwhelming auras erupted in the distance. Their terrifying sword qi had all locked onto Chu Kuangren.

“Oh, they’re finally here.”

The sudden appearance of the Sword Dao aura did not surprise Chu Kuangren.

The sword rays swooped in from the horizon and appeared just before Chu Kuangren, manifesting into a few swordsmen.

Soon after them, several more multicolored sword rays appeared.

One after another, the sword rays arrived and began surrounding Chu Kuangren.

The cultivators gulped.

“It’s the Sword Tribe. Judging from the aura, it’s the Sword Tribe’s elders.”

“And many of their swordsmen. There must be more than ten thousand of them.”

“Dear heavens, it’s rare for the Sword Tribe to execute such a large-scale operation. It looks like they’re here to destroy Chu Kuangren. We’re in for an exciting show.”

The Sword Tribe was the most remarkable orthodoxy of Emperor Road.

Since ancient times, few dared to provoke the Sword Tribe, which negated the need for them to engage in large operations.

It was unprecedented for them to mobilize so many elders and swordsmen just to kill a young sky-pride.

“Chu Kuangren, you’ve slain the Sword Daoist’s clone and robbed him of his Opportunities of Fortune. Today, you have nowhere to run.”

A grey-robed, white-bearded elder declared loudly.

The elder was burning with a raging Sword Dao aura. It was reminiscent of a volcano that could erupt at any moment.

Chu Kuangren chuckled lightly and said, “Why isn’t the Sword Daoist here? Has he lost all his guts to face me?”

“Hmph, we’re capable of killing you on our own. There’s no need for the Sword Daoist to be here!”

“Fine. It doesn’t matter if the Sword Daoist is here anyway. However, is it only the Sword Tribe? There must be other orthodoxies joining this party.”


A peal of laughter ensued as a flash of light approached from the distance.


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