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Chapter 311: Battling Heavenly Emperor Sage Zhang, The Third Prefect, The Other Sages Joined In

“Chu Kuangren, an open apology is off the table, but we can still negotiate for compensation,” Heavenly Emperor Sage Zhang said firmly.

“Screw off.” Chu Kuangren sneered. “The Sky Emperor Palace already owes us a billion soulstones and two Sage Weapons. Do you think I care about some compensation?!”

“In that case, I’ll take it as there’s no room for negotiations?”

“That’s right. It’s either you openly apologize and compensate us by revealing the truth for all to know and return justice to my disciples, or I shall pay a visit to the Sky Emperor Palace after tearing down the First City!”

Chu Kuangren said arrogantly in midair.

The Third Prefect and Heavenly Emperor Sage Zhang grimaced displeasingly at Chu Kuangren’s remark.

“Chu Kuangren, are you seriously going to blow this issue out of proportion just for a few disciples?” Heavenly Emperor Sage Zhang asked puzzledly.

The audiences had the same question.

The Black Heaven Sect had won the champions.h.i.+p, and aside from a few disciples getting injured, there were no major issues.

Did Chu Kuangren have to react the way he did just for some collusion? It was crazy.

They could not comprehend his reasoning at all.

Never had they seen a Sect Leader behaving so erratically. Should Sect Leaders not take into account the bigger picture and prioritize the development of their orthodoxies?

Yet, Chu Kuangren seemed like he was aiming for the opposite. He had utterly destroyed any semblance of diplomacy with other reputable orthodoxies such as the First City and the Sky Emperor Palace just for a few disciples.

Was it not a rash decision?!

It would be understandable if Chu Kuangren would like to seek compensation from the First City and Sky Emperor Palace. However, what benefit would it bring to the Black Heaven Sect if he were to force them into issuing a public apology? There was no practical benefit to it at all.

“Do I have to?”

“Let me tell you this, you may not care about loyalty and justice at all. But to me, they’re the most important things in this world!”

“My disciples have suffered from injustice and you think your meager compensations can sweep everything under the rug? That’s impossible!”

Chu Kuangren said determinedly.

To Chu Kuangren, any orthodoxy that dwelled purely in superficial benefits may develop quickly, but they would never last long.

Murong Xuan and Nangong Huang were the future pillars of the Black Heaven Sect, hence Chu Kuangren must not ignore the injustices done to them just for some superficial benefits.

He would do the same even if Murong Xuan and the other disciples did not care.

That was because Chu Kuangren cared! Since he was the Black Heaven Sect Leader, he felt the duty and obligation to seek justice for his disciples!

Besides, although at first glance, there seemed to be no benefits to forcing the First City and the Sky Emperor Palace into issuing an open apology, it would increase the Black Heaven Sect’s reputation in the long run. In turn, this would boost the confidence of their disciples and instill pride in their ident.i.ties.

These unseen benefits were what mattered most!

“Chu Kuangren, you’re a lunatic!”

Heavenly Emperor Sage Zhang said solemnly.

“A lunatic? For my Black Heaven Sect disciples, I don’t care if I’ve gone crazy!” Chu Kuangren let out a peal of laughter and instantly activated a burst of terrifying Daoist Rhymes, unleas.h.i.+ng his palm technique onto another floating island.

The Third Prefect attempted to block his attack but he was still blasted hundreds of feet away.

“Chu Kuangren’s combat strength cannot be underestimated. Heavenly Emperor Sage Zhang, join me in defeating him!” the Third Prefect said loudly.


Heavenly Emperor Sage Zhang nodded.

They would never agree to issue an open apology as it would significantly damage their reputations.

The only choice left was for them to defeat Chu Kuangren.

Or even… kill him!

At that thought, a killing intent flashed across both their eyes.

“Bring it on!”

Chu Kuangren retrieved his Sacred Emerald Sword Case and summoned three hundred and sixty-five swords, merging all of them into an enigmatic sword formation.

Four Seasons Sword Formation!

It was a legendary sword formation. Its power was strong enough for Heavenly Emperor Sage Zhang and the Third Prefect to realize that they were in trouble.

The formation’s sharp sword qi transversed back-and-forth through their surroundings, and contained within it was the mythical essence of the four seasons cycle, which was very difficult to dodge.

“All Prefects, attack Chu Kuangren’s body and distract his attention so that he cannot focus on controlling the sword formation,” the Third Prefect commanded loudly.

Several prefects then emerged from the remaining floating islands.

These cultivators were of at least a Supreme Honorable or above. Some of them had even transcended into a Boundary Sage.

Each one of them was a remarkable fighter.

It was shocking just how strong the people of the First City were.


“Chu Kuangren, don’t you dare think the First City is defenseless!”

Apart from the First Prefect and the Second Prefect, the remaining prefects each came out of their hiding spot and unleashed their distinctive yet destructive Daoist Rhymes!

Their violent aura filled the void and shook the ground!

Facing the incoming attack, Chu Kuangren did not show any signs of fear. He simply channeled the sword qi within his body to form four attacking sword qi clones!

Each of these clones was wielding a treasured sword as they engaged with the prefects.

Boom, boom, boom…

Their terrifying sword qi erupted from the void and was unleashed upon the prefects.

Chu Kuangren’s battle strength was unbelievably strong, and his sword qi clones were not to be underestimated either. Each clone possessed the combat strength of a Boundary Sage, dragging the prefects into a tough fight.

“These sword qi clones are strong!”

“d.a.m.n it, no one weaker than a Sage can defeat Chu Kuangren’s clones. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s way too powerful.”

“We can’t attack Chu Kuangren’s real body. Judging from the strengths of his sword formation, I’m afraid Third Prefect would not be able to hold it much longer either.”

“Is there anything else that can disrupt his sword formation?”

Just then, a sudden black fist attack suddenly came out of nowhere and hit Chu Kuangren’s sword formation. With that, the formation was successfully disrupted and a gap was formed.

The Third Prefect and Heavenly Emperor Sage Zhang immediately took the opportunity and rushed out the formation.

“Oh, it’s Graygrill Sage.”

Chu Kuangren looked into the distance.

He could see Graygrill Sage slowly recovering his fists.

It was him who unleashed the fist attack.

“Chu Kuangren, you’re too c.o.c.ky in your ways. Today, I shall join the other two Sages in bringing you down. It’s time for you to realize that just because you’re strong, it doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want!”

The Graygrill Sage spoke in a self-righteous tone and there was a hint of coldness in his eyes. Having an unpleasant past with Chu Kuangren, he could not let go of the opportunity to join forces with the Sky Emperor Palace and the First City in bringing him down.

“Pft, judging by your behavior in the Black Warrior Domain, I’m surprised you still have the face to call me c.o.c.ky. What a joke.”

“No matter, aren’t you just finding excuses to make me pay for your arm? Perhaps this time, I should just chop your brain down instead!” Chu Kuangren said coldly.

“Too bad, you won’t be able to do it this time.”

Another glaring voice rang out from the void. A bolt of white lightning struck from above and transformed into a silver-haired elder.

The elder possessed a remarkably strong body as he radiated with a boundlessly destructive aura. He was none other than the Thunder Falcon Tribe’s Sage.

“Chu Kuangren, you shall be held accountable for killing the Thunder Falcon Tribe’s Young Emperor, Lei Ao.”

The Thunder Falcon Tribe’s Sage said calmly.

“Pfft, who would’ve thought that you two would appear in my battle against the First City and the Sky Emperor Palace? How interesting.”

Chu Kuangren then smiled as he looked into the void. “The rest of you Sages, stop looking from the sidelines anymore. If any of you wishes to join in, be my guest! Let’s make this an exciting battle!”


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