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Chapter 699 We are all family

Imperial quickly smothered in darkness as Yue Ling’s white BMW x5m sedate to a stop in a public parking lot. Just as she shut the engine off, multiple cars near her along with a motorcycle does the same.

She opens the door and steps out of the car to meet her a.s.sistant and subordinates.

“Out of all the restaurants, this is the place everyone decided on?”

Her question fell and every nod their head together in answer.

Tang Zhonghui walks over to Yue Ling with his carefree persona and held one hand behind his back as his other hand gently place in front of his stomach.

“It was a very hard decision for everyone, but since I am regarded as a first-rate master in this field, no other restaurants can pa.s.s my good judgment like this one.”

He spun around with his back turned to her and raise his hand on his stomach. He points in a specific direction with a serious expression.

“And my judgment tells me that Uncle Nuo’s food stall is the best place to eat and drink.”


Yue Ling blinked her eyes before lowering her head and lightly shook it. Surrounding her, everyone scoff in sarcasm at the young man.

What the first-rate master? They didn’t even have to think and decided on coming to Uncle Nuo’s food stall.

Gui Tian Lan walks up to Tang Zhonghui and without any warning, smacks the back of the boy’s head.


After him, Gui Zhongmin joins in and does the same. He doesn’t say anything but heads in the direction of Uncle Nuo’s food stall with his older twin brother.

A pout appears on Tang Zhonghui’s faze and he glares at the two brothers. He gently rubs the back of his head then flinch when he saw Liu Shan walking towards him.

He quietly but quickly tiptoes to hide behind his boss, and this made the a.s.sistant almost stagger in his (Liu Shan) steps.

However, one should know why Tang Zhonghui turned into a coward at the sight of the a.s.sistant.

Out of everyone here, Liu Shan is the number one person known for his fists. One small flick from him was all he needed to kill a fly.

If Tang Zhonghui was to be hit on the back of his head by Liu Shan, he will surely end up in the hospital with a concussion or even worse, dead.

Liu Shan rolled his eyes and disregards the idiot behind his boss. He really doesn’t understand why the young man is overexaggerating things so much.

He looks at his boss and stops in front of her. His figure then slightly s.h.i.+ft to the side as if to make way for her.

“I informed Uncle Nuo on the way here. He has set up enough tables and chairs for everyone.”

However, when they arrived at the food stall, only a little had been done to accommodate the large group.

“Aiya, I didn’t think everyone would be here so soon.”

Uncle Nuo’s heartily laughter sounds when he saw the large group of familiar faces. He had already set up tables and chair, but die to Liu Shan’s sudden call, he had to rush home to grab more chairs.

When he returned, he wasn’t able to set everything up in time because it was only him. His wife had to stay home and look after his mother, while his daughter needed to study for her exams.

“Give me one minute and I will have everything ready.”

His words fell as he turns away from them, but just as he was about to grab the chairs he had set on the side, everyone quickly intervenes.

“Uncle don’t worry. We can get the chairs ourselves.”

“Take a rest uncle. I can fry food.”

“Uncle it’s been a while. Have a drink with us tonight.”

Each person took over one of the jobs Uncle Nuo had to do. Their movements were natural like the food stall was home for them and had worked here for a long time.

Gui Tian Lan helps Uncle Nuo sit down on a chair and pats the middle-aged man’s shoulder.

“Uncle you’ve worked hard. Tonight, you can enjoy yourself and relax. Let us youngsters watch the food stall for you.”

Uncle Nuo was put at a loss by the sudden change of events. This is his food stall but now he was being treated like a customer.

He couldn’t even retaliate as no one gave him any room to speak. Now he can’t help but wonder what the other sellers are thinking.

They must be thinking he is getting robbed.

However, as he watched each person busy themselves, he felt touched and his eyes turned moist.

Others may not understand, but the scene in front of him was like he had gone back in time to when Fate was still around.

He could remember each person like the young teenager or adult they once were. Only now, they were all mature adults and dressed properly.

If he didn’t know, he would never think that they were once the stubborn and hardheaded delinquents he used to lecture for getting in trouble.

He inhales a sniffle and wipes his eyes to free himself of any tears. Quickly steadying himself, he turns to look at Yue Ling.

“Young Miss, this…”

Yue Ling sighs a smile and takes a seat next to him. Her head turns to look at the scene that touched Uncle Nuo’s heart and her entire being softens.

“We all needed a breather. I hope you don’t mind the big group.”

Hearing her words, Uncle Nuo shook his head and looks at the group of people putting themselves to work.

“What is there to mind? We are all family.”

He would often see everyone stop by his food stall before going home, but it wasn’t often that he got to see them together like this.

As the night carried on for Yue Ling and her subordinates, in another part of Imperial, Lu Tian did not go home. His white Aston Martin pulls up to a dark building of 50-story and he steps out from the driver seat.


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