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Outside before Lu Tian was saved from having to eat the meal on the table, Yue Ling, Liu Shan, Lin Hui and Nie Chen drove on separate motorcycles through the dark gate.

In a neatly order, each person drives towards the huge garage that laid in wait on the left side of the house. However, as they enter the driveway, Lin Hui was the only one who broke out from formation and drives towards the house.

He didn’t need to go to the garage because his boss had already given the motorcycle to him.

As the others enter the garage, he parks the motorbike and turns the engine off. Removing his helmet, he gets down and stares with a confused expression at Lu Tian’s black Maserati Levante Trofeo that is parked one car length away from him.

His brows crease together, and he scratches the back of his head as he ponder in thoughts. He didn’t understand why the aloof man didn’t turn off the car engine. Even the door wasn’t closed.

“Well… I suppose when you have so much money, you wouldn’t need to worry about your car battery dying.”

He heaves a long sigh and set his helmet down. Even if the man is rich, he should at least consider taking care of his cars since maintenance fee is pretty high.

Lightly shaking his head, he walks over to the driver side. Seeing they car remote sitting on the seat, he shakes his head even more and reach inside to press the keyless ignition system b.u.t.ton to turn the car off.


His hand that was reaching for the ignition b.u.t.ton suddenly pause when he sees a figure dashes pa.s.s the front of the car. He pokes his head out and calls out to the person.

“Shan, what is it?”

The a.s.sistant looked like he was running for his life from a scary monster. However, despite his call, Liu Shan did not answer and continues to run for the front door.

Not thinking much, Lin Hui shrugs his shoulder and proceed to the turn the car off. Seeing Liu Shan run that fast, the man must have to use the bathroom. However, he had only switched the headlights off when a sudden wave of memory came flas.h.i.+ng in his mind like meteors shooting in the sky.

His eyes widen and his jaw drops to the ground.

“Oh s.h.i.+t! Oh s.h.i.+t!”

He swore aloud and jumps back out from the car. He hops around in a few times before running in the same direction as Liu Shan. He forgets about Lu Tian’s car as what he came to realize is a matter of life and death.

“Uh… What’s wrong with them?”

Nie Chen couldn’t help but ask upon the sight of Liu Shan and Lin Hui. He knows that two men had weird personalities, but seeing them in such a rush, what could it possibly be? They made it seem like the sky was falling and the world was going to end.

Walking shoulder to shoulder with the long hair man, Yue Ling wasn’t surprised to see the two men’s behavior. She has long gotten used to it.

As the a.s.sistant and subordinate reach the front door to the house, Liu Shan slams the door open while Lin Hui was one step behind him.

Both men sprint for the kitchen with a look of horror written on their faces.

Liu Shan: “Lu Tian!”

Lin Hui: “Stop!!”

Their voices overlap at the same time as they pray the worse did not happen. However, the second they entered through the door, they were met with the aloof man’s dark eyes.

Liu Shan stares at Lu Tian in the eye before striding in big steps towards him.

“Did you eat the food?”

He asks the question but doesn’t stop in front of the man and strides pa.s.s him. He didn’t even wait for an answer and advances in the direction of the kitchen.

His steps abruptly stops when he saw the dining table and the green food in a bowl. His eyes widen more than ever, and his jaw drops to the floor. In the next second, his legs did not forget to lose their strength and his entire body slumps down to his knees.

“W-We… We were too late…”

He swore he could feel his soul leave his body when he saw the spoon inside the bowl of food. It can only mean that Lu Tian must have taken a bite of the food.

Lin Hui enters the kitchen and seeing the same thing Liu Shan did, he gasp in shock. He doesn’t bother to close his mouth that hung open and turn his head to look back at Lu Tian.

“Y-You… really ate it…”

He spoke with a shaking voice, but in the end, he was so speechless that he could only open and close his mouth. His eyes roll back like he was going to faint, and he stumbles backwards.

“This lord needs to rest.”

Turning away, he decides it was best to go and lay down on the couch so he can straighten out his feelings. However, before leaving the kitchen, he turns to face Lu Tian.

He gives the man a blank stare before clasping his palms together. His eyes slowly shut and he bends forward.

“Amituofo. May buddha have mercy on your stomach for the next week.”


Lu Tian stares at the man with an indifferent expression. Watching him make his way towards the living room, he then looks at Liu Shan who is still on his knees.

Although he was able to maintain a straight face, deep inside, he was more dumbfounded than anything.

He didn’t even eat the food yet, and these two men are already a.s.suming that he did. Not only that, they are uttering rubbish like he was going to die from eating the food.

Thinking about how over exaggerating Liu Shan and Lin Hui are being, he part his lip to tell them the truth.

“Tian, is everything alright?”

However, before he could even say a word, a sweet and angelic voice calls out to him from behind.

He turns around to look at the person he could not wait to see. The corners of his lip curls up upon seeing his wife’s face that is the light to his world.

“Welcome home.”

His words fell and he doesn’t bother to explain the situation to Liu Shan and Lin Hui. He walks towards the door to close the gap between him and his wife, but seconds into this, his eyes flash dangerously when he saw another person walking behind his wife.

He strides in big steps towards her and grabs her by the arm to move her behind him.

His pupils darkens with the night and his entire being went from indifference to soft and now murderous.

He stares at the man with long hair and spoke in a deep and low growl.

“Why are you here?”


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