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The couple laid on the couch in silence. Lu Tian held his wife close to him, using one arm as a pillow for her and his other hand gently caressing her stomach. He stare down at the woman sleeping peacefully in his arms.

After Yue Ling told him about her pregnancy and their shared kiss of joy, they somehow ended up laying down. Probably due to her long day shopping with Zhao Ya’Er and work, Yue Ling was very tired. She also has to leave back for work again in a few hours. Within seconds of her shutting her eyes, she had fallen asleep.

Staring down at the sleeping beauty, Lu Tian sighed in pure happiness. He rest his head on hers and stare out to the now dark sky with a smile.

He is going to be a father to the little bean inside his wife. It’s their first child together. Be it a girl or a boy, he does not care.

Tomorrow, he will have to look into some lands. His wife wants to move out, but there won’t be a house that suit her in his eyes. So building a new house for her is the best idea. Maybe he’ll ask her what kind of house and environment she wants to live in.

This house will be the place where they build their future together….

Thinking of building a house for his wife, he could already picture his wife and child. Would their child look like him or her?

Suddenly, he remembers that L’amour de ma vie will be arriving soon. His eyes lit up with a smile and he settles on an idea. He finally knows how he wants to propose to his wife.

Closing his eyes, he allow sleep to take over. Just for a bit, then he will wake up and make dinner for them.



Yue Ling naturally stretched from her sleep. She felt extra refreshed with a smile on her face. Her eyes slowly open and she adjust her eye sight.

Sleeping on the ground next to her is her favorite Samoyed. She couldn’t recall when, but the little guy had someone how move to sleep here. Stretching her hand out, she gently caress his soft white fur.

Would Inu protect the little bean inside her like how he protects her?

Turning her head, she sees the face of man she loves. For some reason, she feels the Lu Tian who is asleep at this moment looked so peaceful and at ease. Except…

She pout her lip and lift her hand to touch the man’s face. Using her thumb, she tries to smooth the three creased lines between Lu Tian’s brows. Seeing that nothing changed, she mumbles.

“Why are you frowning even in your sleep…?”

Just when her last word fell, Lu Tian unknowingly grabs her hand.


His sudden movement surprised Yue Ling, causing her to gasp. She could even hear her heart beginning to beat rapidly, but in slow motion.

Lu Tian’s eyes remained closed. He moves her hand to his lip and kiss it.

“Sleep some more.”

His deep voice was more raspy than usual. Yue Ling blush knowing that his voice was another attractive feature of his. Glancing at the wall clock, she looks back at Lu Tian and lightly kiss him in the lip.

“I would like to, but I have to go back to work.”

The crease between Lu Tian’s brows deepen upon hearing her words. She needs to go back to work? At this late of the hour?

His eyes slowly open and his line of sight lands on the face of the woman he loves.


Watching him, Yue Ling didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Why does Lu Tian’s expression look like a mistress who didn’t want the husband she was having an affair with to leave? Uh….


She quickly brush the thought away and clears her throat. Pus.h.i.+ng herself up, she sits at the edge of the couch.

“Tian, there’s a big project I need to finish with the other employees. I won’t be out for long.”

Lu Tian sighed and also sits up. He ran his fingers through his hair pondering in thoughts about his wife’s words.

He knows that she is well known fas.h.i.+on designer and from his resources, there is a big fas.h.i.+on show coming up.

Looking at his wife, he knew he could never say no to her. As much as he didn’t want to, she was a fas.h.i.+on designer and she needed to do her job.

Ahhh…. If only he can persuade her to stop working and just stay home where he can see her. However, he knows he can’t do that.

Coming to a decision, he reach his hand out and pull his wife closer. He captures her lip like a hungry wolf until she was almost out of breath. Pulling away reluctantly, his forehead press against hers and he spoke in an even more raspy tone almost to a growl.


He moves his face a few inches from hers.


Yue Ling smiles hearing his understanding agreement, however, what she didn’t expect was the ‘but’. She stare at the man with heavy eyes.

Pouting her lip, she could only sigh, “Fine, but what?”

Looking at her, Lu Tian did not show any intentions of backing down. He wasn’t in the wrong. All he wants is his wife to be safe, especially not since the gang Black Dragon is out there somewhere. If she stayed inside, he wouldn’t worry, but once she steps foot outside of Jade Condos, who knows what will happen.

“Dinner first, then I take you to work. Once you’re done, I’ll pick you up.”


Yue Ling was dumbfounded. Was she a little kid to be treated this way? As a grown woman, she can take care of herself. It’s not like she was going to get kidnap. Opening her mouth, she wanted to refute back, but…

Lu Tian’s expression was grave and cold. She knew from one look that he would not take no for an answer. If she was to say no, she was sure he would not let her go at all. Sighing again, she could only agree with him.



Seeing his wife has agreed to his deal, he smiled inside and stood up from the couch. Before going to the kitchen to prepare dinner, he didn’t forget to kiss her forehead.

Watching the man enter the kitchen, Yue Ling couldn’t help but sigh again. Turning to look at Inu, she lets out another sigh. Inu at this moment stare at her as if saying, ‘Life of peasants’.

Lifting one hand she ma.s.sage her temple then look down at her flat stomach. Caressing it, she whispers to herself.

“Baby… your dad is a very strict person…”



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