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Yue Ling nod her head at Xu Long, “Thank you, a.s.sistant Xu.” Then she enters.

After she stepped inside, the door was quickly closed and made her heart jump. Taking a deep breath to steady herself, she slowly walks forward.

Looking at the details of Lu Tian’s office, she was amazed. The grey walls and black furnitures truly coordinated well with the owner. Although, it was still brightly lit inside. Unlike her white office, his was dark and very simple. She couldn’t help but wonder if his penthouse was the same.

Not only that, for an employee here, his office was very big. Probably bigger than hers!

Walking forward more, she spot the handsome man seated behind his desk. Seeing him, she stops in her steps. The nervous feeling inside her completely vanished. A soft smile appeared on her face as she watch the man work.

Seeing the familiar figure from the corner of his eyes, Lu Tian stops typing and his dark eyes meets the beautiful bluish green eyes that he loves so much. He arc his lip into a devilish smile that can melt any women’s heart to the center of the earth.

“You’re here.”

He said as he stands up from his chair and walks around his black desk towards her.

“Mm.” Yue Ling blush at the sight of the man. Even though they are living together, seeing him now, she felt like a shy school girl meeting her crush.

Lu Tian smiled widely, he loves it when Yue Ling’s shy. Like the most natural thing to do, he stops in front of her and pulls her into an embrace, inhaling her unique fragrance.

Caught by surprised, Yue Ling glance up at the man, but she was even more surprised. Just when he eyes land on his face, her lips were captured by his.

Lu Tian made a low sigh in satisfaction. He was indeed satisfied. Being away from his wife made him miss her more and more. Never in his life, did he think he’d fall for someone so hard.

Reluctantly, his lip left her soft ones, leaving a gasping Yue Ling in his arms still.

Yue Ling’s cheeks redden more, she lift her free hand gently hits Lu Tian’s back. Seeing her cute reaction, Lu Tian let’s out a chuckle. He couldn’t help but tighten his arms around her.

They stayed in each other’s embrace for a few minutes before they finally pulled apart. Lu Tian kiss Yue Ling’s forehead and smile, “Where do you want to go for lunch?”

Yue Ling pursed her lip hearing his question. She raised her hand and show him the j.a.panese furos.h.i.+ki. Lu Tian arch a brow at the furos.h.i.+ki, then he looks at Yue Ling. He didn’t know what to say. This entire time, he had been worried about where to take her for lunch. Yet, here she is, holding their lunch in her hand.

Not getting a response, Yue Ling frowns with a sad disappointed expression.

‘How can this statue not be affected at all?’

She looks at Lu Tian and set the furos.h.i.+ki down, “Tian, how can you not show any sign of expression? Is it because you don’t like j.a.panese food?”

Lu Tian smiled inwardly. Maintaining his indifferent look, he lower his head and kiss his wife again.

“I’d like it more if you were my lunch.”


Yue Ling pushes Lu Tian away. She turns to the couch with her tomato red face. Sitting down, she reach for the furos.h.i.+ki and unwraps it. Lu Tian shakes his head and follows his wife’s move. Sitting in the seat next to her, he watch her take two nice bento boxes out.

She put one bento in front Lu Tian, then hands him a pair of chopsticks, “I wasn’t sure on what you’d like to eat, so I picked a few. I hope you don’t mind.”

Lu Tian: “Mm. Anything you pick is fine.”

And that was true. He was a very picky eater. Not even the food his mom picks would he eat. However, if it’s from his wife, then he’d eat anything.

Oblivious and hungry, after she hands Lu Tian his food, she started to eat hers.

While the two love birds continue their private lunch, neither of them were aware of the chaotic atmosphere outside.

“Are you sure, Mao Wanlin?”

A blonde hair woman wearing a pink top and navy skirt blurt out as she stood from her desk.

Mao Wanlin stood in front of her boss’s desk and nod her head, “It’s true, Miss Qian. It’s been the hot topic at this moment.”

Qian Li Li was dumbfounded. The thing she feared the most had actually happened. With her beauty, she is consider superior to every women in Lu Corps. The only person she considered to be superior than her is the supermodel, Han Yue Ling. She had said so because she’d never think the woman will ever appear in front of her. She, in comparison to Han Yue Ling is like the dirt on the ground and the clouds in the sky.

Mao Wanlin who was oblivious to Qian Li Li’s feelings continued excitedly, “Miss Qian, if you don’t believe me, you can ask the other employees on the top floor. I heard that everyone saw Miss Han go inside CEO Lu’s office. Everyone plans to come back early from lunch so they can see Miss Han again.”

Qian Li Li shoots a surprised look at her a.s.sistant, “Han Yue Ling is having lunch with CEO Lu? In his office?”

“Seems like it.” Mao Wanlin nod her head. “A few workers saw her bring in lunch. They still haven’t come out of CEO Lu’s office and neither has a.s.sistant Xu go in.”

Hearing her a.s.sistant’s words, Qian Li Li’s face paled and her body slumps back down on her chair. Biting her lower lip. She needs to confirm the relations.h.i.+p between Lu Tian and Han Yue Ling.

She had worked hard to become Lu Corps’ CRM, she cant let some s.l.u.tty model sabotage her dreams. Even if the person was Han Yue Ling. Besides, she’s never met the woman, she can’t possibly be as pretty as how everyone describes her to be. Right?

“Miss Qian, are you not feeling well?”

Qian Li Li looks at Mao Wanlin and smiles, “I need a little rest, you can leave for lunch.”

Mao Wanlin’s eyes lit up, “Thank you, Miss Qian!” Without waiting, she runs out of the office. She is going to wait for her idol and ask for an autograph!

Watching her stupid a.s.sistant leave, Qian Li Li sneers in disgust. How could she have such a dumb person working under her?

Thinking, Qian Li Li bit her lower lip again. Then, her eyes lit up with an idea. Han Yue Ling may be a model, but that’s all to her. Other than her so called looks, she is nothing.

Compare to Qian Li Li, who’s a very important worker at Lu Corps, Lu Tian will definitely choose her over a mere model.



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