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Chapter 788 – Bewitching Blade Ji Ze

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian was completely oblivious to Ji Ze’s thoughts, and even if he did, he did not care.

When the Flowing Ta.s.sel Boat flew down to Sharp Wind City, it attracted an uproar. Only when everyone saw Tang Tian standing on the ship’s bow did Sharp Wind City calm down temporarily, after which it grew into a bigger uproar.

The Flowing Ta.s.sel Boat was not a nameless boat, but instead was extremely famous. There were very few boats in the Sin Domain because of the limited materials. The Sin Domain itself was barren and infertile, thus the amount of materials grown was extremely few. The large hull of the ship meant that countless of materials were involved, thus being expensive. The reason why caravans were so popular was because boats were extremely rare and only the big families had the power to manufacture them.

The big boat that was flying in the sky also became the target of many families.

The Flowing Ta.s.sel Boat was a prestigious and famous boat, and aside from it being from the Su Family, it was known for its extravagance. In all of the boats in the Sin Domain, the Flowing Ta.s.sel Boat was hailed as the most extravagant of the three big boats.

The two large holes on the boat’s side and the pervading blood smell indicated that a battle had occurred.

~Master actually seized the Flowing Ta.s.sel Boat!~

Fu Zheng Zhi and the rest were shocked to the point of being dumbstruck.

But what made them even more dumbstruck was that one after another, beautifully dressed captives with dejected and sincere looks spontaneously left the boat. Through the entire process, no one made a sound, there were no uproars, no one was rebellious or had any intention of resisting.

Fu Zheng Zhi who boarded the boat saw the corpse and the blood, and when he saw who it belonged to, everyone then realized that Su Qing was killed by their Master.

Everyone looked at each other.

Even before he had boarded, Fu Zheng Zhi already had guessed who it was, but when he saw Su Qing’s body, he could not help his face from turning.

After the battle a few days ago, Fu Zheng Zhi still felt the unhappiness from his surrender, and after personally watching Ghost Face Mask’s transformation for the past few days, he no longer had the heart to resist. Ghost Face Mask’s horrifying display of potential made everyone see a bright future, ~Alright, it is no longer a potential, even the current Ghost Face Mask’s strength is enough to shake the entire Sin Domain.~

The Floating Ta.s.sel Boat in front of them proved that.

Fu Zheng Zhi’s gaze swept through the captives, Su Qing himself was not an expert, and he had to rely on a true expert. When he saw a skinny young man, his eyes focused.

The other party sensed his gaze and turned to glance at him, before returning his attention on Master Ghost Face Mask.

It was just a glance, but it made Fu Zheng Zhi’s face change, his heart instantly turned cold. It was a gaze that was as sharp as a blade, and the strange fervent and cold was like a lone wolf travelling in the night, which was filled with a dangerous aura.

~This man is no unknown hero!~

Fu Zheng Zhi was about to remind the Master to be careful of him, when he heard someone flatteringly asking for instructions.

“Master Ghost Face Mask, what do you need Ji Ze to do?”

Fu Zheng Zhi stared at the young man standing in front of Master Ghost Face Mask, ~Where did the fervent and coldness go to? What lone wolf travelling in the night, he is obviously a flattering watchdog! How can this young man be able to change his face so easily? Where did his anger and rage go to? Where is the young man’s impulsiveness? How can this young man be so experienced, how are we old timers going to continue helping out like this….~

~Wait a minute!~

~Ji Ze? That man called himself Ji Ze?~

Fu Zheng Zhi’s eyes opened wide, and cold beads of perspiration trickled down his back.

~Ji Ze!~

~Bewitching Blade Ji Ze!~

Ranked third in the 12 Rank A Infamous Great Legends, Bewitching Blade, Ji Ze, hailed as the one to rule the Infamous Men in 10 years!

Fu Zheng Zhi’s face was overwhelmed with shock.

Out of the Infamous Men, Ao Gu Man was ranked 5th, and although the difference was just two ranks, but Fu Zheng Zhi clearly knew the stark disparity of strength between the two. The 12 Rank A Infamous Great Legends, the disparity between the top 3 ranks were immense, and the three could be of different grade martial artists. The 3rd ranked Ji Ze and the 4th ranked Suo Lin, no matter how popular they were, in terms of strength, there was a great difference. But between the 4th and 12th rank, the difference was not as big.

The top three had long surpa.s.sed the rest.

But the 25 year old Ji Ze was able to step into the top three of the Rank A Infamous men, thus being viewed as the man who would be able to hold the 1st position and control the Infamous Men in 10 years. The top 2 were both over 50 years of age, and had started their road of decline, while the 25 year old Ji Ze still had a long way before he reached his peak.

Other than the name of being the future number one Infamous Man, even in the List of Powerhouses, many people believed that Ji Ze in 10 years time would kill his way to the top 3.

One must know, when Fu Zheng Zhi realized that the evil and sinister youth in front of him was actually Bewitching Blade Ji Ze, he received a great shock. Fu Zheng Zhi himself was a powerful martial artist on the List of Powerhouses, but he clearly knew the difference in strength between himself and Ji Ze. At their level, every slight gain in strength had become extremely difficult.

Of course, Master Ghost Face Mask was an exclusion.

~Master Ghost Face Mask’s improvements in the past few days is truly inconceivable.~

Upon thinking about Master Ghost Face Mask, the shock from Bewitching Blade Ji Ze on him grew much lesser. ~No matter how strong Ji Ze is, he is not as strong as Master Ghost Face Mask, and no matter how much potential he has, it isn’t bigger than Master’s.~

Upon thinking in that manner, Fu Zheng Zhi calmed down.

Tang Tian removed the Awakened G.o.d Armor and his vision gradually became normal again, and he left the bizarre mental state. The Undying Sword on the Weeping Sword Seal on the Demon’s hand in his body released layers after layers of undulation, which was like an invisible hand that was constantly ma.s.saging every inch of his body, which provided an unspeakable comfort.

~Who knew the Undying Sword could actually remove fatigue, this is an unexpected joy.~

The power that the Awakened G.o.d Armor possessed was extremely powerful, but its consumption was astonishing as well. In truth, the Awakened G.o.d Armor was an accidental discovery while compelling himself to enter the critical state, and it extracted out almost 95% or higher of Tang Tian’s power. Only by doing that could Tang Tian enter the critical state, allowing him to be in the Awakened mode.

Even without the Awakened State, Tang Tian’s control over his strength had reached a perverse level, adding the Awakened G.o.d Armor that increased his control, it caused his control over Laws to reach a brand new height, which was something he could not hold for long.

It was through this unknown multiple folds of increase to his ability to control that Tang Tian in his Awakened G.o.d Armor could use only half of his power of the physique, but unleash fighting capabilities many more times than he could in the past.

At the start, Tang Tian could not remove the Awakened G.o.d Armor by himself.

But currently, he was able to better control every ounce of strength that he had, and he even grasped a few useful knacks by using laws to recover his own strength. By relying on these small tricks, his enlightenment on Laws kept on rising, and Tang Tian finally learned how to fully control and remove the Armor.

Ji Ze was shocked, the Master who had removed his armor was like a G.o.d that had fallen and became a mortal, and the palpitating and terrifying aura that he gave off had disappeared without a trace.

Ji Ze’s mind started to have suspicions.

When he had sensed Tang Tian on the boat, the reason why he was so overwhelmed with shock was because he had extraordinary sharp senses. Before others had discovered Ghost Face Mask, he had already sensed him, and it was because of his senses that he could sense the immense danger and terrifying aura.

But at the moment….

The master before him was no different from an ordinary man, and he could even hear the slight gasp for air as though Tang Tian was tired.

JI Ze lowered his head and stared at his own legs, his expression did not have any change, and he still remained docile and respectful, but his long and narrow eyes flashed with a light aura that was sinister and cold.

~Are you purposely acting weak to test me?~

~Do you think such a simple trick will fool me? Too naive!~

~I am Bewitching Blade Ji Ze!~

~I am like a lone wolf in the wild, I am patient and crafty. As long as I have enough patience, I will definitely find Ghost Face Mask’s weakness and flaws, at that time….~

Ji Ze’s mind suddenly imagined himself stabbing Ghost Face Mask’s chest with his Bewitching Blade, and Ghost Face Mask revealed a look of shock and disbelief, making him extremely excited, to the point that he almost shuddered!

~Hahahaha, only powerful Martial artists like Ghost Face Mask has the qualifications to be the prey of mine, Bewitching Blade Ji Ze!~

~For this victory, I will hold myself back and submit to this humiliation first, it is just a pa.s.sing thing, I will make you feel numb to me.~

~Just a bit of numbness!~ Ji Ze felt elated with his plan.

Hearing Ji Ze’s compliance, Tang Tian was startled for a moment, he turned to Fu Zheng Zhi and said: “Give him something to do.”

He then left.

He left Ji Ze to his wandering thoughts, ~Test, that’s right, this is definitely a test!~

After Lu Sheng Xiang’s escape with the Lu Family, the Galloping Horse City plunged into chaos and panic. The Lu Family had always been Galloping Horse City’s head, and no one would have expected them to crumble within a night.

They were unable to think who was able to strike such fear in the Lu Family. The unprecedented panic enveloped all the families in Galloping Horse City, the the point that all the other families did not even have the mood to split the Lu Family’s remaining wealth. The families all tried to search for information, and when their paths brought them more information, they fell deeper into fear.

~It was Ghost Face Mask and his Null Division Prisoners!~

Especially on the news that in the battle at Sharp Wind City, where Ghost Face Mask shouted “Whoever imprisons my subordinates will die!” was pa.s.sed to them, all the remaining families who still had the Null Division Prisoners trembled with fear.

So when Nie Qiu led the Null Division to sweep across Galloping Horse City, they did not meet with any resistance, all the various families respectfully waited outside and welcomed the Null Division into the city. It was their first time witnessing an army, and they were immediately overwhelmed by the sight of the Null Division’s awe-inspiring atmosphere that their souls almost separated from their bodies.

To Nie Qiu, the journey to Galloping Horse City was just like a march, and they did not encounter any troubles.

All of the Null Division Members from Galloping Horse City returned safely, along with wealth that piled up like a mountain given by the various families hoping to be pardoned. But Nie Qiu did not care about the wealth, he who had used the Lu Family as a barracks for himself and was wholeheartedly training.

Following the increase in the return of the Null Division members, the Null Division’s overall strength had dropped, the new members needed time to adjust and fit into their formation.

Nie Qiu knew that this problem would hinder him in the long run. And as expected, two days later, all the families in the neighbouring cities, Bi Ze City and Shang Yi City, respectfully handed the Null Division members back.

The battle in Sharp wind City and the escape of Lu Sheng Xiang had caused Ghost Face Mask’s name to rise, and also made the Null Division members become a problem.

Compared to the value of the Null Division members, the families lives were more important, no one wanted to become a second Lu Family.

The Null Division Unit under Nie Qiu had grown to over 2000 men strong.

The Four Main Cities started to feel the pressure.


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