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Chapter 786 – Awakened G.o.d Armor

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The wildfires of the Sacred Saint Galaxy did not influence Tang Tian one bit.

Out of the Golem Five Gestures, he was most familiar with the Formless Spirit Gesture, and the Formless Spirit Seal activated with G.o.dfist, it seemed to have opened a new window. He became like a demon in training for days and nights, oblivious to the world around him.

He gradually pulled G.o.dfist, as countless of Law Threads gathered around his right fist. In the blink of the eye, his right fist was blazing like a sun.

Sharp Wind City was extremely bright because of him, and the terrifying aura shrouded the entire city. Occasionally, people would prostrate in fear as they looked up into the skies, but many more were used to it. For the past few days, this situation had occurred countless of times. The “sun” in the night would rise multiple times, and everytime it happened, a terrifying might would ferociously smash onto the entire city like a huge gust of wind.

From the initial shock, people became used to it. It had to be said, a human being’s adaptability to its surrounding was shockingly strong.

Tang Tian carefully experienced every fluctuation and change in his body.

Compared to his past, his scope of vision was many times stronger than before, and his understanding in power and strength was far more than before. Martial techniques, laws, mechanical weapons etc, all had ins and outs. The so called “ins” was unearthed from a human body’s potential. The so called “Outs”, was naturally the understanding and usage of laws. Both sides form as one, because a human body is naturally one. That is also why every type of power, when at its apex, would naturally converge back together.

The five fingers on his left hand moved extremely quickly and formed the Formless Spirit Seal.

The light converged on the G.o.dfist on his right fist seemed to look like liquid metal, which flowed along his entire arm, towards his body. The light aura dimmed down greatly, but still remained extremely bright, it shrouded Tang Tian’s entire body, looking as though it was providing Tang Tian with an armor.

The final liquid light aura extended to the back of his head, and flowed down from Tang Tian’s forehead and covered his entire face.

The world in his eyes immediately became different.

The beautiful world lost its color and became black and white. All of the airflow he could previously see all disappeared, replaced with complicated but orderly lines, which were law threads. It was Tang TIan’s first time witnessing this different state of Law Threads, making him instantly excited, causing him to instantly exit the state.

After continuous days of probing, he finally got some experience. He realized that the Law Threads were not actually real ‘threads’. They were countless light dots lined up together, the light dots had two different types, white and black. He did not know what the black and white dots were for yet.

Tang Tian was not anxious at all, there are no shortcuts in growth. Everyone always talked pa.s.sionately about “a moment of enlightenment”, but people rarely saw the acc.u.mulative work prior to it. People only know a bowl is full when water starts leaking from it.

His mental state seemed as though he was flying out of Sharp Wind City, like the sun releasing its light from the horizon, sweeping through the great lands.

There was no joy or anger, he was like a calm bystander as he watched the beautiful world being engulfed by the black and white, and returning to its origin.

By mixing G.o.dfist and the Demon Six Seals, it reached a special state. It was a brand new fighting ability Tang Tian had created.

Tang Tian felt that this state was like an awakening. He thought about Barbara and his Awakened army, and did not know if the awakening was what he was experiencing, but he did not care. The light aura was like an armor, making him think of armor equipments. ~Since this is from G.o.dfist, let’s call it G.o.d Armor. Combining them together~

Awakened G.o.d Armor!

His body moved and gently stepped onto the law threads, causing his body to instantly disappear. He appeared 3000 km away without any warnings.

He extended his finger out and touched onto the law thread that extended into the horizon, it was a law thread containing Wind Laws, and his body started to float up like a feather, and floated along the continuous winds blowing.

He arrived at a layer of clouds, where he extended his finger out, and lightly prodded a law thread hanging down.


Countless lightning snakes suddenly lit up from the clouds, and converged at his fingertip.

Tang Tian’s Awakened G.o.d Armor dazzled with the lightning aura, making him look like a Thunder G.o.d descending.

The unprecedented experience made Tang Tian extremely focused, he felt as if he had become a part of the world, but he maintained his calm. He carefully felt the changes of the world, something that he had done for the past few days.

The fluctuations of the world was endless, although the world in his eyes was just black and white, but it was extremely exciting with abundant things, all there for him to probe and investigate.

Suddenly, he stopped, there were people flying over.

It was a large gold boat that flew.

“Brother Su’s Flowing Ta.s.sel Boat is truly a top grade experience.” The one who spoke was roughly 26-27, called Ji Ze. Ji Ze had an elegant appearance with long and narrow eyes and pale thin lips, making him look rather bewitching.

He stretched his back with a look of satisfaction.

When the others heard his words, all of them nodded. Everything on the boat were extremely pricey goods, the alcohol and desserts were so exquisite it made people look as if they had not eaten in years, and even the fur coat they were sitting on was made from a complete Black Water Otters pelt. Black Water Otters thrived in the extreme cold, and were few in numbers with extremely cautious personalities, thus they were difficult to catch, needless to say the value in their pelts. Such perfect pelts were rarely seen, but the boat had more than 50 of them.

Su Qing felt extremely pleased as he laughed out loud: “To have my brother Ji Ze praising me, my Flowing Ta.s.sel Boat has not been built in vain.”

The Flowing Ta.s.sel Boat was Su Qing’s favourite, it was a completely golden colored boat, and was Sin Domain’s most famous treasured boat. The entire body was made up from a wood material called the Flowing Ta.s.sel Cedar, the boat length was over 60m long and its interior was decorated extremely lavishly. For it, Su Qing spent a fortune to obtain the best craftsman to build it up with uncommon materials.

Under the control of 10 Wind Law proficient martial artists, the boat moved like a feather by borrowing the wind with a fast speed. Furthermore, the men controlling the boat were all experts, and even with the speed at which they were moving, the boat was not shaky at all.

The Su Family was an old family in the Four Main Cities, and their wealth was naturally deep. And as one of the clan elder that held authority in the Su Family, Su Qing had money and power, as well as being versed in enjoyment and music, he had many connections.

“The Flowing Ta.s.sel Boat truly lives up to its name.” Zi Je said: “I wonder if Ghost Face Mask is truly as powerful as the rumors, he better not be disappointing, if not it will be too boring.”

Ji Ze’s brazen words were not refuted by anyone, but instead had looks that agreed to him.

“Bewitching Blade Ji Ze, who dares to oppose you?” Su Qing pretended to be anxious: “Brother Ji Ze, you better not introduce yourself later, if not, you will scare him away, we took such great effort to travel so far, what will we do if we were to see the enemy run away?”

Everyone broke out in laughter.

“That’s right!”

“Such kind words!”

“I am truly waiting to see Brother Ji show off his prowess, if you were to frighten away the enemy’s courage, that will be bad!”

Although Ji Ze revealed a laugh, but he still looked to be extremely calm, but his long and narrow eyes had a faint arrogance. But, he did not bask in the joy of their flatteries, but turned to speak to Su Qing: “How much does brother Su knows about Ghost Face Mask?”

“Not much.” Su Qing retracted his smile: “Upon talking about Ghost Face Mask, then we must talk about the Ursa Major Null Division. This group of people was sent up the sh.o.r.es from the tide, numbering close to 5000. There isn’t any place called Ursa Major Continent in the Sacred Saint Galaxy, who knows if it is a new powerhouse that appeared in the last two to three centuries. But from how the name sounds, it resembles an army.”

“That’s right.” Someone else added: “They are truly an army, and demand exact compliance with instructions, even as prisoners, they are different from others. But it is also weird, all of them are extremely st.u.r.dy and strong, all good men.”

Ji Ze squinted his eyes and said: “Brother Su, I believe that this journey is not something that only the Su Family thought of.”

Su Qing nodded his name: “Brother Ji Ze is astute, and saw through everything. Although my small family is somewhat intertwined with Flying Galloping CIty’s Lu Family, but this journey is something that everyone agreed to.”

At this time, everyone all placed down the cups in their hands and listened intently.

“Whether Ghost Face Mask is Ancestor Li’s inheritor or not isn’t important” Su Qing looked at everyone and said: “The Sin Domain has a history of a few hundred years, and the structure ended up with the Four Main Cities as the core. For so many years, everyone has lived well, the higher ups think that if this continues, it will bring trouble to everyone.”

Ji Ze was surprised: “Does the masters think that Ghost Face Mask and his Ursa Major Null Division will pose a threat to the Four Main Cities?”

Su Qing laughed sinisterly: “Ursa Major Null Division’s power is solely based on Ghost Face Mask, how much can he do? The higher ups are just worried that some ambitious people would take the chance to do something. Furthermore, the best thing to do is to to strangle the development while it is still in its cradle.”

Ji Ze fell into deep thoughts, while the rest remained quiet.

Su Qing raised his cup and toasted towards Ji Ze: “If this matter isn’t important, why would we dare to trouble brother Ji Ze? But to be able to watch Brother Ji Ze, you, take action, my heart is at ease.”

Ji Ze laughed: “I will take responsibility with Brother Su’s words.”

Su Qing spoke with an emotional look: “Talking about it, this Ghost Face Mask is strange. Lu Tian Wen died to him, He Xin lost to him, and the current Sharp Wind City has fallen to him. All of them are experts on the List of Powerhouses, how are they unable to take down a mere Ghost Face Mask?”

JI Ze knew that Su Qing was borrowing the momentum to incite him, but he was uninhibited by it, and did not avoid taboos, he scoffed: “List of Powerhouses? Just because they are on it, they are considered experts? Haha!”

It was as though he had heard a joke and was laughing wantonly.

Su Qing laughed, ~As long as Ji Ze is here, it is good.~

Suddenly, Ji Ze’s laughter stopped.

It was as though he had been struck by a spell and remained stationary, his eyes staring outside the boat. The willfulness in his eyes disappeared without a trace, his expression was frozen on his face, and the blood slowly receded, becoming as white as paper.

The sudden change caused everyone to be confused.

“Brother Ji Ze?” Su Qing probed him.

He was secretly thinking, ~Does Ji Ze have some secret disease that suddenly acted up?~

Only the servant behind Ji Ze had her mouth opened as she was shocked to saw that on the back of Ji Ze’s white robes, perspiration was quickly spreading.


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