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Chapter 756

Chapter 756 – Crossing of Swords

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The 100m long blade auras swept forward like walls of light, the multi–colored brilliance drew out dazzling and beautiful light scars in the air. The two blade auras also released an intimidating sound.

Everything occurred too suddenly, and both parties were too close to each other.

When Xu Xiang Dong reacted, the blade aura was less than 15m away from him, allowing him to clearly see the countless small blade auras in them, and ripples formed in the air.

Xu Xiang Dong groaned, his body flickered with a light aura, the s.p.a.ce beneath his feet distorted, the ground started to dissolve and he dived into the ground.


The two blade auras swept above his head, it was as though two sawblades with tyrannical aura had swept past him, causing his scalp to turn numb. Cold intent swept from the tail of the light, Xu Xiang Dong’s heart was plummeting, ~Since when did they found out about me?~

~How did they discover me?~

The suspicions swept across his heart, but at the moment, he had no time to consider about them. The enemy had sensed him, but feigned as though they knew nothing, and suddenly launched an attack, it was a premeditated ambush!

Xu Xiang Dong sensed something amiss, in the blink of the eye, he had turned from predator to prey, and without any warnings. He did not know how the enemy had sensed him, and what kind of offensive plans they had. Such factors made him feel uneasy.

~I need to counterattack!~

In the blink of an eye, Xu Xiang Dong regained his composure and made his decision. When a person is ambushed, if they were to blindly dodge, they would only allow themselves to be more agitated. But instead, by counterattacking, one could break the rhythm of the opponent, giving him the chance to survive or escape.

The light aura flickered on his body, he suddenly disappeared, and appeared in the sky at the next moment.

~That is….~

He had not stabilized himself, but felt an indescribable an aura locking down on him. His pupils suddenly constricted, the enemy was above him.


Xu Xiang DOng’s heart trembled, his vision was a myriad of colors, and his mind was in pain.

A faint sorrow, like a faint mist started diffusing from his insides, causing his state of mind to be distracted.

A familiar yet unfamiliar image of a woman surfaced in his mind, she was the woman he never thought he would remember, he thought that he had long thrown away all the pain and suffering he had from her, he had already let go of the past, and thought that she would no longer affect him.

But when her image appeared, his mind immediately stopped temporarily.

Gu Xue flew in the sky calmly.

Her Yearning Law Surface’s projected power made her feel an unprecedented power, she did not have any killing intent on her face, just gentleness.

The Monarch Yearning Strike Broadsword was a large sword with a broad and long sword hilt, while Gu Xue’s hands were pet.i.te and small and required both hands to hold the sword firmly. The sword hilt was wrapped with seven different colored ropes, and at the end was a strand of red beans, the sword edge resembled the wings of a swallow, the sword’s broad body was colored with seven different colors lined extremely straight beside one another.

She raised Monarch Yearning Strike Broadsword with both of her hands, countless rainbow swords spewed out like colored ribbons spewing out in a holiday, surging downwards from the sky, they had long rainbow colored tails of light, all of it transforming into a gigantic rainbow light screen that enveloped the entire field.

It was her newly enlightened technique, Screen of Yearning Strikes.

Gu Xue was naturally born to be compatible wit

h the Monarch Yearning Strike, as she possessed Snow Rainbow Blood Meridians. Under Qin Zhen’s control, her willpower and determination was sharpened, and her understanding of the Monarch Yearning Strike had long surpa.s.sed w.a.n.g Yong of the past. And when she broke out of the control and saw Tang Tian, all the acc.u.mulation gathered and she immediately gained enlightenment on the Yearning Law. As the acc.u.mulation was great, her enlightenment broke through so far that she directly gained enlightenment on her Law Surface.

Screen of Yearning Strikes could not be resisted with brute force, a blade could not cut through yearnings of the mind, the beautiful and warm sword rainbows were not meant to harm lives, but to awaken all the deeply concealed yearnings in the heart.

Gu Xu’s Screen of Yearning Strikes was extremely novel, but as she only gained enlightenment on it for a short time, she could only sustain it for about 20 breaths of time.

In any one against one battle, even if Gu Xue was able to lock Xu Xiang Dong down for 20 breaths of time but lack the methods to take his life, she would still be the one defeated. Luckily, Gu Xue was not alone.

Xu An Zhong and the other three were in four separate corners, and in Nie Qiu’s gray world, they were all emitting dazzling light auras, their Yang Points had become brighter.

Strands of red light leaked out from all the Null Division Members inside the formation, following the intercrossing Yin Lines, it entered the Four People’s bodies, it was the purest form of power of the physique.

The four of them were roused, even if they had trained in Law Surfaces, but the power of the physique was useful for any martial artists. The four of them activated their own Laws in unison, the four bright Yang Points suddenly resonated along with Gu Xue who was dazzling in the sky.

Inside the Screen of Yearning Strikes, it was suddenly filled with wind, fire, water and sword concept.

Wind Laws were from Ben Sen, Fire from Victor, Water from Roland Su, Sword Concept Laws from Xu An Zhong.

Xu Xiang Dong immediately felt the pressure, the dazzling rainbow swords had entered his mental state, he was unable to defend against it, but it did not have any wounding capabilities. ~you want me to die from the emotions of my heart?~ Xu Xiang Dong sneered.

Just at that moment, countless of water streams like water snakes shot out of the Screen of Yearning Strikes. Xu Xiang Dong snorted in his mind, it was the Roland Family’ [Gentle Water Sleeves]. This was a relatively good technique, but it was a pity that Roland Su’s strength was not robust enough, and unable to unleash its true might.

His body suddenly turned in the air, causing all the water sleeves to only sweep around him and slide past him, unable to even affect his clothes.

His pupils constricted, what came next were regiments of fires that resembled flowers, that floated between the water sleeves and sword rainbow.

[Phoenix Fire]!

Compared to Roland Family’s [Gentle Water Sleeves], Xu Xiang Dong had a higher evaluation towards [Phoenix Fire]. It was said that the Thiopiate Family Ancestor gained enlightenment on 500 types of fire related laws, and chose the strongest 13 and combined them to become the Phoenix Fire.

But it was a pity that the Thiopiate Family had withered, Victor had good talent, but it was a pity he enjoyed playing more, he was frivolous and rash, it was hard for him to become a capable person.

He reached out his fingers, causing the air in front of him to distort suddenly, all the flames floating towards him seemed to be pushed away by an invisible hand, and floated away.

Just then, wind suddenly came and blew the Phoenix Fire back towards Xu Xiang Dong.

Xu Xiang Dong immediately knew that it was Ben Sen. He admired Ben Sen, compared to the other two, he was stronger, and people able to gain enlightenment on Gust and Gale from the wind blade were all powerful figures. But it was a pity, he was old.

His wind techniques were outstanding, the water sleeves and the phoenix fire that were pushed away from him were actually pulled back and surrounded him tightly.

~If you think this can take me down, you’re still too narrow–minded.~

He laughed in his mind.

From the panicked and unease at the start to his composed self was only one to two breaths of time. All the attacks looked formidable, but in his eyes, they were unable to shake him as much as the rainbow swords. He was familiar with all of the laws, they were also powerful, but they were not on the same level as him, and the threat they posed were pitiful.

Just at that moment, a black and white sword aura suddenly flew out from within the water sleeves and phoenix fire.

Life and Death Laws?

Xu Xiang Dong frowned, the sword aura emitted a faint life and death aura, but he heard that there was a man who betrayed the Xu Family and went to learn swords instead of Life and Death Seals.

He secretly nodded in his mind, ~This sword is rather strong.~

~But still, it is just that.~

Xu Xiang Dong sneered, ~This had been fun!~

He pointed his finger out at the sword aura, feeling complacent, ~Life and death sword, so what? Can it break through my spatial barrier?~

Just at that moment, the black and white sword aura slanted.

Xu Xiang Dong was surprised, and suddenly, his eyes constricted, ~the sword’s target was not me at all!~

The sword aura shot forth like an arrow and penetrated through the phoenix fire and water sleeves.

Water and Fire are polar opposite laws, and thus the collision blossomed out a dazzling light regiment. At the same time, the initially weak wind suddenly became as hard as steel.

Xu Xiang Dong’s face changed, he ignored everything and projected out all of his Law Surface, causing the s.p.a.ce around him to distort.

Bang bang bang!

The explosion formed by the sword aura was like throwing a bucket of gunpowder into fire, the initially peaceful phoenix fire and water sleeves inside the wall of wind clashed, causing an ear piercing explosion that lit up together!

The dazzling light aura formed from the explosion caused Xu Xiang Dong’s vision to turn white.

The opposing laws collision produced a considerably powerful explosion, furthermore with the wall of wind to seal them.

Even with the protection of the spatial barrier, Xu Xiang Dong still sustained injuries, his body was shaking and blood came out from the corner of his mouth. This explosion exhausted exactly a third of Xu Xiang Dong’s Law Surface power.

Xu Xiang Dong’s hair was in a mess, killing intent pervading from his body. He did not place the strength of the four of them in his eyes, but he did not expect himself to have suffered so much against the four of them.

~Let me see how long you guys can hold on for!~

Their coordination was spectacularly perfect, but it also exhausted all of their power. The strange rainbow light barrier was indeed powerful, but Xu Xiang Dong know that such great power also had a huge exertion, and thus they would not be able to last for long.

Suddenly, the ground trembled, footsteps sounded out in his ears, like a horde of beasts sprinting towards him.

Gu Xue who was in the air could see clearly, all the Null Division members had raised their Board Guillotine Blades and like a tide, they sprinted towards Xu Xiang Dong from all directions. They had the statures of beasts, and adding the door sized Board Guillotine Blades, each step they took would cause the ground to shake.

A few hundred men sprinting definitely had the momentum not inferior to that of hordes of beasts.

When the closest Null Division member was 100m away from Xu Xiang Dong, he leapt up into the air with their Board Guillotine Blades raised high above him.


A roar came out, tensing all the muscles in his body, the thin Golden Steel Cloth looked as though it was about to be ripped apart. With his glaring eyes fixated on their target, he slashed down.

He slashed downwards, which cut into Xu Xiang Dong who went beneath the ground.

Bang, rocks flew everywhere!

~d.a.m.n it! Missed!~

One of the member wailed in his mind, but he knew it was not the time to be upset, discarding the blade, he anxiously rolled to the side.


His members above him roared, five steps behind him, they leapt up and slashed down as well.

“Kill!” “KIll!” “Kill!” …..

One after another, the beastlike figures all poured in from all directions like the waves of a sea rising and receding at the beach, every single slash from them were Blade Devil Transformation!

Regardless of whether they hit their target or not, they would roll away to make s.p.a.ce.

The distance between each member was calculated to precision, and it was what Nie Qiu desired for, the greatest offensive efficiency. Xu Xiang Dong was immensely affected, the torrential attacks from above did not have any flaws, it was so condensed that it made him feel despair.

Xu Xiang Dong was completely stupefied, although the power in each blade was not fatal, but they were still consuming the power in his spatial barrier.

The consecutive blade attacks caused him to not have the ability to think of a counterattack, his strength was constantly depleted, his spatial barrier revealed cracks, some of the blades struck right at the same spot, the terrifying power made him feel as if he was under the attack of a wild beast.

Aside from the torrents of attacks, there were two groups at the left and right, completely reorganized, they were the first that moved out, Han Bing Ning and Ah Mo Li.

The two of them looked at each other, and moved at the exact same moment.

Beneath their feet, two yin lines had extended out and surrounded Xu Xiang Dong!


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