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Chapter 544 – A Strange Equilibrium

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian’s method was extremely simple and cruel.

He could not control the Energy Furnace very well, but he was able to control the Blood Furnace to a certain degree. So what Tang Tian did, was to control the Blood Furnace to collide onto the Energy Furnace fiercely. Bang, the energy wall cracked, the blood membrane and blood flew all around, the originally completely separate gemini furnace combined into one.

Tang Tian groaned, the process of colliding was definitely not beautiful. The intense pain surged from his chest, before he could even gasp for breath, Little Fool’s fl.u.s.tered and exasperated shriek came out.

“Are you crazy! Do you want to kill us! You lunatic! Gemini Furnace! Do you know what a Gemini Furnace is! Your dogs.h.i.t brains don’t even understand it, and you’re being so barbaric! I am truly stupefied to death by you, I actually trust a fool like you, a brainless idiot, a crazy lunatic! You idiot, do you know you screwed everything! Screwed everything! Do you know that? You are killing us!”

Little Fool was so angry that his entire body was trembling, after throwing all the thoughts to the back of his brain, he felt as if he was going crazy, he had actually placed his hopes on such an unreliable brat, he himself felt that he deserved death!

Out of all the usages of the Gemini Furnace, there was never one that made the two furnaces combined. He initially thought that Tang Tian had some miraculous idea…..

He had even informed the fool of all the information that he knew of the Gemini Furnace. In the end, the end was that the fool completely disregarded everything. Relying on his own subjective thoughts, he was an annoying troublemaker, and acted recklessly and whenever he pleased, for his other half to be so dumb to this extent, Little Fool was so angry that his lungs almost exploded.

Alright, a Form Spirit does not have lungs…..he almost fainted from the anger.

Tang Tians face was white, he himself almost could not take the attack. Hearing Little Fool screaming, he waved his hand weakly: “Don’t be too anxious.”

Little Fool’s face was awfully gloomy, his words were forced out of his clenched teeth: “Don’t be too anxious? Hehe, congratulations, you will become the first in history, the first Gemini Saint to form the Gemini Furnaces together!”

“Really, really?” Tang Tians face was still pale white, but after hearing Little Fool say that, he became excited, and said with please: “Haha, don’t worship me too much, actually this is nothing much, to a G.o.dlike young lad like me, this new creation, is just a side dish!”

Little Fool who had actually calmed down slightly, was completely enraged by the fool’s heck-care att.i.tude, and screamed: “If you want to die then go and die yourself, don’t pull yourself down with me! I am truly too unlucky, to actually be your other side in this body!”

“So Little Fool, you’re actually my other side ah.” Tang Tian was not enraged, he scratched his chin and was suddenly enlightened: “No wonder I always felt that Little Fool is powerful! G.o.dlike young lad’s other side, how can you not be? But on the base line, it’s just that I am powerful! Oh my G.o.d, really, why am I so powerful….”

Little Fool looked at Tang Tian in shock, he already had no idea what he should say.

This sort of reaction….other than this lunatic young man, he could not think of anyone who would have such a reaction.

Any person who realized that he had a second personality to him, shouldn’t he be anxious, or cautious? To be so pleased, and thinking the hard work belonged to him, what kind of lunatic would be like this…..

Wait a minute, the topic changed, we were talking about Gemini Furnace!

When Little Fool reacted, Tang Tian was already flaunting and playing with the Gemini Furnace, and muttering to himself: “Relax, relax, such a genius idea, this G.o.dlike young lad can think of it, what else can’t this G.o.dlike young lad do? But Little Fool, it’s not that i’m trying to change you, but you are the other side of this G.o.dlike young lad, can’t you be a little more, nice? Don’t throw my face ok, it’s just a small matter, and you start shouting and screaming, this G.o.dlike young lad is so intelligent and wise, stable and magnanimous, why don’t you learn a bit of me, my other side, should not be so frail right….”

Little Fool’s mouth was wide open, and did not know what to say.

I….I am actually being taught by this fool…….

It was the first time Little Fool felt that he was not using his head enough, he looked blankly at Tang Tian, as though he never recognized the fool. His heart felt as if a herd of wild beasts were trampling across his heart.

He hugged his head as he looked at Tang Tian inconceivably.

Intelligent and wise, stable and magnanimous……

Where exactly did you get your self confidence from!

“Alright!” Tang Tian clapped his hands, with a satisfied look, he said: “Truly, to a G.o.dlike young lad, there is nothing too difficult. Hey, Little Fool, you better learn from me, when the time comes, to be able to learn half of my competence, oh, no, third maybe, you will realize, the world will look very different!”

“That’s right.” Little Fool who had calmed down nodded his heart. He was sneering in his mind, how can a lunatic’s world be the same?

He entered Tang Tian’s body again, the originally beautiful Gemini Furnace, had become unrecognizable in front of him, in the middle there was a missing piece, harshly trying to come together.

He felt a chill in his heart, the Gemini Furnace was Gemini Blood Meridian’s awakened and ultimate result.

In The 12 Ecliptic Palaces, every blood meridian in each palace had different awakened ultimate results, and all held unique abilities. But if one wished to have a completely ultimate awakening, it was extremely difficult.

In truth, even up till now, Little Fool was completely shocked that Tang Tian could achieve the complete ultimate awakening. Even Little Fool himself was not sure if he could awaken so early on.

Thinking about that, Little Fool’s heart twitched slightly. It was not easy to achieve ultimate awakening, to be able to have such a huge killing technique, was ruined by the fool, thus Little Fool’s heart was bleeding.

Bringing along the sadness and regret, LIttle Fool flew into the Energy Furnace, but what welcomed him, surprised him.

The red sea of blood and the blue energy were still clearly separated, but in between the sea of blood and energy, there was a big black white region. It was extremely strange, the blue energy was being suppressed in the corner of the energy surface, and the sea of blood was suppressed to the corner of the Blood Furnace.

In between the red and blue existed an extremely strong repulsion, as though they were strong repelling magnets.

The originally blue energy that filled the Energy Furnace, being repelled by the strong force to the corner, could only occupy half of the Energy Furnace.

The blue energy became even denser, as though as it was being compressed to half, and the deep azure blue to Little Fool, was like an appetizing meal that he cannot resist.

Without hesitating, he rushed into the sea of energy.

An unprecedented comfort made him feel so blessed he almost moaned. The concentration had multiplied by a fold, the result was extremely obvious, and Little Fool could clearly feel that the Spirit Origin was continuously being produced.

But, Little Fool who was cold by nature did not let the happiness rush to his head, his mind and heart felt extremely uncomfortable.

The Fool…..actually succeeded!

All this messing around can also succeed….this guy’s luck, is too strange already….


Little Fool suddenly noticed that the energy concentration was still raising, and the repelling force from the sea of blood was also getting stronger. The bright and glowing scarlet made Little Fool instinctively happy.

He could see that the Blood Furnace was like a heart, pumping rhythmically, contracting and expanding. Every time it contracts and expands, the blood inside the Blood Furnace would be stirred. From Little Fool’s vision, the sea of blood was like a scarlet ocean, with gales of anger, it raged on endlessly, acc.u.mulating an unthinkable wild raw power.

That combusting and flaming feeling could be felt from where he was.

Little Fool immersed himself inside the blue energy sea.

If the sea of blood in the Blood Furnace is described as an angered gale of molten lava, then the sea of energy in the Energy Furnace was like a calm cold sea with no wind.

One was lively, one was calm, one was hot and one was cold, Tang Tian had broken down the wall separating them, and allowed them to form a strange equilibrium.

Little Fool immediately realized the advantage of being in here.

The blood meridians at the opposite side were slowly evolving, and the repelling force being transmitted over would get stronger. At the same time, the blue energy sea that he was immersing himself in, would also begin to absorb more energy frantically. Vice versa, when the sea of energy becomes stronger, it would stimulate the evolution of the blood meridians.

The miraculous yet subtle equilibrium, caused Little Fool to be dazed for a short while.

If he did not witness it for himself, he would never believe that the strange equilibrium in front of him would actually be constructed by the fool…..

Equilibrium was a talent that should be in Libra Constellation, Gemini Constellation’s talent was in the integration of two sides. Light and shadow, yin and yang, black and white, etc etc, and by itself it was already an immensely profound and strong law. Gemini Constellation’s handling of the integration of two contrasting sides was like a butcher handling a butcher’s knife with ease, but no one would had thought that to merge two sides to one, would construct a weird equilibrium.

And to actually construct one so crudely….

Could a lunatic’s word be so miraculous…..

Little Fool quivered, he immediately stopped the dangerous thought, his face full of caution.

I cannot let my intellect be pulled down by this Fool! Between him and me, we are d.a.m.ned to be enemies. This is definitely the fool’s plan, the fool must be thinking of such a method to pull down my intellect, and then use his abundant experience to defeat me!

That’s right, it’s like that!

Tang Tian was satisfied with his own cleverness, but…..he earnestly reminded Little Fool: “Hey, Little Fool, as this young G.o.d’s other side, you cannot be weak and affect my prestige and name ok!”

Little Fool who was soaking in the sea of energy, his gloomy face became so dark that he resembled the energy water around him.

That a.s.shole!

Just then, Ya Ya flew out and pounced on Tang Tian while screeching ‘Yi Yi Ya Ya’. After it had grown wings, it kept on flying everywhere without stopping for a break.

Tang Tian grabbed Ya Ya and lifted Ya Ya to in front of him, pulling on Ya Yas meaty and round little b.u.t.t, he clicked his tongue as he wondered: “There isn’t actually even a trace left, and you’re so meaty, eating you definitely would be very chewy!”

Eat up….

Ya Ya’s body froze, and its little face became green with fear.

“I’m busy, go play by yourself.”

Tang Tian relaxed his hand. Ya Ya immediately disappeared in the blink of an eye.

After the success of the “change” of the Gemini Furnace, Tang Tian’s mood was good, as he had benefited. Senior Gui Wu was truly “one of the top three blood saints”, and was of some standard.

He decided to spend some time to pack the inheritance that Senior Gui Wu had left inside the Forceful Subjugating Bead. And, he wanted to find out what the rock inside Ya Ya truly was.


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