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Chapter 543 – A Brazen Idea

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The Gemini Furnace was truly something extraordinary.

In the 12 Ecliptic Palaces, every Constellations lineage are all very unique and original, and Gemini Furnace was Gemini Blood Meridian Awakening’s strongest talent. The Gemini Furnace was formed from the Energy Furnace and Blood Furnace, representing two different types of training methods. Martial artists who wield the Gemini Constellation blood meridians could train in both blood meridians and energy, the two systems of martial techniques.

But that was not all for the Gemini Furnace. The Energy Furnace was like a huge whirlpool, its ability to absorb the surrounding energy was powerful, and it could purify energy, and this was an immense help in training True Power.

And the Blood Furnace was equally strong, through evolving the blood, it can continuously change the martial artist’s body, and allow the martial artist’s body to constantly evolve.

Only a complete awakened Gemini Blood Meridians could possibly form the Gemini Furnace, its power was one of a kind.

But here is where Tang Tian was taken aback, because his body was a Zero Energy Body.

His Zero Energy Body that possessed a powerful repelling force towards energy, it caused the Energy Furnace to be in a state of intense suppression. The Energy Furnace’s absorbing ability was also very strong, the energy absorbed in was unable to flow into Tang Tian’s body, causing the Energy Furnace to be constantly acc.u.mulating.

The energy concentration inside the Energy Furnace was constantly being purified, causing it to acc.u.mulate.

Little Fool was immersed inside the thick and viscous energy, and to him, it was definitely the best sacred place to heal.

But to Tang Tian, who was unable to drain the energy, it was a hidden danger. Alarmed in fear, Tang Tian felt that there was a bomb in his body, and he could anytime explode into pieces.

While for the Blood Furnace, Tang Tian was constantly trying to understand it.

The strength of the Blood Meridians Saints around Tang Tian were very ordinary, and they also did not understand his Blood Furnace. It was lucky that Senior Gui Wu had left many insights and experience, Tang Tian braced himself and flipped through the records that made his head hurt, and finally had some insights.

The Blood Furnace was the spirit domain that all Blood Meridians Saints have, they were able to allow the blood meridians to accomplish continuous evolution, and to a Blood Meridians Saint, that was their strongest origin.

The world was of natural selection, the survival of the fittest, it was the highest natural law.

And the Blood Furnace was the most persevering supporter of this natural law, it is like a wrestling ring, and the partic.i.p.ants are all the various const.i.tutions of the blood meridians. Any blood meridians have a complicated composition, made up of hundreds of thousands of factors. These factors will compete and the winner would emerge.

The blood in the Blood Meridians Saint was continuously flowing through the Blood Furnace, and when it finishes evolving, it would flow in a steady stream continuously into every corner of the body, bringing forth an all round strengthening of the body.

That was the true power of the Blood Furnace.

All these powerful Blood Saints would go through large changes regarding their bodies. Some would grow wings, some become even faster and agile, some grow scales, allowing them to have firmer defensive abilities, some of their eyes would evolve, some people’s energy would transform into something terrifying.

Cause the dao path of life was forever ever changing and full of abundant in colors.

And life itself, was the world’s most supreme and profound law.

Blood meridians were able to go through so many years and experience the baptism of time, proved its correspondence with laws. Powerful saints, grew along with time, swallowed the sky and traversed the moon, overturned the seas and rivers, freely travelling through the voids.

And on lifespan, Blood Saints held an even stronger advantage, because their law was life, evolution.

Tang Tian previously did not have any feelings for Blood Saints, but the more he read, the more fearful he became. Blood Saints were far stronger than what he had thought. If not for Senior Gui Wu’s records of all his thoughts, Tang Tian felt that he would never understand all this in his entire life.

But now that he roughly understood things, Tang Tian also had a thought path.

Blood Saints were also the same, they needed energy, that is because, under the stimulant of energy, the blood meridians could evolve much more easily. Producing new changes, would mean that the compet.i.tion would be even more intense, and able to evolve into a stronger blood meridians would be much easier as well.

Tang Tian’s body was very unique, the Zero Energy Body, with no stimulants of energy, wouldn’t his blood meridians be lacking?

Tang Tian thought about the method that senior Gui Wu had left behind, to train the Zero Energy Body, which was to constantly use energy to provoke the Zero Energy Body, and allow its repelling force to become stronger. After the mutual exchange with Little Fool for a few days, it proved that senior Gui Wu’s guess was right.

Now Tang Tian was much clearer on the Blood Furnace. He did not need his blood meridians to produce new compositions, and only needed the composition of the repelling force of the Zero Energy Body.

The blood meridians evolves inside the Blood Furnace, and then imported into places with energy, stimulating the growth, just like how he was beaten up by Little Fool, to let the blood meridians be beaten endlessly by the energy, in that way, it should allow his Zero Energy Body to evolve further.

And for energy, what was better than inside the Energy Furnace?

The energy inside the Energy Furnace was extremely rich, and Little Fool was unable to absorb all of it. At the same time, it would allow the blood meridians to extinguish some of the energy, at this way there will not be a need to worry about the Energy Furnace exploding.

Killing two birds with one stone!

Tang Tian was extremely shocked at the genius method he thought of, his face showed his pleased look, G.o.dlike young lad is too powerful! Oh, once Qian Hui knows this, she will definitely praise me.

To do what he thinks, That was Tang Tian’s personality.

Tang Tian did not know that in the history of Gemini Constellation, the Gemini Furnace had never made connections before. To be able to use the two types of energy was the strongest point about Gemini Constellation, and no one had ever thought of establishing contact between the Energy Furnace and the Blood Furnace.

Without knowing, Tang Tian had done something that no one else had thought before. Regarding this, Bing was already used to it, all the powerful martial techniques, when in Crazy Tang’s hand, usually become totally different. To be even able to grind out the weird Zero Energy Body, Bing was not at all surprised at what Crazy Tang could form anymore.

Alright, the term “Crazy” was too precise, the young lad’s actions were always unpredictable and unfathomable, so he did not have any intention to stop him, and just pat his b.u.t.t and walk along with him.

Tang Tian woke Little Fool up.

Little Fool had actually healed up already, but because the energy inside the Energy Furnace was too thick, immersing himself in it was extremely comfortable. He was already extremely pure himself, and had intimate touch with energy itself, so to sleep in the Energy Furnace was an enjoyment.

The Energy Furnace was able to a.s.sist Little Fool, causing his spirit value to quickly rise and expand.

A saint’s spirit domain also needed to be trained. It was common knowledge that a martial spirit was the consciousness of energy evolutions. The spirit domain or martial spirit needs to evolve to let the spirit domain become stronger, and that requires training the consciousness.

That would lead us back to the origin of life.

Consciousness was the most mystical and most subtle existence in the law of life. Only when being bestowed a saint would one realize, that all the different training and cultivation methods lead back to the same end, and that was to explore and question life itself.

So many saints, for the sake of finding the differences of Blood Saints, hailed saints who train in consciousness as Spirit Saints.

Spirit Saints were extremely profound in the study of training the consciousness. From the start, people were confused, how were spirits formed, and this question confused the human race for many years. And in the end it was star treasures that allowed martial artists to expand on this riddle.

The somewhat stronger star treasures would have their own martial spirits. And thus started the development of star treasures that lasted over the years.

When a Constellation is formed, the star power will gradually stabilize. Inside the Constellation, there would be a few Natural Treasures, and they are extremely intimate with energy, which is the star power, and as they continue to absorb star power, after tens of thousands of years, the abundant energy acc.u.mulated inside their body, would allow these natural treasures to birth martial spirits.

Spirit, comes from energy. The richer the energy, the easier it is to birth a spirit. As saints continued to study it, they realized that when the energy concentration reaches a certain number, it would then form an extremely tiny consciousness body, which was the spirit’s origin.

So, the rich energy inside the Energy Furnace, was extremely suitable to form a spirit’s origin, and that was the reason why Little Fool felt extremely comfortable.

But, when Tang Tian led his blood meridians into the Energy Furnace, Little Fool was abruptly awoken, and immediately flew into a rage. Tang Tian’s blood meridians held extraordinary results, as the concentration of the energy inside the Energy Furnace quickly plummeted.

Little Fool who was jolted awake floated out, staring at Tang Tian with an unkind stare.

“Eh, Little Fool, you’re fine!” Tang Tian was happy.

“Why did you lead your blood meridians into the Energy Furnace?” Little Fool asked with a cold look.

“Oh, This is because….” Tang Tian started to blabber on about his train of thoughts.

Little Fool was startled, this fool actually could use his brains!

He had to admit, Tang Tian’s theory and train of thoughts did not have any problem. But, since that was the case, then the concentration inside the Energy Furnace would plummet greatly, and to Little Fool, it was definitely a terrible thing.

Seems like this guy has been beaten up quite a lot recently, did he gain enlightenment from being beaten up?

Little Fool thought quietly, but he still explained to Tang Tian, that the method was truly good for the blood meridians, but it would harm him still.

Little Fool wanted to advise Tang Tian to not go through with his thoughts, no matter how he saw it, the proposal was not as beneficial. How could the potential of the Zero Energy Body be compared to him?

“That’s true.” Tang Tian tilted his head to think, when he suddenly exclaimed: “Eh, that’s easy, I can just lead lesser amounts of my blood meridians inside, wouldn’t that solve the problem? Blood meridians can repel energy, if I control the amount of blood meridians, and allow it to repel the energy, but not extinguish the energy, then I can force the energy to form together, and the energy concentration can be raised!”

Little Fool was almost about to refute him as a subconscious reflex, but when the words were about to come out, he was shocked.

This fool’s thoughts, are truly possible!

Little Fool looked at the fool like he was looking at a weirdo, did someone possess his body?

Why did he suddenly become so clever?

After looking for half a day, Little Fool could not think of anything that made the Fool suddenly change.

“Let us try it!” Tang Tian was also extremely excited from his own genius idea, if it could truly be realized, woah woah woah, then wouldn’t that mean that in the future, this G.o.dlike young lad will become a G.o.dlike Training Grandmaster?

This nickname is truly very cool!

Tang Tian could not wait to test it out.

Although the Energy Furnace and the Blood Furnace were adjacent to each other, to break the wall between the two, was what made Tang Tian have a headache. The Energy Furnace had a layer of energy as its wall, while the Blood Furnace was a layer of blood membrane, the two pasted beside each other.

Little Fool was also thinking, how could they lead the blood meridians into the Energy Furnace?

Regardless if it was the Blood Furnace or the blood membrane, or the Energy Furnace or the energy wall, they were all firm and stable.

What will this guy do….

Little Fool was curious, but in the next second, the expression on his face froze.


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