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Chapter 489 – Fog Turtle and Form Spirit

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Chi chi chi.

The footstep sounds were very light and fast, as though it was not made by a human, as Tang Tian involuntarily turned his body. When he turned, the sight before him darkened, as a gigantic animal stood in front of him.

So big!

Tang Tian was shocked, facing the big guy, who was three times his size, he needed to look upwards to be able to see its face. It was a star spirit turtle that he had never seen before, the turtle sh.e.l.l was like a mountain, covered with a motley of scars and wounds, an unspeakable imposing might falling on him.

It lowered his head and took a whiff of Tang Tian.

“What…..what are you?” Tang Tian’s face was filled with shock as he struggled to speak, he had already forgotten about the chant of speaking less.

The big guy sniffed around Tang Tian, a black mist forming over its head, exposing a suspicious look. The churning and floating mist of qi, kept on changing, but Tang Tian could clearly see its expression.

The big turtle stared at Tang Tian for a long while, Tang Tian could clearly see that the big turtle was curious.

“Well, I am….Ah Chou.”

The name “Tang Tian” almost slipped out of his mouth, but he remembered in time that he was not in his own territory.

Keep a low profile, a low profile….

The big turtle looked at him, then turned to leave. Tang Tian then noticed that, there was even black mist curling around the big turtle’s four limbs, its movements were faster than what Tang Tian thought, without the least bit of clumsiness, it was actually very agile.

Tang Tian stared and watched the big turtle disappear.

“What a strange star spirit beast!” Bing reappeared with a look of surprise: “On its body, I could not feel a bit of life at all. Could it be a dead animal?”

“Eh, Uncle, you also felt that?” Tang Tian nodded his head: “I also felt that. Alright, let’s not think about it, I will first finish my job!”

Tang Tian turned and began chopping the ice bricks.

When Sister Ying returned, the ice bricks in front of Tang Tian were piled up like a mountain, causing her to become extremely happy, and she allowed Tang Tian to return to the training camp to rest.

The training camp was not very far from Ancient Cold City. On the way back, a few martial artists swept past above him, they did not bother hiding their aura, one of them was even revealing himself as a saint!

Tang Tian guessed that he should be Li Liang Qiu’s Father, Li Ruo, but he was afraid that he would be detected, and did not take a good look.

Returning to the training camp, Ding Chen immediately asked about his day. Tang Tian immediately spoke about the big turtle. Ding Chen explained that the big turtle was called Fog Turtle, it was extremely gentle, and has never hurt anyone before. But no one knew of Fog Turtle’s background and history.

When the training camp was completely fixed, every group would return to their own base, and everyone calmed down. It was extremely tough working in the day, and the past few days had been a scare, and now that everyone was relaxed, they all fell into deep slumber.

Tang Tian had to wait for night to come, so he started to polish his martial techniques in his own room.

The current him was strong, comparable to a bronze saint, but he still had not found his path. This predicament stemmed from two questions. The first question was whether or not the Zero Energy Body was already at its peak, or could it still be strengthened? His current strength laid mostly on the uniqueness of the Zero Energy Body. The other question was the method to use Little Fool. Up till now, his understanding of Little Fool, was mostly relying on Little Fool to amplify his own power.

As a ranked martial artist, he should not have the problem of being unable to control energy.

He needed time to be calm and think of a good method. Adding in that there were many saints in his camp, they have had many discussions and theories regarding the saint spirit domains, it widened Tang Tian’s world.

After reaching the saint rank, saints who had spirit domains would change their manner of fighting. All of this, stemmed from the fact that spirit domains could directly mobilize True Power. The manner of using spirit domains to fight was considered a fantastic oddity, some spirit domains could form a complete s.p.a.ce,and trap enemies in the spirit domain, just like when Tang Tian met the sword saint in the Demon Sealing Sword. And there were spirit domains that actually mimicked the use of True Power, and allowing the formation of an even stronger attack, for example Feng Yue who was under Tang Tian. And there were spirit domains of blood meridians martial artists, which were different from ordinary martial artists, their spirit domains, were usually meant to improve their bodies. Other than that, there were also unique spirit domains, like Jing Hao’s sword spirit, which was an extremely special spirit domain.

Thinking about that, Tang Tian suddenly had a thought, could it be that my Little Fool was also an extremely special spirit domain?

That sudden thought instantly made Tang Tian excited.

That’s right!

Big Brother Jing Hao’s sword spirit is being treated as a spirit domain, so why can’t Little Fool be a spirit domain? And Little Fool can directly control energy, this characteristic completely corresponded to a spirit domain.

The more Tang Tian thought about it, the more reasonable it felt. He immediately called Bing out, and told him about it. Hearing that, Bing also felt that it was reasonable, and quickly returned to Three Spirits City, and quickly pa.s.sed down the information to Ursa Major Constellation. To let them check if there was such a spirit domain.

Very quickly, Ursa Major Constellation transmitted a reply, there truly was such a spirit domain!

It was an extremely rare spirit domain, called a Form Spirit. A Form Spirit was an extremely ancient spirit domain, which was rarely seen nowadays. In ancient times, the martial technique system was not as fine as it was currently, and the saint spirit domains in that time, contained laws that were not as pure as it was in current times, and usually contained a few different aspects of laws.

The form spirit was a unique spirit domain, it had a specific intellect, and did not contain any law, but was a body by itself that had the growing characteristic. Also, it did have weaknesses. For example the current spirit domains, were like a plot of land, and saints could build their own houses on this plot of land. But a Form Spirit, was like a pet, and its growth, could not really be controlled.

That was the reason of why the Form Spirit gradually disappeared.

Saints were obsessed over their control of their strength, and strength that could not be controlled, was not favoured by them.

Seeing that, Tang Tian saw the light.

But, compared to the sword spirit that was already a top grade spirit domain upon being produced, it was different. Although a Form Spirit was rarely seen, but whether or not it was strong, was an uncertainty. There were some Form Spirits that were strong at the start, but after that would become weak, because the number of laws in it was not contained to just one type, and the deviation from its core could not be controlled. And there were Form Spirits that were initially weak but became strong after.

When the saints of Ursa Major Constellation had to inform Tang Tian that his spirit domain was a Form Spirit, they were extremely cautious.

Tang Tian did not think too much about it, whether Little Fool was powerful or not did not matter, the more important matter was that he had a direction. Afterall, he was built up from the current martial technique system, and even if it was a form spirit, it might be different from the ancient Form Spirits.

Since he knew he had a special spirit domain, Tang Tian’s train of thoughts immediately opened up.

But, when the sky turned dark, it was time to sneak into the Groundsmaster establishment.

Tang Tian quietly stood up, changing his appearance and body figure and without alerting anyone, he floated towards Ancient Cold City. Upon nearing Ancient Cold City, Tang Tian immediately noticed that there were differences to the place, at night, the defense and security was even more rigid.

“There’s definitely something fishy about this place!” Bing sneered: “Why would a place like this have such security?”

Tang Tian’s mouth twitched: “You already said that many times.”

“What do you think is inside?” Bing asked with excitement.

“I don’t know.” Tang Tian shook his head: “We will know once we go in.”

His intuition was extremely sharp, and quickly he found a loophole in the security, and like a shadow, he flipped over the wall. When comparing destructive ability, the Zero Energy Body might not be comparable to the blood meridians saints, but the Zero Energy Body had a good advantage, and that was it did not have any energy ripples, and with that, it allowed Tang Tian to avoid a majority of the detection type treasures.

His movements were silent, all the muscles on his body were controlled to an extraordinary level, as every joint was pivoted like a cat. And with his powerful intuition and judgement, it made him able to sense danger early.

Without alerting anyone, he reached the groundsmaster establishment.

The guards on the ground did not look to be very strict, but Tang Tian knew it was a facade, as there were two saints seated inside, and the danger from them was far more than the outside security.

Bing immediately showed off his professionalism, in the day, he had quietly taken note and memorized the locations and routes of the place. With Bing’s guidance, Tang Tian found a corner where no one guarded, and quietly climbed in.

Carefully avoiding the patrol and guards along the way, Tang Tian finally reached the perimeter wall of the courtyard, found a suitable place and jumped in, and was immediately dumbstruck.

What is this place?

Beyond the wall, was a flourishing blossom of beautiful flowers, with abundant gra.s.s, looking like the beginning of spring.

Jiang Yang was seated amongst the flowers meditating, he was Li Ruo’s Senior disciple, and usually followed Li Ruo, and since his junior disciple brother was travelling inside the cold wave, he had specially followed his Master to come ahead.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes.

Someone had barged into the garden.

A green light aura that looked like gra.s.s flashed past his pupils, his heart was filled with surprise, such audacity, to actually dare challenge Master and Uncle Master and sneak in.

And for the opponent to enter the garden without letting me take notice.

Just that, this garden is actually my territory.

He extended his palm out, and pressing on the gra.s.s on the ground, the green light aura in his pupils blazed up, and his hair suddenly started turning green.

In the darkness, the abundant gra.s.s and flowers seemed to be cut by an ethereal blade, and gradually floated up, forming some sort of concealed weapon. It was an inconceivable queerness in the way it was forming.

Tang Tian suddenly became cautious, he felt a strong sense of danger, like a fierce beast was staring at him.

I’m discovered!

In that moment, Tang Tian understood, but then a voice came out: “The guest that is here, you can just stay here!”

Countless figures leaped out from all directions, Tang Tian realized in shock that he was surrounded.

Is there an ambush?

But when he looked clearly, all the figures were just clumps of flowers and gra.s.s, but he did not relax at all, instead the sense of danger in his mind became even more intense.


Countless blades of gra.s.s which were like concealed weapons shot down at him like rain, the sharp sound of cutting through the air, all converged together, the sound could cause any person’s skin to become numb. In that moment, Tang Tian realized he had no way to dodge.

What martial technique is that?

Tang Tian was overwhelmed with shock.


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