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Chapter 448 – Long Shou Jing’s Antic.i.p.ation

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian could clearly experience every thread of pain.

That was the most cruel part about the Whirlpool Sword Spirit Tempering Technique, not only would it not allow the martial artist to faint, it would make the martial artist experience the continuous flow of sword aura tempering the martial spirit, making the martial artist feel even more sensitive to it, the pain experienced by the spirit and soul, was extremely deep.

And, what was worse, was that the surrounding outside sound, would cut through the dense whirlpool swords and enter his ear.

“Listen! Listen! The courageous howls…..”

Liu Zhong Guang’s voice, caused Tang Tian to want to kick his face, listening to that a.s.shole, courageous what, a.s.shole, I don’t want it, why don’t you be courageous…..

That was not the worst part.

Uncle Bing had a cigarette in his mouth, standing near Tang Tian’s whirlpool swords, he puffed out smoke, and said: “Indeed the sound of nature!”

“He is definitely feeling really good!” Ling Xu said earnestly and confidently, envy could be heard in his words.

“Do you want to feel good?” Bing glanced at Ling Xu.

Ling Xu replied righteously: “This little brother will not take away the good stuff!”

They then heard rustling sounds.

Both of them turned to look, only to see Crane quietly using his sword, writing a word “Admire”.

“As expected of an aristocratic disciple.” Uncle Bing praised: “it is such an important memory, we truly must leave something behind.”

Uncle Bing knelt down, taking the cigarette from his mouth, he slowly wrote on the floor: “You go a thousand miles, your voice is loud and clear, you are endless, you are emotional, who are you? You are electric, you are light! You’re the only lunatic!”

Ling Xu scratched his head, everyone was writing, but he was not, making him look slightly lower grade, so he awkwardly took up his silver spear, and wrote down unevenly: “A true warrior has the courage to wail miserably in his life.”

“Such a pity.” Uncle Bing stood up, flicking the cigarette: “If we could sell tickets for this, we could definitely earn a lot.”

“I’m off.” Crane took the lead and flew along a rope, he had many matters in his hands and was extremely busy, but after hearing Tang Tian’s howls for half an hour, he was once again br.i.m.m.i.n.g with hope.

Truly, we are so lucky lately!

Crane was free and easy, gracefully flying out.

Every day going to hear Tang Tian’s cries and howls, became the best way to soothe everyone’s feelings.

Tang Tian finally understood the darkness of human nature, all of those a.s.sholes, you all just wait and see, once I am out! Tang Tian howled, and cursed with all his might in his mind.

Ya Ya came out from nowhere, sneakily running closer towards Tang Tian. Hearing his wails, it became excited, it’s small hands patted its chest, shouting out loud ‘ah ah ah’.

But it’s voice was overpowered by Tang Tian’s powerful wails, and could not be heard at all.

Ya Ya stopped making sounds, and suddenly sped off, disappearing. After a while, it snuck the bronze mountain goat, turtle and squirrel over. There were four different sized drums on the mountain goat, small cymbals on the turtle, and the blur and expressionless squirrel used its two hands, holding onto the cymbals and crashing with them.

A complete set of percussion instruments!

Ya Ya took out two clubs from nowhere, with an eager look on its face.

“Ahhhhhh….. Ahhhhh…” Tang Tian screamed.

“Dong dong Chiang…. Dong Dong Chiang….” Yaya jumped about with its short arms and legs, waving the wooden clubs in its hands.


“Dong dong dong dong dong dong chiang!”

Ya Ya immediately became high, immersed in its own excitement, it was like an overly excited flea, jumping here and there between the drums and cymbals, the frequency of hitting the drums extremely fast. Every time it used a lot of its strength to hit, puffing its cheeks.

Liu Zhong Guang was stunned, Ah Xiu was stunned, Adrian was stunned. All the martial artists present were equally stunned.

The rhythm between the two of them was so coordinated….

The world is hopeless!!!!!!

Tang Tian realized in shame, he was actually involuntarily screaming while following Ya Ya’s rhythm…….

“Such beautiful art.”

Long Shou Jing listened to the sounds from the Bear Egg, and thought, he had not heard such an arrogant drum performance that was filled with pure energy and enthusiasm for a long time. Although there were flaws in its technique, but it was like a crazy beast, hitting the drums with no restraint, perfectly synchronising with the heart wrenching screams.

The Draco Martial artists beside him all started nodding their head, Prince Shou Jing’s artistic background was profound, to be able to earn his compliments, the attainments of the other party must be as profound.

There truly were crouching tiger hidden dragons by the Bear King’s side, to actually have a tempo expert, everyone must have used that technique to soothe the Master’s pain.

Music can make people relax.

Everyone was respectful.

Towards Tang Tian, the conflicted view they had on him had gradually turned into respect. To have the courage to use the Whirlpool Sword Spirit Tempering Technique, such a person was a true warrior. Furthermore, as a constellation master, to be so decisive and strict on himself, it was worth revering.

If you have to say, everyone still had some other thoughts about him, but currently, everyone was convinced by him.

Although they were outside not in the palace, but they had heard of many things, extremely clear of the crafty plots, but they were after all martial artists. Martial artists would forever respect strong martial artists.

Following such a boss, their future was bright!

What made them happier was that when Prince Shou Jing met the Master, he was instantly put to work. This cleared the hesitations of the Draco Constellation martial artists.

And there was s.p.a.ce allocated in the most core area of the Bear Egg to Draco Constellation, to their citizens, that was an irresistible lure.

40% star power concentration!

The clans and families had all chosen their most talented and promising youths to head towards Ursa Major Constellation, all their sons and nephews amongst them. In the entire Draco Constellation, people had already started to accept Ursa Major Constellation.

Prince Shou Jing was able to enter Tang Tian’s inner circle, and that was extremely important to them. Under the excitement, everyone poured in all their efforts.

“Have you checked into it?” Long Shou Jing asked gently.

A Draco Martial artist replied: “Through the distance of interaction, we have roughly judged out their strength, they should be saints. Although they have worn disguises, but there are still traces and clues from their disguise. After checking, we have found out who they are. The three of them are saints from Cetus Constellation, the bald man is Fist Saint Dou Yong, the middle aged scholar is Sword Saint He Yu Ming, and the white clothed lady is Zither Saint Bai Si Si.

“Cetus Constellation….” Long Shou Jing muttered, pondering it: “Got it.”

Long Shou Jing did not have any reaction for a while. The draco constellation martial artists just looked at each other, the three of them had spent a lot of effort, to clearly find out about the three people, and thought that what they did was a great achievement, but the prince actually just replied with “got it” and nothing else, causing them to be at a loss.

“Your highness, all these people definitely are having evil thoughts against you, if we leave it as it is, I am afraid….” A Draco martial artist advised.

Long Shou Jing’s gaze landed on the few of them, and asked: “Do you all have the confidence to beat them?”

“No…..: They hesitated before replying: “But if Saint Liang Feng made a move, I think we might have a chance.”

“Might have a chance, how much of a chance do you think we have?” although Long Shou Jing’s tone was indifferent, but it revealed a bit of pressure.

“Forty…..” The Draco martial artist stammered.

Long Shou Jing shook his head: “Then you guys have to pay for the deaths and injuries of at least 6 men. How many Gold Ranked Martial Artists do we still have in Draco Constellation? Only six. Half step Gold Ranked Martial Artists? Less than 30 people, and that is the last line of power for Draco Constellation.”

Everyone was silent.

“I understand your thoughts. But, why haven’t they made a move after so long? Simple, the whirlpool swords are truly too dense, they are unable to find a chance to strike.” Long Shou Jing said gently: “This is Ursa Major Constellation, we have our homeground advantage, and also the saint treasure. When The Master completes his tempering, what chance do they still have?”


Long Shou Jing sighed, he was one who lived a simple life and did not like the scramble for power, if not for not wanting to see Draco Constellation destroyed, why would he take on such responsibilities? He had initially planned to become a good puppet after going to Ursa Major Constellation, since he was no different than a puppet.

But he did not expect that Tang Tian would not give him the chance to withdraw, and immediately gave him a pile of things to do. To Draco Constellation, everything was now on him, he had become the representative of Draco Constellation, and his position had immediately become an important direct link between the two constellations.

He had no routes of retreat at all.

All of his men were impatiently trying to achieve something, to seize the opportunity to strengthen the position of Draco Constellation, and Long Shou Jing could understand them.

“Don’t worry about it.” Long Shou Jing consoled them, and said gently: “In this period of time, they will not have any chance. What you all must do, is work hard to raise your own level. Saint Liang Feng has an absolute position, but does not represent Draco Constellation. If you guys want to do something, there are only two routes for you. One is to become a saint yourself. The other, is to earnestly groom the new generation. This war, will not end in just a few years.”

He saw the worries on their faces.

Long Shou Jing could not help but sigh again, everything was set in place, so they might as well do it better, so he continued in a serious tone: “The talents of Ursa Major Constellation are maintained well, but they are in conflict with the current Master, while Lupus Constellation does not have so many talents, and Andromeda Constellation has still not recovered. To us, this is an extremely rare opportunity. Get the families to bring their own talents over, and do not just fill for the numbers, if not they will regret in the future, and they cannot blame other people for it.”

The few of them rejoiced, as expected of the Prince, he was sharp.

As long as they stood their ground, the future position of Draco Constellation would naturally not be low.

“Your highness, you can rest easy, we will definitely bring the best people of Draco Constellation over.”

Seeing the fatigue growing on Long Shou Jing’s face, they immediately left.

After they left, the room was quiet and peaceful once again, Long Shou Jing laughed bitterly. Wanting to be an idle person was not so easy after all.

But, he was also not randomly throwing ideas, Draco Constellation has maintained their might for the past few years, and the reason was because their internal affairs were outstanding. They did not have the trade like Andromeda Constellation, not as good at fighting as Ursa Major Constellation. Draco Constellation did not have many advantageous natural resources, and were able to be in their position today was because of the talented people as the core internal affairs, who control and improve the grooming of future generations.

What would the future Ursa Major Constellation be like?

Long Shou Jing was suddenly very excited for the future.


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