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Chapter 447a – 3 in 1 [Lazy To make a t.i.tle] (literally that’s what the author wrote)

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Liang Feng was teaching, with many people seated in front of him, and Tang Tian and the rest seated at the front most. Everyone was fully focused, Liang Feng was a true saint, someone whom they hardly met on a daily basis. If not for The Master who wanted to sit in and listen, if not for The Master being liberal, how could they have such a chance and listen to a saint teach?

Everyone was fully absorbed and treasured the moment.

Liang Feng was very serious in talking. Explaining to Tang Tian and the rest, he was 120% focused. If he wished to eat along with Tang Tian and is group, to have such a good opportunity to perform, if he did not grab it, he would be too stupid.

He was a clever man, good at judging the situation and knew himself. Although he was a saint, but to actually teach Tang Tian and the few, his heart was a little void. From the way he saw it, according to the situation, he did not have the qualifications to teach them.

For example the woman from Sagittarius Constellation, would definitely scoff at him, that eccentric and unpredictable woman wouldn’t come and kill me right…. He was worrying about that.

To her, he was just a minor character.

And the violent and crazy spear, the Silver Frost Mount inheritance also had a huge history, thinking about it gave Liang Feng a headache. To gain an apex inheritance, something he himself did not have…

He resolved his focus, and continued to teach.

“All kinds of True Power, after absorbing and transforming them, it will become a source of power for us. Then what is Star Power? It is birthed from a constellation, and a unique energy. So why are there cla.s.sifications and differences in constellation martial artists? People say that the inheritance of constellations are in truth the source of star power. The method of activation is different for every constellation. The star power birthed is all very diversified. So how do we utilize and display the completely different types of star power? That is through the unique inheritance martial techniques of the various constellations. Why are all these martial technique inheritances, when used by the other constellation martial artists, only able to release part of the power? Because the True Power in their bodies is not compatible with the essence. There are people saying, but I have trained in a related mental cultivation technique ah, but, the star power that you have absorbed into the body, the essence is different already, if you wished to change it, you need to spend a lot more time, and the efficiency is much lower.”

Everyone was immersed in listening, they knew of these things, but they had never seen or heard such things from Liang Feng who was able to be so well versed in it.

“When your True Power acc.u.mulates more and more, it becomes harder and harder. Why? Because a person’s body has a limit on how much star power it can hold. If i were to say, the largest capacity a person can hold True Power is set at 100, then you will realize, when your true Power reaches a capacity of 80, rising up higher will become relatively more difficult. Sages in the past have all already realized that problem. After your True Power hits 80, the efficiency to increase it is very low, and the rise in strength is also limited. At that time, the sages all turned their attention towards the martial spirit.”

“Then what is a martial spirit? Does anyone remember how a martial spirit comes about? The Martial spirit is formed when your True Power reaches a certain level. At the start, the martial spirit is very faint, like a mist, and it will continuously congeal, and take on a different form. So what is a martial spirit? A martial spirit is spirit formed by the energy, if you all have any mental cultivation to train your martial spirit, you will realize, the essence of using mental cultivation, is to use True Power to temper your spirit. The more complete you change the energy, the higher level will the martial spirit become.”

“So people will definitely think, what is the nature of spirit? I will have to apologize to everyone, until now, there are no masters that have solved this question. So, regarding this type of power, the ancient sages have used the word [Spirit] to define it. The ancient sages very quickly realized when the martial spirit reaches a certain degree, it will become even stronger than True Power. Because, it can simulate all types of form, and this, is what we call the spirit domain.”

Everyone’s spirit was immediately roused, they all perked their ears up, afraid that they would miss a word. Spirit Domains had always been a mystery to martial artists. To awaken their own spirit domain, was the mark of being bestowed as a saint, and the spirit domain was the main attacking method after becoming a saint.

“In truth, the ultimate goal of all our current prevalent martial techniques is the spirit domain.” Liang Feng said, his face could not help but look proud, all these teachings were his thoughts and research over the years, which was information he kept secret ordinarily, but currently it was treated as a subject, making him feel like a bit more of a real saint.

“On this point, we need to talk from the spirit domain, the essence of the spirit domain is the mimicry of the martial spirit. So how do you awaken your own spirit domain? Simple, when you have a deep comprehension of a certain law, and your martial spirit is sufficiently strong and pure, then you are able to form a spirit domain solely belonging to you. Some people walk the sword dao, some people walk the astronomical dao, some people the chess dao, everyone is different, but one thing that is required, is to be extremely profound in a certain law. Just as how there are no two tree leaves the same, there are no completely identical spirit domains. There are over a billion laws in the world, and a person’s understanding and comprehension of one law is definitely different from others.”

“So how do you gain enlightenment on these laws, that is through martial techniques! That is also why I asked everyone to train their martial techniques, with the end goal as the spirit domain. The martial techniques that we train in, other than to use for battles, more importantly, is to help everyone gain enlightenment on some sort of law. The more apex the inheritance, the more law traces acc.u.mulated, naturally the might released will be bigger, and the more beneficial it is for you to learn its law….

Liang Feng kept talking, after two hours, everyone left wishing it would continue.

When everyone left, only Tang Tian and the few remained, and that was when Liang Feng spoke.

“Your Majesty’s True Power is already full. The following training can be aimed at your martial spirit. If Your Majesty wishes to remain here at the Bear Egg for a long period of time….”

Speaking until here, Liang Feng’s mouth twitched, he controlled the urge to advise The Master to change the name of the Bear Egg.

Calm down….calm down…… rashness is the devil….

“You only need to place the Desolate Bear Bone in the center of the Egg. But, there is a high possibility that the Desolate Bear Bone contains Ursa Major Constellations non transferable secret, [Big Dipper]!”

That was Liang Feng’s long prepared ultimate move, as a new person, to gain a deep impression on the Boss’ heart, it required an ultimate move!

“Big Dipper?” Tang Tian spoke, and happily replied: “It is the [Ursa Major Stars Umbrella]! Little Bone had already told me!”

Liang Feng’s expression congealed, as he stammered: “The Desolate Bear Bone has already informed you?”

Little Bone….

“That’s right!” Tang Tian nodded his head confidently: “I have already started training in it!”

Liang Feng started to feel blood rushing to his throat, he had spent so much time planning, rummaging through old records, and finally prepared this ultimate move, but for it to fail….

Tang Tian extended out his palm.

Countless dazzling light auras started to converge from all directions, as though it was a cl.u.s.ter of dazzling stars.

After a moment, the light aura dissipated, and a pocket-sized transparent umbrella floated in Tang Tian’s palm. This small umbrellas outline was not clear, it was rather blurry, as though a blow of the wind would destroy it. The umbrella would occasionally light up, light the stars in the night sky.

“Ursa Major Stars Umbrella…..”

Liang Feng muttered.

Three Spirits City.

The atmosphere of the base was joyous, Tang Tian had brought down Ursa Major Constellation, bringing further confidence to everyone. In the past, although the treatment in the base was good, no one was sure of their future. But having Ursa Major Constellation, without question, on the eve of the chaotic times, everyone was able to have a footing.

But the crucial point was, the tightly held funds were quickly lax.

A few of the old timers had secretly heard, Boss had gotten a large sum of money, they did not know how much was it, but the rumors were that it was in the ranks of at least a hundred billion.

A hundred billion!

Everyone’s eyes turned green quickly, the rumors were not on a groundless basis. Old Man Fei knew, even the Fornax Constellation plan which did not have any movements, had all started to gradually be pushed forward.

The antic.i.p.ated funds for the plans on Fornax Constellation, was around a hundred billion!

Tang Tian did not alarm many people, he went to Sai Lei’s workshop. Sai Lei noticed Tang Tian arriving and glanced at him and said in annoyance: “You better not run about, everyone is busy!”

Seeing that, Tang Tian tactfully left.

And when Tang Tian went to the big hall, he saw Uncle Bing deep in thoughts, and jumped in shock: “Hey, Uncle, what are you doing here?”

“Draco Constellation has a Star Door that leads to the spirit region.” Bing frowned.

Tang Tian then understood.

Thinking about it, as long as Uncle Bing could enter the spirit region, he could casually return to Three Spirits City from any place.

“But it is very far.” These words caused Tang Tian’s thoughts to be dashed.

“Eh! Bell and Pi Pa and Tang Chou are all here.” Tang Tian then noticed, and turned to leave: “Hey, are you all in a meeting? Hahaha, I won’t disturb then!”

What meeting, he truly could make people fall down from his intellect….

Everyone’s expression congealed.

“Hey, as the leader, you cannot be so irresponsible!” Bing’s face darkened, killing intent soared along with his words.

Feeling the killing intent behind his back, Tang Tian laughed and turned, and sat down once again: “Haha, come on speak about everybody, let me hear about it.”

“We are discussing our next plan.”

Pi Pa’s words made Tang Tian sit up straight, his expression also became stern.

“Let me first inform everyone of the latest report.” Bell automatically started talking: ” Firstly, the situation of Heaven’s Road, Leo Constellation and Honorable Martial Group’s war, other than Orion Constellation, in the past few days, Cetus Constellation, Aquila Constellation and Canis Minor Constellation from the 10 Equatorial Palace Halls had all announced at the same time that they were joining Honorable Martial Group’s faction. Honorable Martial Group’s diplomatic methods are outstanding, and Orion Constellation has already become a huge meat grinder. There is a continuous flow of high level martial artists entering from both sides, and it is reported that the situation inside is very bitter. To completely say it, Leo Constellation has started to become disadvantaged, and of course, the battle has not reached its climax, but the future situation does not look bright.”

Bell gulped down a mouthful of water, wiped her mouth and continued.

“Next will be about us. The situation of Ursa Major Constellation is not too good. Previously, there were many constellations becoming a threat to us. But with the large migration of Lupus citizens many of the powerhouses have retreated. But, there are still a few constellations that possess rather large enmities. The most worrying one is Cetus Constellation. With the relation between both of our enemies, if Cetus Constellation swallows us, then Honorable Martial Group would be glad to see it happen. If Cetus Constellation is able to take us whole, it would help a lot against Orion Constellation. And Cetus Constellation has always been drooling for Ursa Major Constellation. WIth the Big Dipper awakened, and the rumors of the ancient inheritance of Ursa Major Constellation, it is extremely appetizing.”

“Cetus Constellation has the most probability of taking action on us. And between us, there are Star Doors. Of course, other constellations might also take the chance to enter. I am done.”

Bell instantly sat down.

Tang Chou said solemnly: “If Cetus Constellation plans to take action against us, then they would be extremely quick with it. Currently, we are at our weakest point, Ursa Major Constellation has just changed Masters, and we are not stabilized yet. And Master’s Army is over at Draco Constellation. It is the right time for them to attack us now.”

“Will they send a.s.sa.s.sins?” Pi Pa’s face was worried.

Tang Tian laughed: “Don’t worry, recently, my strength has improved a lot! Hmmmm, we can let them witness the power of this G.o.dlike young man!”

After coming back from Three Spirits City, Tang Tian did not think too much, informing Liang Feng of the situation, he then immersed himself in training once again.

According to Liang Feng’s words, he had to temper his martial spirit.

Tang Tian sat at the center of Bear Egg, closed his eyes, then completely dived into the star power inside his body. In his eyes, Ursa Major Constellations star power appeared in front of him. The surging star power, converged from all directions towards him, cleansing his spirit flame.

A pained look appeared on Tang Tian’s face….


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