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Chapter 410 – Tang Tian Makes His Move

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Powerful True Power surged out of the bronze rod, as though it was spewing flames. The sudden energy ripple spread out like a hurricane.

The attack was not the least bit fanciful at all, ignoring any fanciful build up or preparation.

It was just a simple rod, like a giant standing in the sea, the attack looked like a slash to the rippling wave, causing everyone to be dumbstruck. It seemed that the heaven and earth were being slashed apart by the rod.

The people who witnessed it were overwhelmed with shock.

That was a real Gold Ranked Martial Artist!


The terrifying Ray Spear that appeared in front of the rod, immediately dimmed, losing its l.u.s.ter. It snapped, then disappeared.

The bronze rod fiercely smashed onto the ground.

The tough ground cracked like a biscuit, instantly transforming into fine powder, the surprising True Power surged into the ground. The area around the bronze rod martial artist formed cracks as though the floor was dry.

From a bird’s eye view, you would see a perfect circle rapidly spreading out.

It was as though the leading First Team were struck by a heavy fist, their heavy mechanical spirit weapons were unable to block against the astonishing power, instead flying backwards.


Mo Zi Yu who was inside his mechanical spirit weapon tasted sweetness in his throat, and spat out fresh blood. The mechanical spirit weapon crashed heavily on the floor, the intense impact caused him to become stunned.

With one rod, the first team all fell, no one was actually able to stand up.

The bronze rod martial artist had a proud look on his face, he kept his rod and stood there and ridiculed them: “What dog s.h.i.t mechanical army, mediocre!!”


A beautiful sky blue mechanical spirit weapon landed in front of him.


A snort came out from the mechanical spirit weapon, Bing’s poker face was filled with a cold intent. His initial intent was to get rid of the archer and the concealed weapon martial artist, but seeing that the bronze rod martial artist was so tyrannical and overbearing, to be able to defeat the first team straight head on, he decided to change his plans.

In fairness, Bing felt that Tang Chou’s tactics and strategies were good, at least suitable for the mechanical army. If the opponent did not have any overly powerful martial artist, they could use their rational and succinct tactics and easily deal with the enemies. If the opponent used powerful martial artists, then the might of the tactics produced would be limited.

That was decided judging from the students’ strength, the result did not surprise Bing.

But when the bronze rod martial artist said that, Bing’s face darkened. Bing did not have much antic.i.p.ation for Tang Chou to command the army, since the strength of the students were only so so. But even though his own families children were not good, it was not for other people to say so.

“Ha, finally a big guy comes!” The bald martial artist laughed sinisterly: “Just die!”

Although the mechanical spirit weapon in front of him looked extremely beautiful, but to the bald martial artist, mechanical martial artists were just trash playing around.

How long had it been since a Gold Ranked Martial Artist came from a mechanical martial artist? Ten thousand years? That’s a joke!

He fiercely stomped down, his figure like an arrow, with the rod on the ground, he rushed towards Bing.


The blue figure in front of him that he had locked on, suddenly became very blurred.

The bald martial artist’s heart became cold, so fast!

His reaction was also fast, the bronze rod in his hand followed along his body. Bang, he felt heat in his hands and immediately dodged to the side.

A wave of energy swept dangerously past his body.

The bald martial artist had plenty of battle experience, he knew he had met an expert, his mind could not help but become suspicious, since when did mechanical martial artists produce such a powerful expert? How come he had never heard of him before?

But, he was currently using his instincts to react. He bellowed, he did not retreat, but moved forward. The bronze rod in his hands dancing and forming afterimages, his entire person was like a heavy star spirit beast, clashing towards the mechanical spirit weapon!

“Everyone move to the side.”

Bing’s cold voice caused Mo Zi Yu and the rest to recover, and immediately rush to the side.

Compared to Mo Zi Yu and his First Team, Mo Wu Wei and his second team were also having it bad. The sawtooth blade martial artist was not as strong as the bald martial artist, but his blade technique was extremely tricky, every blade aura that he released would coincidentally strike every weak spot they had, he was extremely precise.

His sharp blade techniques made Mo Wu Wei, unable to retaliate, and after a few bouts, the entire team was already in a disarray.

Seeing that the situation was not with them, Tang Tian knew he could not delay, he fiercely stepped on the ground, like an artillery sh.e.l.l exploding forward, he rushed towards the sawtooth blade martial artist.

In the air, he swung his hip, twisted his waist, his fist moving smoothly in a flow like flowing water, without any signs of sluggish obstruction.

“Be careful behind you!”

The concealed weapon martial artist could not help but remind, fast dark shadows flew out quietly towards Tang Tian.

Tang Tian who was in mid air suddenly felt that his surroundings were very clear, he could clearly see all the concealed weapons flying and their trajectories, to the extent that he could even sense a grain size rock that was blown in the air.

WIthout thinking, Tang Tian extended his left hand, plucking from the air.

Bang bang bang!

Three metal seeds flew out like arrows, flying out in the opposite direction!

The sawtooth blade martial artist felt danger, he turned around, the blade light swung around as well.

Countless snow white blade auras were released in front of Tang Tian like fireworks. Around a 100 blade auras, with Tang Tian as the center, shot towards him from all directions.

Tang Tian’s heart had a weird feeling that surfaced, causing his pupils to become foggy, he subconsciously followed the foreign feeling, making him do some action that he himself felt weird.

Without even borrowing any power in mid air, Tang Tian’s upper body seemed to be pushed by an invisible hand. His entire body suddenly flew up like a leaf being blown by the wind, the blade auras dangerously yet narrowly sweeping past his body.

The only thing that moved was his fist.

There was nothing fanciful about the fist.

Fundamental fist technique!

Tang Tian was like a shadow suddenly rushing into the blade auras.

Bringing forth an intense revolving True Power, he struck onto one of the blade auras.


The blade aura crumbled, and just when it crumbled, it seemed to have triggered an avalanche, as the 100 rays of blade auras all crumbled at the same time.

The sawtooth blade martial artist retreated over 10 steps to stabilize himself, he stared in disbelief, the figure that was floating around like a leaf, lightly landed about 20m away from him.

How is that possible….

It was just a simple fundamental fist technique, how could he break his [Twisting Blades]?

He slowly thought about it, his heart suddenly tensing up. The opponent’s punch, was the weakest spot of his twisting blades, and he himself did not know of that weakness.

“Who are you?”

His voice contained a trace of fear.

Not only him, even the concealed weapon martial artist was staring with wide eyes towards Tang Tian, as if he saw a freak. The three concealed weapon that ricochet back did not have any threat emitting from them. The opponent was obviously not good at concealed weapons, and only knew its fundamental techniques, but it was still very strong.

The three stray counterattacks contained powerful strength.

What made him surprise was not Tang Tian’s concealed weapons, but that he seemed to have antic.i.p.ated his own attacks, and split his sneak attack without any difficulty.

Who was he….

He was also very curious, who exactly was that guy?

Tang Tian lowered his head, he was still reflecting on the sudden weird feeling. Was it the results of the Heavenly Martial Werewolf blood meridian? If it was in the past, he could still block, but it would definitely have been difficult. His intuition was not that strong.

Tang Tian was quite excited.

He realized the Heavenly Martial Werewolf blood meridian was actually much stronger than he thought, and it was extremely mystical. He carefully thought back about the punch previously, but it was still blurry, everything went by so fast, in that moment, he forgot that there were two opponents in front of him.

Tang Tian stood there, his head leaning to one side seemingly entranced, being stationary for a very long time.

The sawtooth blade martial artist and the concealed weapons martial artist who were waiting for Tang Tian to say his name looked each other, their face showing their puzzlement and confusion as they waited for a long time.

What was he doing?

Deliberately acting like that, is he trying to dupe us?

You look down on us too much! Such an idiotic scheme, and you think we will be hooked, line and sinker?

Wishful thinking!

The two of them stood in place, showing extreme patience. Tang Tian’s attacks were extremely breathtaking! The powerful fundamental martial techniques, cleverly attacked their weak points, such a wonderful display of power, what did they really see previously?

The two of them did not remember anything, But Tang Tian’s display of strength caused them to be deeply afraid.


They have met a real expert!

For an expert to be acting like that, he was definitely trying to dupe them! Absent-minded? That was a joke, how could such a strong martial artist become absent-minded in battle?

If he was like that, he would had died a hundred times already!


It definitely must be a trap!

Their mental state were stretched taut, facing such an enemy.

The archer stood at the wall, cleaning up the mechanical weapons, his red arrows were extremely powerful, and the rate of destruction was very high. In a short time, almost all the mechanical weapons in Three Spirits City were wiped by him.

Wait a minute….

He suddenly noticed the strange situation down below, the three of them standing there.

Is he that powerful, for him alone to be able to suppress them two and not move, that was something not anyone can do.

But as he continued to sweep the area, the three of them stood like block of wood, not moving an inch.

What was happening?

The archer could take it no longer and shouted: “How long are you all going to dawdle for?”

Hearing their companion’s shout, the two of them looked at each other, and started to cautiously go closer.

As the sawtooth blade martial artist stepped closer and closer to Tang Tian, he reached a position that was only 5m away, he stopped, that was his optimal attacking distance.

The concealed weapon martial artist held onto 10 different colored concealed weapons, he instigated his true power into them, he was already ready to give the fatal blow.

Just at that moment, the sawtooth blade martial artist moved, the sawtooth blades hummed a light sound, as five green ring shaped blade auras appeared on his sawtooth blades.

He slashed horizontally!

The five green colored ring shaped blade auras quietly flew out in an arc, flying towards Tang Tian, and suddenly becoming locked in place, they locked Tang Tian down.

Now was the right time!

The concealed weapons martial artist’s eyes released a cold aura, both his hands released true power into his 10 fingers, as 10 different concealed weapons flew out in 10 different unpredictable paths, flying towards Tang Tian.

At the same time, five green colored blade auras exploded.

The explosion that released the green mist quickly devoured Tang Tian.

In the green mist, Tang Tian suddenly raised his head.


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