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Chapter 286 – To Each His Own

Translated by: Ting

Edited by: XRCO and De Andre

The middle-aged martial artist looked at the person approaching, half his face was covered by the cape, and no one could tell the change in his expression.

The person approaching was a male of around age 45, plain-looking, and seemed extremely normal, his face was smiley, and respectfully bowed in respect, “Mr Huai, I’m extremely pleased to be able to meet you.”

A chuckle came from under the cape, “I’m very curious, how did you manage to find me?”

“Heaven Hook Huai Bai Hua, one of the three powerhouse of Lupus Constellation, a prestigious reputation, no matter where you are the glow can’t be hidden.” The male respectfully replied.

Huai Bai Hua knew that the person would never say the truth, and did not mind, he continued breezily, “I suppose, after spending so much effort to locate me, you wouldn’t be here just to exchange some niceties.”

“You’re indeed wise!” The male continued respectfully, “The purpose of this meeting, was to make a deal with Mr Huai.”

“A deal?” A chuckle came from under the cape, “Let’s hear about it.”

“Wu Tie Yu is now so overbearing, how can Mr Huai tolerate it?” The male was a face of respect, but his words stung, “Wu Tie Yu is narrow-minded, while Mr Huai is of a n.o.ble generation, definitely not one to depend on others, there must be a showdown.”

Huai Bai Hua was not moved, “Don’t beat around the bush, just be direct.”

The male smiled, “We are willing to lend a hand to Mr Huai, it’s a win-win situation for both our parties.”

“Your party? Who are you guys?” Huai Bai Hua looked like he had long antic.i.p.ated it, and asked coolly.

“I’m from Onyx Soul.” The male replied.

“Then why did you guys come? I don’t believe that a mere Wu Tie Yu, would be of much interest to you.” Huai Bai Hua chuckled.

The male was secretly amazed, people who can dominate with their words, are no simple character, just a few words, without any warning, Huai Bai Hua has domineered. His face remained respectful, “We came for Tang Tian.”

Huai Bai Hua had roughly guessed it, but to hear the other party confess, the eyes underneath the cape still squinted involuntarily, and said, “To think that Tang Tian actually has connections with Onyx Soul!”

The male’s expression was calm, “We just need Mr Huai to hand Tang Tian over to us by then. In exchange, we are willing to gift Mr Huai a Star Treasure that does not pale in comparison to [Earthern Bear Wave]. In addition, we will send experts to reinforce.”

Huai Bai Hua sank into deep thoughts, suddenly, he asked, “Who’s behind Wu Tie Yu?”

“The Clan Union.” The male replied honestly.

Huai Bai Hua was extremely shocked, it was the first time that he lost control of his emotions, suddenly, he recalled Tang Tian’s background from the Honorable Martial Group, and finally realized that he was embroiled into the conflict of the three big powers.

A suffocating feel of the calm before a storm, made him extremely depressed. Lupus Constellation, which has been calm for a long while, had become the place of conflict between the three big powers. It was imaginable, the upcoming conflict, would be extraordinarily tragic.

Although the male’s face was filled with respect, Huai Bai Hua knew that he was powerless to reject.

Bell looked at the information in her hands, and scrutinised it. She was exceptionally sensitive towards information and intel, at her age, without any background or powers, to be able to become a Silver Onyx Horse, it was no easy feat.

There was not much content in the information, but she still found some clues.

Lupus Constellation was just a small constellation, and ranked last in the Southern Sky’s 42 Constellations. Besides Lupus Constellation, there were not any newly developed constellations, it has had a long history, resources or minerals, had long been explored. The barrenness of Lupus Constellation, was well-knowned. Besides, the meridians of the Lupus people, had been researched by numerous people in Onyx Soul, and had been found to be of not much value.

Such a place, to Onyx Soul, was worthless. Not only Onyx Soul, even the Honorable Martial Group ,and the Clan Union, were all not in the least interested in Lupus Constellation.

For a long time, Lupus Constellation had always been the land of the Lupus people.

Tian Zi Xi, Heaven Road ranking number 9370.

An Bai, Heaven Road ranking number 9503.

Mao Jun, Heaven Road ranking number 9632.

Bell was very familiar with these three names, she even had connections with Tian Zi Xi, all three of them were famous bounty hunters, who did not belong to any powers. The difference between bounty hunters and hitmen, were that as long as they were paid sufficiently, they would take on any case. All three of them were extremely valiant, and were experienced bounty hunters, with rich experiences.

To think that these three all appeared in Lupus Constellation, beside Wu Tie Yu, it was obviously to target Tang Tian and gang.

Bell understood the market, to be able to invite all three of them, a hefty price must be paid. Heaven Road’s Level martial artists, were usually paid 300 thousand Star Coins a day, so one could attract a few. Thus when Wu Guang heard that Tang Tian asked for 1 million a day, he agreed without second thoughts. While for Heaven List Experts, it would be another price. Mao Jun’s price was at least 2 million Star Coins a day, An Bai required 3 million, while Tian Zi Xi was priced at least 5 million per day.

The price of the trio, was at least 10 million Star Coins per day.

The trio had been to Lupus Constellation for more than 10 days, meaning 100 Million Star Coins have been spent.

Bell’s expression was grim, for it meant that the other party was not only rich, but was also no simple person. She could not be sure for others, but for Tian Zi Xi, she had some understanding of her, if it was not someone influential, she could never be hired.

The determination of the mastermind was plain to see.

By now Bell has calmed down, she got up, and scanned the surroundings, eventually fixing on a middle-aged uncle in the corner. Her eyes lit up, walked to the uncle’s table, and sat down.

The uncle had grey hair, around age 40, his clothes rather old and tattered, and drank a cup of cheap beer, looking somewhat laid back.

“Hey, Uncle Yu, let me inquire something.” Bell had a face of slackness.

“Yo, the la.s.s is here, I knew those people couldn’t satisfy you.” Uncle Yu cheerily replied, his face already filled with wrinkles, and looked rather dishevelled.

Bell glared at him, “Uncle Yu, our years of friendship, how could you not let me in on even a bit of information.”

Uncle Yu had a look of helplessness, “You weren’t around during that time, and just those small fries, how could they be worthy opponents for you?”

Bell and Uncle Yu were talking about the matter of her being followed back then, but both of them did not mind this matter. Bell had long obtained her information, and had already gotten  rid those people. Bell now was no longer poor and stupid, Tang Tian may look carefree, but placed information at high level of importance, thus Bell has a rather grand sum in her hands.

To such an experienced person like her, as long as she was paid, silencing someone or setting up traps, would all be done without a trace.

“Humph! I won’t dispute over this matter anymore! But what I’m going to enquire today, you better not give me false information!” Bell said.

Uncle Yu nodded cheerily, “Definitely true!”

Bell pointed to the bets on the wall, “I want to enquire about this.”

Uncle Yu revealed a look of surprise, and sized Bell up, “You’re actually interested in this matter?”

Bell revealed her snow-white teeth, “My dear Uncle Yu, I have already prepared 1 million Star Coins for you, it’s up to you for the real deal.”

“A fellow called Di Han.” Uncle Yu blurted, “A small fry in our organisation back then, who vanished after Star Wind City. To think that he actually went to the Clan Union, rumours has it that the Southern Cross Constellation Saint Treasure, was in Tang Tian’s hands.”

Bell’s expression was calm, but her heart was already in a frenzy. Tang Tian had never covered his purpose for going to Southern Cross Constellation, although she had never seen the Saint Treasure before, she guessed that this information should be highly accurate, for she had the same conjecture as well.

“You should have heard of the legend of Southern Cross Constellation right, this has been circulating for a long time, the Treasure of Southern Cross Constellation, ama.s.sed a large secret.” Uncle Yu laughed.

Bell pretended not to understand, “You meant the Treasure of the Southern Cross Army?”

“Haha, there has to be a spark for a fire to form. The Southern Cross Army was so valiant back then, they wouldn’t have not left ANY treasures.” Uncle Yu guffawed.

“Seems justifiable.” Bell nodded approvingly, but was sneering in her heart, the Southern Cross Army has long fell into the hands of Boss, the history of Southern Cross Army of Uncle Bing, everyone knew it well.

“Tang Tian has the background from Honorable Martial Group, thus the Clan Union is still wary, and does not wish to develop conflict with the Honorable Martial Group.” Uncle Yu snorted, “A pity, Clan Union, this group of upstarts, they don’t know that they have long been deeply infiltrated by our organisation and Honorable Martial Group. They thought that they were doing a good job of keeping it secret, but they have no idea, that everyone has long known about it. How would Honorable Martial Group sit back and not help? Tang Tian’s people, are no softies.”

Just then, suddenly, the gongs sounded, and another name appeared on the wall

— Huai Bai Hua.

The tavern broke into outcry, everyone was debating hotly.

Uncle Yu meaningfully said, “Seems like someone from our Onyx Soul could not stand it anymore.”

Honorable Martial Group.

Jing Hao sat prim and proper before an Elder, this elder with white hairs, was his teacher.

“Relax, we would not turn a blind eye.” The Elder smiled kindly, “Since Tang Tian has joined us, we must not let him be bullied. However, the martial group has no strongholds in Lupus Constellation, it’s impossible to send help over en-ma.s.se. However, I have asked Elder Ge for four people.”

Jing Hao was overjoyed, “Awesome! I’ll go!”

Bringing glory to the group, was an extremely strong feature of Honorable Martial Group, just that it was extremely pricey to do so, thus the slots were limited, Teacher has really gone all out to fight for the chance this time.

“You can’t!” The elder was firm, “Lyra Treasury is almost activated, how could you leave?”

Jing Hao was worried, “But… …”

The elder raised his hands, and was extremely firm, “No negotiations.”

Seeing that his favourite disciple was unhappy, the elder laughed, “Don’t you worry, Ah Mo Li and the rest have improved tremendously during this time, it’s time for them to get some real practise.”

Jing Hao had just met the four of them, their improvements, were indeed far more than their peers.

With the four of them for a.s.sistance, he was much more at ease.

The elder saw that Jing Hao’s expression relaxed, “You better look after yourself, Tang Tian is talented, his progress is much faster than you guys, he has even created the Unique Martial Technique, his ranking has also jumped a lot, don’t be outshined by him.”

Jing Hao was high-spirited and confident, “Relax Teacher, I already have some ideas regarding the sword, I will definitely be able to create something unique.”

The elder nodded in pleasure, “You have always been practical, I can rest a.s.sured. But the Lyra Treasury matter this time, concerns the destiny of the next 20 years of our group, you must be prudent.”

A pity the old fellows like them could not enter the Lyra Treasury this time, which made him somewhat worried.

Jing Hao was respectful, “I will do my best!”


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