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Chapter 018 – The Crane’s Body

Translated by: BerrryBunz.

Edited by: Robin and Boost Turtle.


In the Princ.i.p.al’s office, the Princ.i.p.al poured a cup of tea and handed it to Old Fart Wei. With a voice full of grat.i.tude: “You’ve finally found a suitable disciple. All these years, you’ve refused to see me, but I knew you’d never give up so easily.”

Old Fart Wei poured the tea into his mouth and savoured the tea before opening his mouth: “Haha, you’re the only one who still understands me. I’ve observed and studied Ah Mo Li for a few years, and I know what this kid’s temperament is like. He’s not too bad, and he’s the embodiment of a younger me. Muahaha!”

The Princ.i.p.al smiled: “Then I guess this little rascal is a prideful and arrogant one.”

“He is definitely prideful, but he’s not so arrogant, and he has a simple and honest personality. On the other hand, this chap, he’s crazy. If not for him being unable to adapt to blade arts, I would definitely not bear to send him on this close quarters combat expert road.” Old Fart Wei looked regretful.

“Oh.” the princ.i.p.al was slightly taken aback: “To have you compliment him is not easy. I am expecting things from him already. To be able to choose a road and be a close quarters combat expert, he’s definitely special.”

“Haha, he’s an interesting child.” Old Fart Wei stated.

The Princ.i.p.al laughed: “For you to visit me, there’s definitely an ulterior motive. Say it, is there anything I can help you with?”

“Heh, it’s actually nothing much.” Old Fart Wei was not embarra.s.sed: “Ah Mo Li is not having any issues learning Wild Earth Blade, but he is lacking of a sparring venue. I would like to borrow your training grounds at Crystal Sky for him to practice. As for Tang Tian, he isn’t young anymore. He’s seventeen now, but he has just finished cultivating his fundamental martial techniques not long ago, if this drags on, then he’d be delayed even further.”

“Seventeen years old?” the smile on the Princ.i.p.al’s face faded. He stared at Old Fart Wei: “Just finished cultivating the fundamental martial techniques?”

“Yes!” Old Fart Wei smiled: “But, you shouldn’t belittle him…”

The Princ.i.p.al raised his hand and cut off Old Fart Wei: “I didn’t belittle him, but I don’t think a seventeen year old chap who has just finished cultivating the fundament martial techniques has any value of grooming. Change another person.”

Old Fart Wei’s smile faded and he knitted his brows: “Are you saying you can’t help me?”

“I can help out with Ah Mo Li, but I don’t see any value in grooming Tang Tian.” The Princ.i.p.al stood still: “I just remembered, Tang Tian is the ultimate retainer. How can you bring such a student over?”

Old Fart Wei coldly said: “You doubt my eyes?”

“Your heart is too soft, forever being moved by weird things.” The Princ.i.p.al coldly said: “You always believed that the world will have miracles. People with no talent, are doomed to be mediocre, what’s more, he doesn’t even have time. To come find me, I am very happy, however, you brought someone with absolutely no potential, I am unable to accept that. You are wasting your time, and wasting away our relationship.”

Old Fart Wei laughed coldly: “You are definitely the same as last time, not even a bit of compa.s.sion.”

“That is why Crystal Sky Academy is Star Wind City’s number one school, while your Caramel Academy, is third to last.” The Princ.i.p.al did not have the slightest thought to yield.

Old Fart Wei was lazy to argue, and plainly said: “Then let us meet at the Star Wind Martial Meet.”

He turned to push the door and walked out the instant he finished his words.

When Tang Tian and Ah Mo Li saw Old Fart Wei’s black face, both of them did not say a word.

Going back to Caramel Academy, both of them walked behind quietly, with not even a slight whisper.

Tang Tian quickly threw the matter to the back of his head, and continued to train in his Flash Fist everyday. Although his current efficiency was not as exaggerated as when he was behind the Cross Door doing Hardship Training, he could still complete around four thousand repet.i.tions of Flash Fists daily.

Tang Tian would use the Hardship Training’s habits to train, and trained until he was exhausted of his strength and overly spent, then continued to use [Crane-Style Qi Manual] to recover his body. [Crane-Style Qi Manual]’s progress was exceptionally rapid. The fact that Tang Tian could complete over four thousand Flash Fists a day, had a lot to do with the [Crane-Style Qi Manual]’s great help.

Unknowingly, Tang Tian’s had reached over 160,000 repet.i.tions of the Fash Fist.

Third Cycle of Hardship Training.

Tang Tian buried the suffering and continued throwing out punches. His fists would disappear and appear in the air, faster than ever, unfathomably moving quickly.

His fists actually had one shapeless thread, linked to the third tier Dantian pool’s True Power. With every fist, the third tier Dantian pool’s True Power would leak a bit into the meridians of Tang Tian’s body.

This thread of True Power was as fine as a cow’s hair, and Tang Tian did not feel it. All these small threads of True Power, followed along with Tang Tian’s never ending punches, and gradually filled his every corner of his body.

Although they were miniscule and the quant.i.ty was surprisingly little, ever since Tang Tian began cultivating the[Crane-Style Qi Manual], he already dished out over 150,000, and that meant 150,000 of those minute True Power threads. They were like a collective portion of waves, continuously moving forward.

They all went past many isolated and small meridians, which the majority of people would not ever use their whole lives, one by one being activated by the True Power, radiating with life.

The meridians in the human body, the main core consists of twelve channels which were used the most. They are all wide in width, suited for True Power to be channeled through. Apart from them, there were the eight unusual meridian channels, which did not serve the same purpose as the twelve main channels, but rather a natural system, where many martial artists develop from. Other than the twelve main channels and the eight unusual meridian channels, there were many fine and small meridians that formed like webs, and were considered useless meridians in the eyes of many martial artists

They were too small and weak, and only some could barely support True Power.

However, what Tang Tian did not know was, every punch he threw would cause a change in his True Power.

Tang Tian continued punching, and was not far from 200,000 repet.i.tions. Upon hitting 200,000 Flash Fist repet.i.tions, he would be able to release the perfect Flash Fist. In truth, in every ten punches, he could already dish out nine Flash Fists.

His Flash Fists portrayed his own personality, and were graceful and fast.

‘Hu Hu Hu’, sweat was dripping nonstop, but it did not affect his focused gaze.

Not sure if it was due to him reaching his target, but Tang Tian did not feel the slightest amount of fatigue. Instead, he had a feeling of antic.i.p.ation, and his punches became faster and faster.

Wind from his punches suddenly induced a change, becoming faster and stronger.

The True Power from inside the third tier Dantian pool, felt like it was filled from the stored up energy, and was beginning to surge upwards.

Tang Tian completely forgot about everything, where all he could focus and see clearly was the track of his every punch. He could clearly see every punch momentarily disappearing into the air and the minute airflow formed by the punches.

One punch after another!

The airflow in the air resembled water lines, which were broken by the punches.

The 200,000th fist!

Tang Tian’s body shivered, and the vicious True Power from the third tier Dantian pool banged, seemingly like something broke out.

A clear crisp sound of a crane’s cry, entered his mind.

Tang Tian’s fist, suddenly disappeared in the air.

When his punch came out, a tinge of White Fist Aura, enveloped his fist.

Tang Tian was shocked, he stared blankly at his own fist, just now that punch….Fist Aura….

He attempted another punch!

It was true, the fist glowed with a tinge of White Fist Aura.

Fist Aura! That truly was Fist Aura!

Only with a rank three fist arts technique, would the Fist Aura appear. He was surprised to see it happening on his own hands.

Tang Tian was jumping in joy. Although there was only a slight layer of Fist Aura, its power would be affected greatly. The Flash Fist was a rank two fist arts technique, but it focused on the techniques to generate power from the muscles. Because of that, both the fundamental martial techniques and the Flash Fist came from the same origin and it would be impossible to create the Fist Aura.

The true Fist Aura would not be intruded by any sword or blade. It has the power to destroy all stone and gold.

“Haha! Fist Aura! I managed to cultivate Fist Aura! I actually managed to cultivate Fist Aura!”

The so-called ‘White Fist Aura’ could only be created by releasing True Power, and this was the characteristic of a rank three martial technique. Ah Mo Li’s [Groundbreaking Chop] was able to instigate a Blade Aura. In the past, Tang Tian could also release True Power, but he never managed to create a Fist Aura.

This meant that Tang Tian’s Flash Fist standard was good enough to start practising a rank three martial technique.

After a while, Tang Tian calmed down and thought, how did the Flash Fist manage to produce Fist Aura?

Flash Fist was a rank two fist arts technique. Logically, it should not be able to produce Fist Aura.

He suddenly thought of his throbbing third tier Dantian pool and those cranes. His heart jumped, it’s True Power! He sat down quickly and checked his body’s True Power. The third tier Dantian pool was filled with True Power, it was hard to make out any clues.

Then, as Tang Tian decided to punch another Flash Fist, a miracle happened. A ray of True Power flowed out from the third tier Dantian pool, into his path of mental cultivation he usually cultivated and straight into his fist.


Tang Tian shot out his Flash Fists continuously and focused on what was taking place in his body.

The True Power in his body was unusually active. With the Dantian as the source and the qi channels as the paths, as though a big net were covering over Tang Tians body. When Tang Tian waved his fist, the True Power net in his body took a change rapidly. Many small True Power threads started to flow towards his fist, as though they were following a command with the highest respect, forming the Fist Aura.

Tang Tian shot out the Flash Fist over and over again to observe the changes in the True Power net, because he felt that the change in the True Power net was familiar.

Wait a minute, Tang Tian hit his head and saw the light.

The silhouette of the crane!

The True Power net covering his body was a structure of the crane. Tang Tian’s fist was the beak of the crane.

When Tang Tian pulled his fist out, the True Power gathered at the crane’s beak and formed the Fist Aura. And when he retracted his fist, the silhouette of the crane became loose and blurry again.

Crane-Style Qi!

This was definitely amazing!

Tang Tian gasped in surprise. It was no wonder the Crane Sect was so powerful at their golden age. They had such a powerful mental cultivation technique.

Tang Tian did not know that he accidentally mastered the Crane-Style Qi Manual. What the Crane Sect was cultivating nowadays was also the modified version of the Crane-Style Qi Manual. The Crane-Style Qi Manual was gradually lost in pa.s.sing and this has got to do with its principle. In its complex paths, if no one managed to point out the crane’s silhouette characteristic, then it would be extremely difficult to cultivate. Therefore, there was a need for people like Tang Tian to continuously cultivate the martial techniques to open up all the small and desolated qi channels, which were known as the Crane’s Body.

The Silver Grade Rank Three Mental Cultivation Spirit Card, [Crane-Style Qi Manual], had the best use for the younger disciples of the Crane Sect. The Crane Body formed the fundamentals of the Crane Sect martial techniques, and this was the authentic tradition of the Crane Sect.

In his blurriness, Tang Tian managed to cultivate the Crane’s body.

Now, his fists contained True Power from all of his body and it would only compile layer after layer forming a power current.

There were times, he traced back from the result and the key points would look plain obvious. The Silver Grade Spirit Card would possess him for a month. Tang Tian knew this in his heart and reacted immediately. A large amount of comprehension flowed into his brain and the more it flowed, the clearer his head got.

Tang Tian suddenly saw the light, those desolated, seemingly useless small qi channels when activated could explode with energy when True Power was released. The energy explosion was astonishing.

What surprised him was, once the Crane’s Body was cultivated, not only could it be used together with fist arts, it could be used with any martial techniques.

Without further ado, Tang Tian buried his head and cultivated harder.

What was 200,000, there was the 400,000 repet.i.tions milestone waiting for me.

Strengthen the Crane’s Body!

Comprehend the killing technique!

Tang tian was vigorous.


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