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I should save up some money.
Though Shou got angry when he heard what Ha.s.san-aniue said about Salim-aniue, but he is more angry at himself because of how powerless he is.

….In the end, I need some money…

The most easiest way is to ask Rashindo who is the man his mother married to, but Shou who doesn’t have much pride to begin with, refuse such option even though Rashindo is a large merchant.

“If I can get some cheese from Celeb island, I can get some  money little by little”

Since last time Ha.s.san make me buy it, now i know the cheese price.

“One cheese worth 10 mark if i get that right”

He still disappointed at himself for not knowing the outside world problem like market price, even though he is been living at the royal palace

“I should know this if I ask Miya…”

A prince who sell a cheese and poorly made shaved ice, thinking he have to tell such idea to Miya alone already make him scared

“since I don’t want to get a ship from Ha.s.san-aniue grandfather, I have to save up little by little from now on”

Shou made a plan that will make Aslan and Miya dumbfounded if they heard it.
Miya already make an arrangement for Shou’s found by the time he have to go independent, there is no way for letting a prince to have a condition that forced him to live on the street
Miya wonder what Shou think about the ship, the difference is like a heaven and earth, and she can’t say carelessly that she prepare a ship for a prince.

For a prince’s ship it need to be strong enough so it can endured the harsh sea, and since a crew is necessary for operating a ship, she need a skilled crew and a good captain which is not easy.
Though the ship is expensive, as long the captain is a good and trustworthy person it’s normal for him to have high salary also since they tend to have a high pride it can’t be helped.
Though Miya think that this is going to be a hard work she doesn’t said it.

By all mean that Miya is playing favorite to Shou which Make Aslan worried since usually his first wife is playing fair with the other prince.
To prince Salim and prince Karin who already became independent, and already have a house that suitable to be called a royal family’s house, there is difference level of support with them

“Since Shou doesn’t have any support, at least i want to prepare a ship and a house for him…”

To give an unfair treatment for the other princes is like a contradiction to Miya’s dignity as the first wife.

……Even though Shou doesn’t have any ambition but he have a strange pride….

Although he is fine being the errand boy for his elder brother, but he refuse to ask for help to Rashindo even though he is a person who his mother married into, which is because of his pride for that make Miya sigh, but Miya feel that is how Shou show his love.

“I want to make my daughter as Shou first wife.With her, Shou sure will be able to live properly”

Since Miya’s daughter Rabita already gave birth to a child from her first marriage and have quite the same personality as her, Miya though that she should be suitable for his first wife.

“But the age difference is too far from Shou, though it’s not impossible for a woman who is 15 year older as the first wife, but if we put it like that it should suit Salim better…”

Miya thinks that this is not what a parent should think.

But, Rabita is properly marriage to King Aslan older brother Kajim.
To married a royal family who is 20 year older, Rabita intention is to become the first wife. Miya though that it’s all thanks to the former first wife choose her to begin with

Kajim first wife, Yuan is famous to be a competent woman.
There is many thing to worry about but Rabita study seriously to become the first wife, and it’s all thanks to Bardia that she considering it, Miya thanks her for it.

“That girl, She already gave birth to two girl.Okay, Let’s make Lala marry Shou.

Even if Rabita’s husband Kajim failed to become the king, it’s thank to his first wife Yuan they can have such money right now since she is excellent at making money, and since Shou doesn’t have any backing, his uncle help might help him.

“Shou like woman who have a beautiful hair hence i have to carefully take care Lala’s hair from now on!”

Shou who doesn’t know that his first fiance is already decided is busy thinking what should he do about his money problem, or of all things he can help the attendant or the court ladies with their work and ask a tip for it.

“For a prince asking to running errand, usually it’s the other way around”

The court ladies and the attendant will holding back for him and he can’t freely come in and out the royal palace, but Shou still doing his business even with such uncomfortable atmosphere.

“Alright, the thing you asked for is some red spice”

Shou, thanks for doing all the work able to know the market price.
When he gave the thing they asked for, the court ladies pay him for 10 chim.

“Thank you.Is it really fine for only 10 chim?”

For asking a prince to do errands for them and only paid him for 10 chim, of course the court ladies will worry about it, even if the person himself saying it’s okay with a business smile.

….is this the popularity that the G.o.d of death gave it to me? but i’m still a child…

To Shou who is popular with the court ladies, still didn’t know that when he reach adulthood such popularity will gave him trouble. Everyday he slip out and slip in the royal palace with his dragon Sanzu and save his reward.


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