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Chapter 812: What Is He Going To Do?

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Xu Que left the battlefield and went back to the hotel in the ancient city close to the front line again. When he had left in the morning, he was at Level 8 of the Void Training Stage. When he returned in the evening, he had already reached the summit of the Void Training Stage!

Even though Jiang Hongyan had mentally prepared herself, she was still shocked by Xu Que’s rocketing upgrade. She could also tell that Xu Que’s foundation was quite solid in realizing this rapid upgrade, and it wouldn’t disappear like a dream.

“Little girl, tomorrow I won’t go to the battlefield. I will start to prepare my upgrade to the Form Synthesis Stage!” Xu Que said delightedly as he lay down on his bed after entering their room.

If he could reach the Form Synthesis Stage, he would no longer be afraid of the cultivators at the Great Vehicle Stage, which would bring him a carefree life. Of course, the most important thing was to seize the G.o.d-realization Tree from the Imperial Palace and get back that strand of soul for Jiang Hongyan. Otherwise, if the Emperor stepped into the Celestial Stage, something terrible would happen!

Therefore, even though it seemed as if Xu Que was quite relaxed, he didn’t dare to slack off for one minute. When he lay down on his bed, he started to restore his Taoist Connotation. He knew clearly that he had made a lot of noises in the last three days, although three days were only a short period.

For example, the Divine Son Division, General Qin Wei, and the Emperor, who didn’t show up but could always know what they were doing, would probably have noticed him.

“Have a good rest. Tomorrow I will be your protector when you cross the Heavenly Tribulation!” Jiang Hongyan said as she walked over to him with a wet towel in her hands. She was graceful and elegant. With a faint smile on her extremely beautiful face, she began wiping the sweat off Xu Que’s face carefully and gently.

Xu Que had been fatigued with the combat and the journey. However, he felt so relaxed when Jiang Hongyan did this to him. His mind became clearer, which even accelerated the restoration of his Taoist Connotation!

Soon, night fell!

Jiang Hongyan had restarted her cultivation on the futon again. Her calm breath filled the room with a faint fragrance.

After midnight, Xu Que opened his eyes and sat up on the bed suddenly.

He frowned as he looked at the door.

After reaching the summit of the Void Training Stage, his Soul Strength had become more powerful than before. He had sensed several auras were coming toward their room. One aura was quite powerful, which had suffocated him a bit even though it was still far away from their room.

The Great Vehicle Stage? Xu Que concentrated even harder.

At this time, only two cultivators at the Great Vehicle Stage could visit them: Qin Wei or the Emperor! However, Xu Que thought the possibility of Qin Wei was higher, for the momentum of the Emperor would be even more overbearing!

Jiang Hongyan opened her eyes and said calmly, “Little brat, it’s time to go!”

Xu Que smiled as he stood up. “We will leave. But before leaving here, I will charge some interest to them and let them know they can’t bully a handsome and honest man like me casually!”


The next moment, a magnificent momentum gushed in from outside the hotel. After that, several dull air-rending sounds could be heard. Several figures appeared outside the door.

“Li Bai of the Exploding Heavens Faction, the General orders you to come out!” a voice spoke.

Bang! The door was broken down by a violent force. More than ten figures appeared in front of Xu Que and Jiang Hongyan. All the intruders were young men and young women who had reached the Crossing Calamity Stage. Arrogance and superiority could be sensed from these people, who were staring at Xu Que coldly and aggressively.

It seemed they were ready to attack directly if Xu Que refused to go out. However, Xu Que was so happy for now he could act tough again!

“What? You three came back again! You also brought so many people with you. Is my handsome face so attractive for you?” Xu Que asked with a wicked smile.

The man in the red robe, the man in the green robe, and the man who wore a mask, who were driven away by Xu Que last night, were also present.

“Heh-heh, Li Bai, it is useless for you to have a big mouth now. Your mistake in ruining the Divine Son Division’s ID plate is unforgivable. The General ordered us to punish you!” The man in the red robe said with a cold smile.

“Ah? What did you say?” Xu Que asked, blinking his eyes innocently in shock, “Did I ruin the ID plate of your Divine Son Division? My fellow cultivator, although you are ugly, you can’t talk nonsense! I haven’t even seen an ID plate of the Divine Son Division. How could I ruin one?”

His words and his innocent expression shocked the intruders. The man in the red robe, the man in the green robe, and the man who wore a mask opened their eyes wide in surprise immediately.

What the h.e.l.l?

Does this guy lose memory?

d.a.m.n! Is he going to frame us?

“Li Bai, what…do you mean?”

“I’m warning you. Don’t play dumb here!”

“Last night, when we came here to invite you, you insulted the Divine Son Division and ruined the ID plate! Now, are you going to deny that?”

The three of them shouted hurriedly. They didn’t want to take the blame for Xu Que! Moreover, none of them expected Xu Que, who was so arrogant last night, could frame them with this dirty trick by acting dumb tonight.

If the General believed Xu Que, they would at least be severely punished!

“Eh, my fellow cultivators, what…are you talking about? Last night, you asked me to stop acting ostentatiously on the battlefield, or you will…. Your threat bothered me for the whole day!” Xu Que said as he covered his chest with his hands and looked at them pitifully with his innocent eyes.

All at once, the rest of the intruders from the Divine Son Division fixed their eyes on the three unlucky guys.

The man in the red robe shouted angrily, “Don’t believe him! He is framing us!”

“You…how can you say that?” Xu Que pointed at the man in the red robe immediately, like a little boy who had been wronged.

“c.r.a.p!” The man in the green robe couldn’t stand Xu Que’s disgusting expression anymore. He yelled angrily and was about to attack Xu Que.

At this time, a young woman who was tall and slim among the intruders said coldly, “Enough!”

The man in the red robe and the man in the green robe stopped talking immediately.

The tall woman stared at Xu Que and said in a low, expressionless voice, “I don’t care whether you framed them or they framed you! Tonight, you should get out of this room and meet the General! But…” She paused a bit and continued to say with a strand of disdain and sarcasm, “Before that, we want to know why you could join the Divine Son Division as a cultivator at the Void Training Stage!”

“I…I.…” Xu Que couldn’t help but step back perplexedly. Then he said diffidently, “Actually, I also don’t know. Maybe I could join the Divine Son Division just because I…am handsome!”

Seeing his reaction, the intruders from the Divine Son Division became more disdainful. A strand of sarcastic smile appeared on the lips of the tall woman.

Just at this time, Xu Que raised his head and asked suddenly, “What about this?” Then, he waved his hand abruptly.

A silver-haired figure appeared behind the intruders suddenly. It was Xu Que’s Taoist Body!


The Taoist Body waved the black rod that was raised high in the air. In the moonlight, a strand of creepy light appeared on the black rod!


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