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Chapter 528: I Really Hate Those Who Advise Me to be Magnanimous

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The Exploding Heavens Faction!

This name had awe-inspiring fame in the Fire Nation, and it was even intimidating in the Water Nation!

After all, Xu Que’s deeds of killing the Fire Emperor and the Old G.o.d of Killing of Tian Sha had been spread throughout the Five Nations. Almost all well-informed people had heard of the Exploding Heavens Faction!

In addition, Xu Que had conquered ten cities in the Water Nation under the name Zhuge Liang and established the Wanda Mall of the Exploding Heavens Faction in the name of w.a.n.g Sicong.

What he had done laid the foundation for the Exploding Heavens Faction to become popular to such an extent that everyone was intimidated after hearing just the name!

Now, over ten powerhouses in the Infant Transformation Stage, led by Xu Que and wearing masks and black robes embroidered with red clouds, were landing in the Snow City majestically.

This daunting scene froze the blood of the onlookers.

“Are… they going to attack the Scarlet Yang Sect?” One old man looked at Shang Ling, who was the Sect Leader of the Scarlet Yang Sect, in panic.

Shang Ling shook his head and said thoughtfully, “I don’t think so. If they really plan to attack us, they wouldn’t have been so flaunty. Also, they would have come directly to the Scarlet Yang Sect instead of coming to the Snow City!”

“Then what are they going to do with so many people? Are they going to punish your son?”

“No, I know my unfilial son’s strength very well. General Zhuge could defeat him easily. He wouldn’t need to invite so many powerhouses in the Infant Transformation Stage!” Shang Ling shook his head again.

However, he really couldn’t figure out the plan of this General Zhuge, who was so young and formidable.

Just at this moment, Situ Hai Tang who was in her mansion, was also startled. It was impossible for her to ignore such a powerful momentum!

She dashed out of the mansion seriously. When she looked up, she was dumbfounded by what she saw.

Among all the powerhouses in the Infant Transformation Stage, only one guy who didn’t wear a mask was laughing radiantly like a fool. It was definitely Xu Que!

Did… he really summon those people? Situ Hai Tang thought in her mind. Her mind almost went blank.

“Hai Tang, look! I didn’t lie to you, right? All of them are members of the Exploding Heavens Faction! They happened to be hanging out in the Snow City, so I summoned all of them!” Xu Que said from the sky with a smile. With the onlookers staring at them in surprise, Xu Que led his team to land in the city quickly.


Situ Hai Tang was totally shocked and couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Exceeding her wildest expectations, Xu Que hadn’t joked, but really summoned over ten powerhouses in the Infant Transformation Stage there.

When did these people arrive in the Water Nation?

Also, they were only an hour’s journey away from the Snow City! Why didn’t I sense them?

As described in the rumors, the Exploding Heavens Faction is really composed of mysterious and elite powerhouses!

“Here, Hai Tang, let me introduce them to you! This one is called Xue Zhiqian and he’s a singer! This one is called Li Bai, and he is a poet and a swordsman. This one’s name is Wu Wu Kai, and this one is called Hua Wuque…” Xu Que started to introduce the men to Situ Hai Tang while pointing at them.

Many names were new to the onlookers.

However, the people of the Water Nation had heard of Hua Wuque and Li Bai. They were extraordinary, and their deeds in the Fire Nation had spread to the Water Nation.

At this moment, Situ Hai Tang really didn’t know what to say.

Just to convince her, Xu Que had summoned so many powerhouses in the Infant Transformation Stage.

It was well known that those in the Infant Transformation Stage were in very high positions, and none of them could be summoned casually!

She hadn’t expected he could summon so many people. His public appeal must have been extremely strong!

However, Shang Ling and several old people let out a sigh of relief.

From Xu Que’s words, they knew these people weren’t going to attack the Scarlet Yang Sect or kill Shang Wu. Xu Que just wanted to show them to Situ Hai Tang, which was quite absurd!

“Hai Tang!”

Shang Ling walked towards Situ Hai Tang with an affable smile in his face.

Situ Hai Tang came to herself and turned around. Then she saw it was Shang Ling, so she said in surprise, “Uncle Shang, what brings you here?”

Xu Que also saw an old man with white hair and a ruddy complexion, who was at Level 6 of the Infant Transformation Stage and looked like a celestial, come over.

“Um, this must be a misunderstanding!” Shang Ling said with a rueful smile. Then he looked at Xu Que and said with a faint smile, “General Zhuge, I’ve heard so much about you! I’m Shang Ling, Sect Leader of the Scarlet Yang Sect.”

“Oh? It’s Sect Leader Shang! Nice to meet you!” Xu Que couldn’t help smiling coldly.

He knew Shang Wu wouldn’t leave matters at that. Now, his father was there. However, it was useless for her father to be here alone, for he was only at Level 6 of the Infant Transformation Stage, and he was quite vulnerable in front of Xu Que.

“General Zhuge, I’m older than you, so I hope I can address you as my young friend, okay? My unfilial son offended you today. I hope you can be generous and forgive him,” Shang Ling said nicely with a smile and a serene face. It seemed he wasn’t pretending.

Xu Que was stunned and couldn’t figure out Shang Ling’s intentions. So he remained skeptical.

It shouldn’t be like this! This old man was supposed to avenge his son directly and then be killed by me. Why is he behaving so nicely? No, I have to test him again!

“Be generous?” Xu Que snorted abruptly while putting his hands behind his back, then said, shaking his head, “I really hate those who always advise me to be generous! These people always advise me to be generous no matter what happens. You should keep a distance from these people, otherwise, you’ll be injured when they are struck by lightning! If you’re stabbed by someone and wiping away the blood, these people will come to you and say, ‘Hey, you must be brave!’ Why don’t those people go to h.e.l.l?”

Xu Que said something vicious to annoy Shang Ling and expose his real intentions.

Hearing his words, people in the area became speechless instantly.

I remember you advised Shang Wu to be generous in the hotel today, right?

Why did you change your mind now?

“Xu… Zhuge Liang, what are you doing? Uncle Shang is not one of the people you’re talking about!” Situ Hai Tang was angry and shouted while staring at Xu Que.

Shang Ling smiled slightly and said, waving his hand, “My young friend, I know your plan. However, I really don’t have any conspiracy! I know my unfilial son very well. Actually, both of you were at fault in this issue. I hope we can avoid worsening this issue caused by your altercation! Therefore, I chose to make a concession to dispel the issue. Is that okay with you?”

Shang Ling said these words earnestly and sincerely, without any false display of affection.

Xu Que was stunned again. Apparently, he hadn’t expected that he had wrongly blamed a good person this time.

It was hard to imagine that a brainless person like Shang Wu could have such an upright father!

“Senior Shang, as your junior, I was rude just now. I hereby apologize to you. You’re right, it was partly my fault today. Since you have interceded for your son, as a junior, I will stop picking on him!” Xu Que said with a smile and his hands folded.

He really liked to get along with people like Shang Ling. You be nice to me and I’ll be nice to you. This was the code of traveling in this world.

“As I expected, my young friend is really generous! I didn’t back the wrong horse! I hereby extend my grat.i.tude to my young friend! As for my unfilial son, I will discipline him strictly in future!” Shang Ling also folded his hands and showed due respect to Xu Que.

This harmonious scene made people in the area quite speechless.

It turned out that General Zhuge could also be gentle! I gained a lot of knowledge today!

Situ Hai Tang also let out a sigh of relief. She knew quite well that Shang Ling was an upright senior who also had a good relations.h.i.+p with her parents. However, Shang Wu was a villain to the core!

When everyone thought this issue could be solved like this, Shang Wu, the other party in this conflict, was sitting in his mansion resentfully.

He had been informed that his father had arrived at the Snow City and solved the issue with Xu Que.

This totally ruined his plan. He thought his father was in the Scarlet Yang Sect and didn’t have time to come to the Snow City. If he had exaggerated the seriousness of this issue, his father would definitely have gone to the Gong Family overseas for help!

When the people of the Gong Family arrived, he could definitely make noise about it!

However, now he felt totally humiliated.

“Hm! Zhuge Liang, do you think we could live in peace with each other in the future? I said you would die without a burial place, and I will keep my word!”

After saying that, Shang Wu stood up abruptly, then summoned a trusted subordinate and said seriously, “Now, you go to the Scarlet Yang Sect and send a secret letter to the Gong Family overseas by activating the Teleportation Spell. My father is old and muddle-headed. He doesn’t know how to solve this issue. This time, I will solve it myself!”


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