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Chapter 1827

He subconsciously posed in a cold position, ready to pretend to be a big force.

He looked around and suddenly reacted.

There’s no one else except Er Gouzi and Duan Jiude. What’s your strength here.

“No fun, not even an audience.” Xu Wei sighed with interest.

Pretend to force no one to see. What’s the difference between this and the night trip in royal guards?

“Without elder brother, he is invincible and has boundless magic power. He dominates the world. Who can compete with him!” Two dogs roared and rushed over, directly rushed to Xu Dingcheng’s body and quickly began to touch the treasure.

Xu que didn’t bother to take care of the pit goods. Instead, he communicated with Jianling.

“Sword spirit, what the h.e.l.l is this foreign evil? It seems that he has seen the Immortal Emperor you follow? ” Xu lacks a wonderful way.

The sword spirit was silent for a while and said faintly: “actually… I only remember that the foreign evil came from outside the sky and once caused serious damage to xianyunzhou, but I can’t remember the specific origin of the foreign evil.”

Xu Wei expressed his understanding. After all, Jianling slept too long. Many things are normal if he can’t remember clearly.

At this time, two dogs suddenly gave a scream.

“Brother Qian, help! Dying, dying! “

Xu que turns around and sees Xu Dingcheng get up again and hold Er Gouzi.

As for Duan Jiude, seeing that Er Gouzi was caught by Xu Dingcheng, he had already run away.

Xu que looked at Xu Dingcheng and said with a smile, “do you think it’s useful for you to catch Er Gouzi and threaten me?”

Xu Dingcheng took a deep breath, bared his teeth and said, “hum, I’ve heard that you wicked dogs are Trinity, close and close as brothers. Now this dog is in my hand, you’d better cut yourself honestly, or it won’t be safe!”

Xu Wei almost laughed: “you kill you. If you can kill it, it will just alleviate my troubles. This dead dog follows me all day. He only knows how to rob babies and eat. It’s useless.”

The second dog immediately screamed, “brother lack, you can’t do this! We are brothers! “

“It’s not related by blood.” Xu que said faintly.

“Half brothers! You can’t let G.o.d die like this! This G.o.d is the only blood of the ancient magic dragon. There are three so-called filial piety. No future generations are great. If this G.o.d is dead, the ancient magic dragon will be extinct! You can’t make me unfilial! ” Two dogs cried bitterly, covering their chest and howling.

Xu Dingcheng was so annoyed by the howl that he directly cut Er Gouzi’s neck with a knife: “sleep honestly!”


Xu Dingcheng only felt a sharp pain coming from his palm, and the whole face was twisted with pain.

Sleeping trough… Why is the dog so hard?

Xu Ke’s eyes flashed a light, and his body suddenly disappeared in place.

“Want to save the dog? There are no doors! “

Xu Dingcheng sneered, and his whole body was filled with evil Qi. Even though he had exploded once, he still broke out a powerful momentum.

With the experience of self explosion, Xu Ke subconsciously slowed down for fear that this guy would engage in the operation of human flesh bomb again.

He doesn’t have that strength now. He’ll do it again.

“He’s cheating you. Foreign demons at this level can’t explode twice in a row. If they explode again, they can’t recover!” The Sword Fairy snapped.

Xu Ke was slightly stunned. Before he could move, he saw Xu Dingcheng turn around and run.

“Ha ha! I can’t beat you. Can’t you run? “

Mom, sell batches!

Xu Wei was also surprised. He saw such a shameless opponent for the first time since he stepped into practice!

It’s like fighting with yourself!

“Brother Kuang, hurry up. The second dog teacher is in his hand. I’m afraid he will suffer a lot!” Duan Jiude didn’t know where he came out and said in a hurry.

Xu que gave him a meaningful look and suddenly said, “put the treasure you two searched here on ER Gouzi?”

“Ah… Brother Qian, how can you think of me like that?” Duan Jiude said righteously, “I spoke out of fear that my dear friend, teacher Ergou, would be hurt by evil spirits!”

“Hehe, cheat the ghost.”

Xu que sneered twice and knew he was right.

These two pit goods will cooperate unless they really encounter a crisis of life and death. When did they care so much about each other’s life and death?

“Steady.” Xu Ke grabbed Duan Jiude’s shoulder and ran after him.

“Ah ah! Brother Qian, please slow down! “

On the other side, Xu Dingcheng already had some fear in his heart.

The d.a.m.n Tang Sanzang had the power to completely restrain himself.

What’s more terrible is that this guy seems to have some resistance. His magic Qi has little effect on him.

Like a natural enemy“ You’d better put down your G.o.d as soon as possible and wait for brother Ke to catch up, which is your time of death! ” The second dog son still roared, “now knock a hundred heads for the G.o.d Zun. The G.o.d Zun can consider pleading for you in front of brother Kuang and take you into favor!”“ Hum, are you still so arrogant when you die? ” When Xu Dingcheng saw an abyss ahead, his eyes suddenly brightened. Before he rushed to the abyss, a sharp sword fell from the sky and cut off the way ahead“ The one in front, raise your hand and surrender. This forced saint can spare you a dog’s life! ” Xu que shouted loudly, “be lenient when you confess and strict when you resist. All you are doing now is letting yourself slide into a deeper abyss! It is irrational and immoral! ” Xu Dingcheng was almost crazy. Even if Tang Sanzang couldn’t beat him, he was still chirping like a fly. He turned his head and looked at the abyss on the side. He was cruel and jumped directly. s.h.i.+t, it’s a big deal. Don’t want this body! Seeing this, Xu que directly dragged Duan Jiude into the abyss. However, as soon as I rushed in, I suddenly noticed something wrong“ The time flow rate here is wrong! ” Xu que looks up to the front and finds that the actions of Er Gouzi and Xu Dingcheng are fast and slow. He suddenly realizes that he has been caught in a trap. Xu Dingcheng said with a ferocious smile: “hahaha, die together. This body has long been useless!” Son of a b.i.t.c.h, you f.u.c.ked me! Xu Ke subconsciously wanted to rush up, but a strong suction suddenly came from the abyss. Almost in an instant, several people were sucked down by the abyss… I don’t know how long it took, Xu que finally fell to the bottom. He landed steadily on the ground. Before he could speak, the sword Spirit said in a heavy tone: “boy, hurry up. The abyss swallowed you for at least five hours just now.” what the f.u.c.k! Xu que was suddenly surprised. There was a time limit for opening the entrance of the forest of chaos. If they don’t go out before the final closure, they can’t go out completely


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