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Chapter 1816

The testing place of Vulcan?

Since he killed the fire emperor, he was cursed by the G.o.d of fire.

He thought that with the pa.s.sage of time and the improvement of his cultivation, this thing would disappear naturally.

But I never thought that I was only one step away from the Immortal Emperor, and the d.a.m.n G.o.d of fire curse still haunted me, always following me.

Really? I’ve seen a ghost. I’m a G.o.d. Why are you so careful?

Just then, a powerful voice sounded in the air.

“Disciples partic.i.p.ating in the Tianmen compet.i.tion, your goal is to collect the Tao grain stones here and strive to refuel.”

Xu Ke said strangely, “who is this?”

Nishang fairy gave him a deep look: “this is the empty voice of his majesty Yongzhen Immortal Emperor.”

Xu Kuang was stunned. He folded his hands and said, “Amitabha, your Majesty the Immortal Emperor is really invincible. We are amazed.”

He had a new understanding of the power of the Immortal Emperor.

This is known as the place for the trial of G.o.ds. The Immortal Emperor can directly send a voice in.

You know, since I came here, I couldn’t feel the outside world. The huge black vortex seemed to isolate everything.

“The testing place of the G.o.d of fire, is there anything strange here?” Xu que patted the G.o.d stone and asked in a low voice.

“Hum, humble mole ant, do you know how to be afraid now?” G.o.d stone is very proud, “as long as you kneel down, kowtow to this G.o.d stone and sincerely repent your sins, this G.o.d stone can tell you the mystery of this place.”

Seeing this, Xu Wei looked at the nishang fairy: “fairy, do you know where animals gather here?”

“Well… According to our current environment, there should be animals gathering not far away.” Nishang fairy wondered, “did master Tang find anything?”

“Oh, I have a divine stone here. It is said that there will be strange changes when it is put into animal feces, so I want to try.” Xu que said with a smile.

The divine stone immediately trembled more violently.

“d.a.m.n it! You mole ant, despicable! “

“Cheap! You will be punished by the G.o.ds! “

“Maggot like guy, if you dare to humiliate the G.o.d stone like this, the G.o.d stone will cut you thousands of times!”

Without saying anything, Xu que came directly to a pile of animal feces and said with a smile: “Amitabha, I’ll try it now and see what changes have taken place.”

“Well, the G.o.d stone house is kind-hearted and forgives you.” The G.o.d wenton on the G.o.d stone changes from time to time.

Xu que tilted his mouth and kept moving his hands.

Your uncle’s, a broken stone can pull like 250000.

You can’t help it, can you?

“Sleeping trough! The G.o.d stone forgives you. Stop! “

The divine stone saw Xu’s lack of movement and trembled madly again.

“Amitabha, I just want to know what’s strange here.” Xu que said with a smile.

Previously, he found that he didn’t need to speak at all to communicate with the divine stone. He could communicate directly with the divine soul.

In this way, even if you communicate with the divine stone in front of the nishang fairy, you will not be found.

“This is the testing place of the G.o.d of fire. The Tao grain stones you want to collect are not stones.” For fear of speaking slowly, the divine stone was put into the feces by Xu vacancy. The divine text crazy emerged, “the Tao grain stone is a natural thing here, and the velocity of time and s.p.a.ce here is chaotic. The closer it is to the Tao grain stone, the slower the time and s.p.a.ce will be.”

Xu que fell into meditation when he heard the speech.

If so, isn’t time basically stopped flowing at the position closest to the Tao Wen stone?

Then collect a fart!

“System, is there any way to handle it?” Without saying a word, Xu que began to seek system help.

“Ding, to crack s.p.a.ce-time, you need to upgrade the system to version 15.0…”

“You have to stop talking nonsense and shut up.”

Xu sighed. The system is really not in charge. He doesn’t know that the oil and salt are expensive for money fans. He always has to upgrade the version.

Who can afford the value of millions of clothes?

“Hum, mole ants, the G.o.d stone has a way to crack it.” G.o.d stone was proud, “as long as you kowtow to me and plead guilty…”

Without saying a word, Xu que pressed the divine stone directly into the feces.

“Wait! Ben Shens.h.i.+ suddenly feels that you are talented and intelligent. You are very suitable to learn the magic of Ben Shens.h.i.+! “

Under Xu Que’s coercion, G.o.d s.h.i.+xin reluctantly revealed a divine skill in the form of divine text.

Xu que stared at Shenwen, frowning.

Mom… This magic is too complicated. I can’t understand more than half of it.

After thinking about it, in order to master the door G.o.d book, Xu Ke can only bear the pain to use the system for translation.

A divine script is worth 500. Looking at a large string of divine scripts on the divine stone, I feel that my heart is dripping blood.

It’s all forced value… It’s forced by Saint Xinxin in exchange for forced value… It’s gone“ s.h.i.+t, it’s all your fault! ” Xu Wei was so ashamed that he slapped the G.o.d stone into the feces. The whole stone was silly: “ah! What are you doing! Haven’t Ben Shens.h.i.+ taught you all the magic? ““ I don’t like you! ” After looking at the progress of system a.n.a.lysis and estimating the key time, Xu lacked to recover the divine soul, took a cloth and threw the divine stone back into the system. At this time, the nishang fairy had found the location of most people according to the jade pendant in the holy moon hall. Several monks who were close had come to the place where they gathered. After communicating for a while, they also found that the time flow rate here was wrong, but they haven’t summarized the law yet“ Don’t worry about this. Our task is to find the Tao grain stone. The compet.i.tion time is only 24 hours. We have to move faster. ” The nishang fairy mused, “I suggest we divide into several groups first, take this place as the center, look around, find the Tao grain stone and come back immediately to report.” They repeatedly said yes, but it was long Aotian who was upset when he saw Xu Xu in a daze“ Monk, aren’t you going to come in and look for those two pit goods? ” He asked. Xu que glanced at the two lengzi and said in a deep voice: “I haven’t found any trace of them yet, so I want to help you find the Tao grain stone first.” As he spoke, he suddenly felt the divine stone shaking madly. Take it out and see that Shenwen is rapidly emerging: “mole ants, there is a grain stone in front!” Xu Xu looked up and his eyes brightened: “Hey, look ahead, there is a stone with a pattern.” When long Aotian heard the speech, he immediately disdained and said, “are you kidding? You think you can find the Tao grain stone with one finger…” he said. He looked in the direction of Xu’s missing finger and was stunned. what the f.u.c.k! There’s really one


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