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Chapter 966: Abnormal Eyes

The feeling of estrangement was a result of the complete destruction of Song Wuchen’s mental imprints in the Demon Defying Bead. Now with the Demon Defying Bead in hand, Song Wuchen probed it with his perception. The Demon Defying Bead was not his, so he spent a very long time to figure out what had happened. The twelve energy nodes within had completely shattered!


Song Wuchen was astounded. Every energy node had remaining traces of the energy being destroyed. The feeling felt like it was destroyed by mortal means, but who could have the ability to destroy his energy nodes?

Song Wuchen was incensed. He would definitely make the person pay a heavy price if he knew who had done it!

“Could it be Tian Xun? Or is it Mi Liu?”

Song Wuchen’s initial suspects were not the disciples that had partic.i.p.ated in the a.s.sessment, but his fellow martial brothers. Under Felicitous Rain Lord, it was not uncommon for the in-name disciples to have their own conflicts.

It was possible that someone knew that he would be presiding over the a.s.sessment and that he wanted to demonstrate his prowess, so the person deliberately sabotaged him?

But on further thought, Felicitous Rain Lord was watching. Who had the ability to pull wool over the Felicitous Rain Lord’s eyes and tamper with the a.s.sessment?

Was it really a partic.i.p.ant that did it?

Song Wuchen found it unbelievable. A group of disciples mostly at the Heaven Ascension realm, or even Dao Manifestation realm, were just riff-raff. None of them had that ability!

At that moment, many people were in a flurry of discussion as they talked about the a.s.sessment.

Song Wuchen sat in a seat of honor in the towering tree’s hall, but he felt like he was sitting on pins and needles.

He had previously made a boast, but the outcome was disastrous. His face had figuratively swollen.

He cast his eyes across all the disciples that cleared the level before his gaze landed on Yi Yun.

“Could it be him? He is only at the Heaven Ascension perfection realm, how was he able to crack my array!?”

At the moment, Yi Yun was freely floating in mid-air as he quietly regulated his breathing. The cracking of the array did not consume too much of Yi Yun’s energy, as all he needed to do was find the energy nodes and sever them.

After severing the energy nodes, Yi Yun leisurely cleared the remaining eight palatial halls. By the time he came out, most people had already come out. Yi Yun did not stand out when he appeared in the raining beams of light.

Although he was keeping a low profile, there were people who paid him special attention.

“Are you Yi Yun?”

Two stout males appeared in front of Yi Yun.

Yi Yun opened his eyes from his meditation.

The two of them had beast fur covering them. It was not uncommon to have half-beast appearances amongst members of the Fey race.

“I’m Black Tiger, and he’s my brother, Bear Two!” One of the men said. Kid Tiger was his nickname in the tribe, and it naturally didn’t sound as imposing as Black Tiger when said in a formal setting.

Yi Yun’s eyebrows p.r.i.c.ked up. The two had released their aura and they had surging killing intent. They were definitely not here to only greet him.

“Rumors say that you are the number one genius of the Luo clan, but it seems your speed at clearing wasn’t that fast either!”

Black Tiger’s first words had an aggressive tone.

He and Bear Two were amongst the first few to clear the Nine Palatial Array, so he was obviously feeling very confident.

Although people later believed that something had gone wrong with the Nine Palatial Array, there were no problems with the first few levels after all. By being the first few to come out of the array, it was also a proof of their strength. This made Bear Two and Black Tiger turn smug.

“I heard that you defeated Chi Zhuiyun?” Bear Two said with a low, m.u.f.fled voice. “Chi Zhuiyun is called the number one genius of the Oracle Fey Kingdom, but it’s only a t.i.tle. Don’t think that you have swept through the Oracle Fey Kingdom by simply defeating Chi Zhuiyun!”

Yi Yun was amused when he heard Bear Two’s words. He knew that many geniuses were proud and they also felt proud of their family clans or factions. They were naturally indignant about the claim that the Oracle Fey Kingdom had been swept clean by Yi Yun alone.

If he had not cracked the Nine Palatial Array, it might have been a problem for the duo to even come out of it. However, the world was large, so there was bound to have people that had an exaggerated opinion of their own abilities. And such kind of people could even be the majority.

“The a.s.sessment has only just begun. We will have a chance to compete.” Black Tiger declared his challenge of Yi Yun before he turned and walked away.

Simultaneously, in a floating island outside the royal capital, Felicitous Rain Lord was paying attention to the entire situation. He gave a rare chuckle.

“This young guy is rather interesting!”

As the owner of the Demon Defying Bead, Felicitous Rain Lord naturally saw the entire process of Yi Yun cracking the array.

“Divine Lord, what method did Yi Yun use to crack the array?” Fairy Ningshuang had also seen the entire process. It was true that Song Wuchen’s control of the Demon Defying Bead was inadequate, but the energy nodes were still situated in rather hidden spots. However, the twelve energy nodes were still found by Yi Yun and they were all destroyed.

This act astonished Fairy Ningshuang greatly. Even Dao Manifestation perfection realm geniuses had no chance of cracking it, much less a Heaven Ascension realm warrior.

“This child might have some special talent. I can sense that he has very keen senses when it comes to the perception of energy! In Wuchen’s array, due to some imperfect initializations, there were residual energy trajectories. Yi Yun followed these energy trajectories precisely and finally reached the energy nodes.”

With Felicitous Rain Lord’s cultivation level, he could easily sense the distribution of the energy nodes and the energy trajectories. As such, he understood how Yi Yun had cracked the array.

“For him to have such keen perception of energy, could he be born with abnormal eyes?”

In a martial world, some people possessed special physical traits, such as abnormal eyes. They could see laws and the trajectories of energy.

People who possessed such special traits were extremely few in number, with very few historical records describing them. Even well-read people did not understand much about these people who were born with extraordinary physical traits.

Furthermore, people with extraordinary traits did not necessarily have martial talent. People who could see flow trajectories of energy might not be able to absorb energy. Their ability to learn and perceive was not necessarily high. These factors caused the extremely few number of people to eventually be lost in the crowd, and vanish in the vestiges of time.

And those with impressive talent and possessed extraordinary traits were truly the blessed children of the heavens. They were particularly rare.

“Divine Lord, if Yi Yun really was born with an abnormal trait, he is truly an extremely rare prodigy considering his martial talent.”

“It’s still too early to say. The way he cracked the array is after all but a trick, and not done with his own strength and interpretive perception. I want to see what his limit is, and what his understanding of the Dao is.”

As Felicitous Rain Lord spoke, Shui Ningshuang could clearly tell the look of antic.i.p.ation in his eyes. It was truly not easy to make Felicitous Rain Lord, who had extremely high standards, reveal such an expression.

At the moment, in the towering tree’s hall.

“Young master Wuchen, what do we do now?”

The Oracle Fey Kingdom king asked a probing question. He could tell that the a.s.sessment had fallen into disarray. Song Wuchen had suffered quite a setback.

Supposedly, the a.s.sessment after this demanded a small group of people, with a test of Dao Domain for example. It would require each person to showcase their Dao Domain one after another. But now, with nearly ten thousand people present, it was unknown how long it would take if they all lined up.


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