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Chapter 595: Irrevocably Committed

Two Li Fire Sect exterior Elders and a Shen Tu Elder, totaling in three Yuan Opening realm Elders.

In the Tian Yuan world, it was already an impressive feat to reach the Yuan Opening realm. For example, the Li Fire Sect only had eight people who had reached the level of Empyreal King. And most of them were at the early stages of Empyreal King.

To step into the mid-stages or to be above the mid-stages, they would be Patriarchal figures.

Yet, three Yuan Opening realm Elders failed to apprehend Yi Yun despite combining their efforts. Instead, eight Li Fire Sect genius disciples were killed as a result, while Yi Yun managed to escape unscathed.

The two Yuan Opening realm Elders were punished with 500 years in the dungeons.

A person like Yi Yun was definitely someone they could handle!

Their numbers and forceful stance were just for show, because Gongsun Yang clearly knew that all of them were nothing in front of Yi Yun.

The law-enforcement team from Heaven Martial City may have a few Yuan Opening realm law-enforcers holding the ground, but they did not partake in settling a trivial matter of trouble-making in the Li Fire Sect shop.

Gongsun Yang froze on the spot and he broke out into a profuse cold sweat. He was having a terrible headache from the dilemma that faced him. With so many people watching and him having boasted, he never expected that the trouble-maker was this jinx!

He was completely at a loss as to how to react.

Many people were waiting for him to apprehend Yi Yun, but Yi Yun was still sitting in the lounge drinking his tea in a calm and composed manner.

“Senior brother Yang, why are you zoning off? Let’s capture this person and report back quickly!”

Beside Gongsun Yang, Gongsun Zhi said. He previously thought that once they found Jiang Yidao, they would take him down like a sudden clap of thunder which left no time for anyone to cover one’s ears, before crippling him. But for some reason, Gongsun Yang stood there motionless for nearly a minute.

He did not make a move, nor did he give any orders.

At this moment, Yi Yun suddenly stood up.

Gongsun Yang’s heart missed a beat the moment Yi Yun stood up. He found his palms were damp with sweat, and his lips were pale. He had the urge to just escape, but with so many people watching and him putting so much emphasis on his reputation, how could he run?

And of all times, the long-faced man held his body up after noticing Gongsun Yang was late to giving out his orders. He laughed as he spoke for Gongsun Yang, “You are still so arrogant with death looming. It looks like you really won’t shed a tear until you see your coffin. Since you asked just how we will fix you, I might as well tell you.”

“Our Young master Yang said that he would not only cripple your cultivation and torture you to death, he will even hoist your corpse in front of our shop to display it to the public, exposing it for seven days!” The long-faced man said with a touch of twisted pleasure, as he glanced at the onlookers.

These onlookers had previously been standing at the entrance of the shop looking in, while pointing at him in his wretched state.

This made him feel extremely unhappy. Now, he said it loudly for everyone on the second floor to know that Jiang Yidao’s act against him would result in an outcome more than ten, no, a hundred times worse than his injuries!

Gongsun Yang only wished that he could slap the long-faced man to death at this moment. With the jinx in front of him, he could forget that the long-faced man was being over-talkative, but why did he have to involve him in every sentence!?

“Senior brother Yang, what should be said has been said. It’s time to make our move.” Gongsun Zhi said without much consideration. Although the long-faced man had said it in a highly conceited manner like he was intoxicated by success, it was nothing much. They wanted to show everyone the outcome of offending the Li Fire Sect.

Gongsun Zhi glanced at Gongsun Yang, but&h.e.l.lip; for some weird reason, Gongsun Yang still did not intend to do anything. On the contrary, his eyes were flickering, and his face had an ugly expression on it. All his muscles seemed to turn stuff.

What’s wrong with Senior brother? Could it be that the internal injuries from before were acting up?

Previously, Gongsun Yang being beaten half to death by Yi Yun was of course covered up by the Li Fire Sect, but lots of people knew about Gongsun Yang’s injuries.

Gongsun Yang only lied that he had encountered a near-death experience while exploring a mystic realm which resulted in those injuries.

This made Gongsun Zhi believe that Gongsun Yang’s injuries were not completely healed.

And at this moment, Yi Yun walked towards the law-enforcement team!

Gongsun Yang’s heart began to pound loudly like a drum. Sweat oozed from his forehead as he pressed his hand on his sword’s hilt. He began to tremble slightly, for he was already really nervous!

“Why? You haven’t recovered from your wounds yet?” Yi Yun asked.

Gongsun Yang felt an increase in the humiliating anger in his heart and he wished that he could tear Yi Yun to pieces, but he knew that if he rushed Yi Yun, he would only end up in a tragic state.

“What’s wrong?”

“That Southern Sea savage is being so arrogant, why isn’t that Li Fire Sect disciple doing anything?”

At this point, many could tell that something was amiss, as they began to whisper.

Gongsun Yang previously said that he would drag Yi Yun out and beat him up. From his light tone, it would definitely have been a single stunning blow. They all wanted to witness the impressive feat of a Li Fire Sect genius.

Now, with Jiang Yidao already initiating the provocation, Gongsun Yang still did not make a move. And what were the “wounds” he mentioned?

Gongsun Yang felt that all eyes were on him, and he could hear the private discussions around him. He felt like crumbling there and then.

How would he himself dare to make a move?

Seeing Gongsun Yang’s inaction, Gongsun Zhi was certain that his senior brother had suffered a relapse of his old injuries.

‘Forget it, I’ll do it.’

Gongsun Zhi had such thoughts. He was already unhappy with Jiang Yidao’s arrogance, and especially with him daring to walk towards them slowly.

He had seen arrogance, but never that much arrogance!

He took a step forward and unsheathed his sword!

“There’s no need for my senior brother to take care of a Southern Sea savage like you! Kid, you are too arrogant, let me carve you into a human pole with my sword!”


Like a silver bottle shattering, dozens of cold beams shot out of Gongsun Zhi’s sword tip, as they stabbed towards Yi Yun from different angles.

His sword attack had sealed off every angle from which Yi Yun could dodge in. Every sword beam contained immense power, so strong that it forced the onlookers to retreat when they felt the frost Qi!

Gongsun Zhi did not attack Yi Yun’s vital points. He wanted to lop Yi Yun’s limbs, ears and nose off.

“Junior brother, you&h.e.l.lip; ”

When he saw this scene, Gongsun Yang’s expression drastically changed. Before he could even open his mouth to stop him, Gongsun Zhi had already made his move. There was also no indication before he made his move.

When Yi Yun saw the sword beams coming at him from all directions, he smiled.

He did not draw his saber, he simply threw the tea water from the cup in his hands.

The tea water was infused with Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi. They shot out with golden beams and every droplet was like a tiny Sun.

“Oh?” Gongsun Zhi raised his eyebrows.

He wanted to use tea water to block sword beams? Was he mad?

With his Yuan Qi surging forward, the sword beams became even sharper.

This person would pay a tragic price for his arrogance and stupidity!

However, when the sword pierced into the curtain of water, it was like it had entered a turbulent vortex.

Energy surged over in swaths, as the sword beams failed to penetrate it.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The sword beams dissipated as Gongsun Zhi cried out in alarm. He found it hard to stabilize his body in the resonance of such power, causing him to retreat many steps back.

The tea water pierced through the sword beams and directly splashed onto his face.

This tea water contained pure Yang Yuan Qi as well as Yi Yun’s insights into the laws. The temperature was unusually high, so with the tea water hitting his face, the pain was like thousands of needles p.r.i.c.king him.


Gongsun Zhi covered his face and let out a tragic scream, while his body tumbled in the air as it flew backwards.


Gongsun Zhi slammed into five tea tables causing tea sets to crash to the ground.

Just a cup of tea water had sent Gongsun Zhi flying. The onlooking warriors were waiting for Gongsun Zhi to take Yi Yun down, but after this scene, they were completely dumbfounded. The entire tea restaurant had turned silent.



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