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Chapter 474: A Gambler’s Psyche

It was not only Yi Yun, even Shen Tu Nantian and the others were filled with curiosity over the disk arrays in the Great Empress mystic realm. In which era did the events recorded in the disk array happen?

Was this really the Tian Yuan world?

Why were there so many experts in the ancient times?

The black-armored warrior was already perverse enough, and the azure-clothed swordsman’s strength seemed to be vaguely greater than the black-armored warrior’s.

This was completely unbelievable. There was no reason for the history books not to record such terrifying existences in them.

At this moment, the images from the disk array had disappeared. Shen Tu Nantian and the others all felt the terror from the sword attack even though it was just an image.

After the sword beam disappeared, everyone exhaled. Shen Tu Nantian wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

He was also a sword user. The images in the disk array were something he looked forward to. If he could use such an attack, the position of the head of the Shen Tu family clan was nothing. The entire Tian Yuan world would easily fall into his hands.

Be it the Lin family, or Yi Yun, he could destroy them all. He could make Lin Xintong his female slave as well.

Of course, this was just him thinking. Shen Tu Nantian knew his ability. He was far from being able to gain insight into the disk array’s sword attack.

As he was giving it some thought, he saw Yi Yun pick up the disk array that he had previously placed down. With Yi Yun keeping it, Shen Tu Nantian was stunned.

The others also looked at Yi Yun with surprise.

What was Yi Yun doing? Did he want to take the disk array?

“Yi Yun, you&h.e.l.lip; ”

Even Lin Xintong was alarmed with Yi Yun’s choice. She had also seen the images in the disk array. She felt that with her own perceptivity, it would be very difficult for her to learn anything from the images.

Yi Yun may have been outstanding, but he was limited in his martial arts realm. Could he have had some special insight with that disk array?

Lin Xintong knew that Yi Yun would usually not do something that he was not confident in. And if that was the case, Lin Xintong found it a bit hard to imagine.

“This kid is up to something again.”

Shen Tu Nantian frowned. He was already at the brink of a nervous breakdown because of Yi Yun. He would have an ominous feeling from Yi Yun’s every move.

“What else can he be up to? This kid must have gone out of his mind!”

Beside Shen Tu Nantian, a few of Shen Tu Nantian’s followers jeered. In their opinion, Yi Yun might have obtained the t.i.tle of “Grandmaster”, which seemed impressive, but he was not the only one with that t.i.tle. Furthermore, there was also Lin Xintong who had obtained “Soul”.

Even Lin Xintong did not seem to have the courage to choose such a difficult disk array.

Yi Yun was being too presumptuous.

However, Shen Tu Nantian frowned even more after hearing their words. If Yi Yun was so dumb, could he have come so far?

Clearly, he wasn’t.

In the confrontations Shen Tu Nantian had with Yi Yun, other than Shen Tu Nantian being triumphant over Yi Yun in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, he had received setbacks from Yi Yun again and again in the Tian Yuan world.

The Desolate Heaven technique tea session, the relic trial and now, the Great Empress mystic realm.

Previously, he had looked down on Yi Yun and this caused him to suffer.

Yi Yun had an endless number of strange means, which made Shen Tu Nantian struggle to handle him. Now, Shen Tu Nantian was like a frightened bird that would be startled by the mere tw.a.n.g of a bow-string.

Yi Yun was clearly much weaker than him, but Yi Yun’s every move made Shen Tu Nantian’s eyelids twitch and they gave him worries.

Could it be that the kid had discovered something in the disk array?

From Shen Tu Nantian’s point of view, Yi Yun was not only deceitful, the Great Empress mystic realm was filled with traps, so anyone with blind confidence would end up suffering.

Who knew if the Great Empress mystic realm had left something hidden in the disk arrays?

It was possible that the ancient Great Empress was testing their courage. It could be a test of them being daring enough to face the great pressure and aura of ancient Great Emperors.

With these thoughts in mind, Shen Tu Nantian felt his mind turn into a mess.

The azure-clothed swordsman’s disk array was taken by Yi Yun, so he could no longer choose it. His eyes turned once again to the disk array with the black-armored warrior who rode the nightmare beast.

This disk array&h.e.l.lip;

Initially, Shen Tu Nantian had an urge to choose this disk array, but he lacked the courage. Now, seeing Yi Yun choose the azure-clothed swordsman’s disk array, Shen Tu Nantian was tempted once again.

If the disk array selection was really a test of courage, he had to bet on it. He might even get lucky with his bet&h.e.l.lip;

If he did not succeed in his bet, it was something that he could afford. After all&h.e.l.lip; he could choose another disk array.

With this idea planted in his mind, it began to grow rapidly like weeds.

People tend to have hopes to get high returns with small stakes. Warriors were no exception.

At this moment, Shen Tu Nantian was like a gambler. He looked at the black-armored warrior’s disk array in indecision.

“Why? You were rated as a ‘Knight’ by the Great Empress mystic realm, yet you don’t dare to chose that disk array?”

Yi Yun’s voice suddenly rang in Shen Tu Nantian’s ear. Shen Tu Nantian’s face sank. These words were previously said by him to Yi Yun just a moment ago. Now, Yi Yun had just changed a single word and used it on him.

“Provoking me?”

Shen Tu Nantian chuckled. The more he was being provoked, the more he felt that there was something amiss.

Yi Yun must have seen something. His goading might have been a way to hide it.

However, Shen Tu Nantian still made his decision carefully. He had already chosen one disk array out of the two. He was still hesitant over the second one.

As time pa.s.sed, Yi Yun had also chosen the second disk array.

This disk array was not as shocking. It was just a disk array that demonstrated the pure Yang laws. The laws in the disk array would be very stimulating for Yi Yun.

Most people had already made their selection. Shen Tu Nantian, who had not made a move yet, attracted a lot of attention. As the hour was almost coming to an end, the Great Empress mystic realm’s cold voice echoed once again, “The altar will be closed in thirty seconds.”

There was only thirty seconds left. Shen Tu Nantian gritted his teeth and looked at the few disk arrays he had eyed previously. With less than 10 seconds left, Shen Tu Nantian kept the black-armored disk array with determination!

He might have regretted choosing this disk array, but if he did not choose it, he would immediately regret it.

In this day and age, those who survived were the bold, while those who starved were the meek. He has not made many large bets in his life. If he did not make this bet, he might miss out on a large opportunity!

“Young master, you&h.e.l.lip; ”

Shen Tu Nantian’s lackeys were all alarmed. Shen Tu Nantian had actually chosen the disk array that was so difficult&h.e.l.lip;

Yi Yun glanced at Shen Tu Nantian with surprise. What was this guy thinking? Did he choose that disk array because I chose an extremely difficult disk array?

The others were stunned seeing Shen Tu Nantian’s choice.

“What is Shen Tu Nantian doing?”

“Shen Tu Nantian and Yi Yun have both chosen a disk array of a battle between top ranked Great Emperors. Are they both mad!?”



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