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The Myriad Pavilion’s manager quickly delivered the detailed accounts of the available stores. Yi Yun took a look at the prices and could not help but falter.

Myriad City was thriving just too well. It could be considered a megacity in the entire Yang G.o.d Empyrean Heaven. The amount of wealth the stores in the central region took in was an astronomical number. Ignoring the Myriad Divine Territory’s factions, there were several factions from other territories of the Yang G.o.d Empyrean Heaven that set up shop in Myriad City. This made the stores in Myriad City hot property.

Some of the large storefronts in the central district had an annual rent of 200,000 runes, with a ten-year deposit required.

It sounded very expensive but on second thought, a few big deals a year would pay for itself handsomely.

Yi Yun’s wealth was unable to rent a store in the central region. There was no need for him to do so either. He eventually chose a small store in a rather remote area. The rent was only a tenth of the price but it too needed a ten-year deposit as well as a year’s rent. Instantly, Yi Yun had to produce 22,000 runes.

After walking out Myriad Pavilion, Ru’er was still in a daze. One wouldn’t realize how poor they were till they came to Myriad City. The Red Cauldron Sect’s revenue in a century was not even enough to pay the annual rent for a shop in Myriad City.

“I truly am poor.”

Yi Yun felt that he had a monetary crisis on hand.

He had not had this feeling in a very long time. On careful thought, although he had many supreme-grade treasures on him, the amount of liquid wealth he had had never been a lot.

Although he could also earn money by refining medicine through a store, it was just too slow.

Yi Yun wanted to hone his medicine refinement skills and Desolate Heaven technique while cultivating.

In these areas, if he used precious materials as practice, it would allow him to garner success quickly but it required quite a sizable sum of money.

What other means were available in Myriad City for him to quickly earn money?

Yi Yun stroked his chin while ruminating over the matter when suddenly his heart stirred. He turned his head oddly and saw a carriage enveloped by prismatic streams of light quickly pa.s.sing him by.

The carriage was being pulled by nine Prismatic Birds and the carriage itself was floating three feet off the ground. It remained fast and stable while it traveled. In a blink of an eye, the carriage reached the furthest end of the street before disappearing. All it left behind was a faint fragrance that inundated Yi Yun.

This carriage…

Yi Yun was surprised. He had sensed a familiar aura from the carriage that had just shuttled past him. However, he temporarily could not recall who it was on careful thought.

His perception followed the carriage and saw it fly into a gigantic building that resembled a small mountain.

“Heavenly Treasures Arch?”

Yi Yun saw that the plaque above the door wrote those words.

“Ru’er, do you know of the Heavenly Treasures Arch?”

Yi Yun asked casually but he never expected her face to blush slightly upon hearing his question. She nodded and stammered, “Young Master, do you want to go to the…Heavenly Treasures Arch?”

“What’s the problem?”

“Nothing, just that…” Ru’er’s explained Heavenly Treasures Arch with a reddened expression.

As he listened to her explanation, Yi Yun was left amused.

The Heavenly Treasures Arch was one of the businesses of the Paradise Chapter.

The Paradise Chapter was famous in the Myriad Divine Territory. Its cultivation techniques were extremely special. They were particular about doing as one wished. By indulging in one’s desires during cultivation, it would allow one to have their aspirations freed, resulting in breakthroughs.

As such, the Paradise Chapter did not enjoy a good reputation. Many of the sect’s disciples would engage in s.e.x with beauties or enjoy themselves extravagantly. Many people regarded them as a demonic sect.

Under such circ.u.mstances, the Heavenly Treasures Arch had become the most degenerated land of enjoyment in Myriad City.

Beautiful female slaves were reared in there and as long as the price was right, one could buy or sell them as one wished. Other than that, it had all sorts of valuable treasures, delicious delicacies, underground gambling for life-and-death battles, etc. Everything could be found there.

In short, as long as one was rich, one could enjoy all sorts of pleasures in Heavenly Treasures Arch.

While Ru’er explained what the Heavenly Treasures Arch was, her face was constantly red. Yi Yun understood that the young la.s.s had probably mistaken him for hoping to seek pleasure in the female slaves in the Heavenly Treasures Arch.

Yi Yun chuckled and did not explain further. It was his first time in Myriad City and he had not visited many places. It wasn’t a bad idea broadening his horizons. Furthermore, Yi Yun was curious over the ident.i.ty of the person who exuded that familiar aura.

The Heavenly Treasures Arch itself was a ma.s.sive enchanted abode treasure. It had been placed in its location for millions of years.

It spanned a s.p.a.ce of about five kilometers and its interior had all sorts of renovations that made it look palatial and affluent.

When Yi Yun came to the entrance, he saw a row of armored strongmen standing by it. Among these iron tower-like bodies was a row of young girls with alluring figures. The savagery and gracefulness formed a stark contrast.


The row of young girls got up to bow. However, not every visitor would receive one. Only those with a certain level of status could enjoy such treatment.

“Young Master Linghu, you came. Please come in.”

A girl came forward with a smile like a blossoming cherry blossom and led a white-dressed man in. The white-dressed man had gotten off a resplendent carriage and it was clear at a glance that he had an extraordinary background.

In the Myriad Divine Territory, there were business opportunities everywhere. In addition to the millions of years of acc.u.mulation, there were too many wealthy factions. Comparing the Central State Divine Territory to this area was like comparing a tiny county city to a famous world capital.

Throughout Yi Yun’s walk towards the Heavenly Treasures Arch’s entrance, no one came forward to welcome him. He was an unknown and he didn’t seem that old, so it was natural that no one paid him any attention.

Behind Yi Yun, Ru’er’s face was as red as an apple’s. In Myriad City, she was like an honest child from a poor family. Suddenly coming to an extravagant land of sin obviously left her extremely reserved.

“This place sure is ostentatious.”

After Yi Yun walked into the main hall from the entrance, he saw a hall that spanned a thousand feet. It was filled with tables and chairs made of Heavenly Aromatic Wood. And on the ceiling burned an iridescent flame that lit the hall up in seven gorgeous colors.

“Rainbow Feather Flame?”

The flame that illuminated the Heavenly Treasures Arch was a precious mutated fire spirit. Although its value was far from Yi Yun’s Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed, it was sufficiently stunning.

Furthermore, placed in the middle of the hall was a coral about ten feet tall. It was extremely striking.

The coral was completely purple in color and its shape was perfect. Yi Yun was well-versed in the divine alchemist’s notes so he could instantly identify it to be a deep-sea Purple Blood Coral. It was probably nearly a million years old.

Such a Purple Blood Coral was a precious herb for refinement. But now, it was being used as a decoration. Not only did it accentuate the beauty of the area, it also made the hall rich in Yuan Qi.

“Is the Paradise Chapter that rich? To use a million-year-old Purple Blood Coral as a decoration? This thing can be sold for about a million Myriad Runes…” Yi Yun felt a little agitated. He was so poor, yet the Paradise Chapter’s extravagance had reached a whole new level.

“Haha, the Heavenly Treasures Arch has even taken out the Purple Blood Coral. Indeed, the treatment given to Fairy Youqin is different!”

“That’s for sure. We have lucked out too as a result. Although we have no hopes with the beauty, nor can we eat the medicine refined from the Purple Blood Coral, just breathing in the Yuan Qi emitted by the Purple Blood Coral is definitely a refres.h.i.+ng feeling.”

When Yi Yun heard the conversation of two warriors, he felt relieved. From the looks of it, a worldly spirit item like the Purple Blood Coral was something the Heavenly Treasures Arch would only take out during special occasions. It was not so wealthy to the point of using the Purple Blood Coral as a decorative plant.


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