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Chapter 1014: Meat s.h.i.+elds

Key of the Nine Lotus?

Yi Yun’s mind stirred. From the looks of it, the Door to the 33 Skies held certain secrets and Yue Yingsha seemed to be the key to revealing that secret.

“Ha, Junior Sister Yingsha, aren’t you being overly cautious against us with your words? No matter if the Key of the Nine Lotus is merged into your bloodline or not, we will not covet it. You are overthinking things.”

The youth with the rooster hairdo said once again. The words he had said sounded too threatening, so from the moment he sensed Yue Yingsha’s intense animosity, he softened his tone immediately.

Regardless of the matter, calming Yue Yingsha down was crucial. Just as Yue Yingsha said, the Key of the Nine Lotus was something they could not obtain, even if they killed her.

At that moment, several streams of light bolted over from the distant horizon.

Yi Yun’s heart thumped as he immediately turned wary. The people that were flying from a distance were the Immortal Rain Sect disciples who had fallen for Yi Yun’s ruse and had faced disaster.

There was only one main path in the Door to the 33 Skies, so the Immortal Rain Sect disciples obviously came in pursuit once they had finally extricated themselves from the demonic worms’ a.s.sault.

“It’s them!” Yue Yingsha stood by Yi Yun’s side and was similarly on guard.

The Immortal Rain Sect disciples had escaped from the jaws of death, and from their appearance, one could imagine what sort of disaster they had just experienced.

The leader, Marquis Wu Yun, had a clear wound on his shoulder which nearly exposed his bones. Marquis Wu Yun was a powerful man after all. He had managed to survive even though the demonic worms’ eggs had drilled into his body. From the appearance of his wound, it looked like he had steeled his heart and sliced off his flesh.

Marquis Wu Yun was a ruthless person as well. He could not lack any of the qualities of having quick reactions and decisiveness to be able to accomplish such a feat.

As for the rest, there were some who were in a worse shape than Marquis Wu Yun. Furthermore, they previously had twenty people. Now, with only eight people left, there was no doubt that the other twelve had perished.

Upon seeing this unsolicited party, the members of the Azure Wood Manor immediately turned vigilant.

“More outsiders again.”

“These darn outsiders are vainly attempting to rob us of our treasures. They should be slaughtered.” The youth covered in golden lion fur said hatefully.

While the Azure Wood Manor was becoming wary, the members of the Immortal Rain Sect noticed Yi Yun.

“That little b.a.s.t.a.r.d is actually still here. Kill him!”

The members of the Immortal Rain Sect were burning in rage. They yearned to skin Yi Yun alive, but now, with the members of the Azure Wood Manor around, they were unsure of the relations.h.i.+p between Yi Yun and the Azure Wood Manor was.

“Who are you and what relations.h.i.+p do you have with that punk?” asked Marquis Wu Yun. The way he looked at Yi Yun revealed murderous intent.

The rooster-like youth who had plumes growing on his face faltered for a moment before he understood the situation immediately. The group of newcomers was seeking revenge on the punk and it was an outcome which could not be any better.

“We have nothing to do with him. We don’t even know him,” said Rooster in a gloating manner. He was secretly rejoicing. The punk’s impending death could not be any better.

“Then, please make way.” Marquis Wu Yun said as he touched his interspatial ring with killing intent simmering.

The disciples of the Azure Wood Manor were naturally delighted to make way, but…when they made way, they realized that Yue Yingsha did not move.

“Successor! What are you doing!?”

Granny Yin’s face twitched slightly. She knew Yue Yingsha’s personality very well. Yue Yingsha had already taken out her weapon that was in the form of silk ribbons in preparation to battle these group of outsiders. How could she condone it?

“Granny, this person has saved my life twice. Now that he is in a perilous state, I will not sit idle.”

“He…saved your life twice?” Granny Yin looked suspiciously at Yi Yun. No matter how she looked, she found Yi Yun’s cultivation extremely limited. He was even at a lower realm than Yue Yingsha, yet he had managed to save her life twice? Could this be something Yue Yingsha deliberately said in order to save Yi Yun?

But from the way Yue Yingsha looked like she had already made up her mind, what else could she do?

“Wait a moment. I’ll be protecting this kid!”

Granny Yin’s figure blurred as she appeared in front of Yue Yingsha.

“Oh?” Marquis Wu Yun was already prepared to attack, but against Granny Yin, he did not dare act rashly while in his injured state. He could sense that the old woman was not to be trifled with.

“What does this mean?” asked Marquis Wu Yun coldly.

“It means nothing. I have changed my mind and I plan on protecting this young man. It’s best you leave this area so as to prevent the unnecessary spilling of blood.”

Granny Yin’s voice was redoubtable and it was not to be questioned. Other than Granny Yin, there were also the other Azure Wood Manor disciples. This made the Immortal Rain Sect disciples turn apprehensive.

The Immortal Rain Sect disciples were helpless. Against such a large group of people, they would definitely suffer if push came to shove.

Both sides immediately entered a stalemate. On the Azure Wood Manor’s side, Rooster was somewhat dumbfounded. He was planning on enjoying the show, but Granny Yin had suddenly announced her intentions of protecting Yi Yun. Now, with the show canceled, they had ended up saving a person he hated, to begin with. How could he not feel aggrieved?

“Let’s go,” said Granny Yin.

Rooster immediately turned fl.u.s.tered, “Granny, why did you save that punk? Also…are you planning on bringing him along?”

“What else can I do? He has saved Yingsha twice. My Azure Wood Manor is not one that shows ingrat.i.tude towards favors.”

“Saving her twice? How is it possible with that bit of cultivation?” Rooster found it incredulous. Yi Yun’s cultivation level was not even at the Dao Manifestation realm. Disciples amongst the Azure Wood Manor separatists at that cultivation level would have been left back home. How could he even have a chance to appear in the Azure Wood Great World? “It’s probably a lie Junior Sister Yingsha made in order to force our aid!”

Upon hearing Rooster’s words, Granny Yin frowned and said, “You are overstepping your boundaries with your words. We previously agreed that everything will be decided by me on this trip into the Door to the 33 Skies. If you do not wish to abide by it, you are free to leave!”

Granny Yin’s voice remained redoubtable. Although she had chosen to cooperate with the Azure Wood Manor separatists because she was out of options, it did not mean she leaned towards the Azure Wood Manor separatists. In fact, she did not bear any good will towards these people that had betrayed the Azure Wood Manor.

However, be it this entry into the Door to the 33 Skies, or the hopes of revitalizing the Azure Wood Manor, neither of them was likely to succeed without those people.

Rooster felt disgruntled, but he endured it. He gave Yi Yun a hateful glance and said in a queer voice, “You sure are lucky with Junior Sister Yingsha protecting you. I wonder how you managed to deceive her for you to be her toy boy.”

Rooster did not even say it with a Yuan Qi voice transmission. When he said that, many of the Azure Wood Manor separatists laughed.

Yue Yingsha remained silent. She was worried that Yi Yun would be enraged from the denouncement. She tugged at Yi Yun’s wrists and whispered, “Let’s go.”

“It’s fine.” Yi Yun laughed. He did not mind it at all. “Didn’t you previously mention that it’s much riskier if it’s only the two of us? Having more people would make it safer.”

As Yi Yun said that, a strange glint flashed in his eyes. These people had mocked him, but didn’t he also treat them as meat s.h.i.+elds? The Door to the 33 Skies was fraught with dangers. With more people, it meant more bait! Just like the demonic worm eggs from before, without those Immortal Rain Sect disciples acting as bait, Yi Yun would barely have a chance to survive such a peril.


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