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Chapter 500: Arriving at the Capital 1

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Qi Qingyao let out a sudden sigh. “I don’t see what’s so fun about the Capital City.”

Lu Yan had not even answered yet when Qi Qingyao’s eyes lit up with excitement, asking, “Master Lu, where are the most famous brothels and in Capital City, and where is Nanfeng Pavilion (TN: Brothels with male prost.i.tutes)?”

Lu frowned, “Brothels?”

Jiang Yeqian, who had just come down, heard this. The corners of his mouth twitched as he murmured, “Nanfeng Pavilion?”

Qi Qingyao did not notice Jiang Yeqian’s silhouette—she was looking at Lu Yan attentively. She then smiled frivolously, walked forward, and hugged Lu Yan as if they were siblings. It was mildly difficult to hug him given his height. When Lu Yan was hugged… he suddenly froze, but his recent habits in treating Qi Qingyao and his adoration of her had him shut down whatever thoughts he might have had. He silently reciprocated the sibling-like treatment. The corners of his gaze caught the pale hands around his shoulders. He coughed gently, silent as he looked down.

Qi Qingyao snickered as she said, “Tell me where they are later, and we can go have some fun together tonight.”

Lu Yan suddenly recalled the two places she had just mentioned and blinked hard. “Do you want to go to a brothel or to Nanfeng Pavilion?” He asked. Did she not know that she was a woman? She should, but this… This behavior!!

“Either one is fine…” Qi Qingyao nodded heavily in a straightforward manner. She clenched her fist and said, “I want to go to the brothel to see how the most popular courtesan in Northern Liang looks, and then to the Nanfeng Pavilion to see the most beautiful man in Northern Liang.”


Lu Yan did not respond—he did not know how.

When he walked over, Jiang Yeqian removed the hands down from Lu Yan’s shoulder. He then threw Qi Qingyao into a chair and shouted seriously, “You think the men in the Nanfeng building are beautiful men?!” What the h.e.l.l was this woman talking about?

Qi Qingyao stared at Jiang Yeqian, who seemed to have suddenly appeared. Stunned, she asked back seriously, “Are they not?”

“They’re…” Jiang Yeqian did not know how to refute her either, so he could only say in a heavy tone, “Am I not a beautiful man?!”

Lu Yan returned to his senses, staring at them with eyes like bronze bells. He had to stop himself from also asking if he too was not a beautiful man!!!

Qi Qingyao eyed Jiang Yeqian up and down before her gaze finally fixed itself on his face. She said lightly, “You’re beautiful, just… mildly boring.”

“…” Jiang Yeqian was stunned, and his gaze was dull.

Lu Yan, “…” Jiang Yeqian had been described as boring by a woman!! Fortunately, she was not talking about Lu Yan! Fortunately…

However, Lu Yan’s silent victory did not last more than a few moments.

Qi Qingyao shrugged her shoulders casually. She glanced at them and commented, “That State Preceptor looks at most, refined. You two are good-looking, but now one of you guys is lame, and the other impotent… What’s there to look at?”

As she said that, she rolled her eyes in disdain.

Jiang Yeqian, “…”

Lu Yan, “…”

They were both overwhelmed with disappointment.

The next morning.

Qi Qingyao had just combed Erniu’s hair before sending the triplets out to the hall for breakfast. She, on the other hand, went upstairs to pack her luggage. She b.u.mped into Lu Yan as she came out after organizing the luggage. Qi Qingyao said casually, “Let’s not rush to the palace when we arrive at the capital. Allow me a few days to settle down first before we proceed.”

Lu yan was stunned, immediately responding, “Just stay with me.”

Qi Qingyao did not want to depend on others and so said ostentatiously, “I have money. Can’t I just buy my own house? If I live in yours, I’ll still have to deal with your att.i.tude!”

Lu Yan was mildly disappointed. An idea flashed past him, so he explained, “Your first priority now should be to enter the palace. If you buy a house, you’d have to interview the servants… who will protect your three little children then?”

Qi Qingyao, “…”

Lu Yan continued, “Are you sure you can settle these matters in just a day? What else in this capital city are you unfamiliar with?”

Qi Qingyao, “…”

Lu Yan noted her silence and her carrying her bundle as she contemplated. He then realized that there was some room to negotiate and said, “I’ve been living in your house in Qingzhou City. Now that you’ve come to the capital, I should be the host.”

Qi Qingyao thought about that for a moment and figured that it would be more convenient to live in a friend’s house. She suddenly smiled and said nonchalantly, “Since you’ve so sincerely invited me, I will graciously accept your invitation.”

Jiang Yeqian felt like he had been at heads with Lu Yan recently. Lu Yan obviously liked this little lady and the way he was pursuing her was very blatant. He had heard the two agreeing to live in his house as he exited his room. Jiang Yeqian came over and spoke to them casually.

“There are many people in the Lu family—and people talk. It’s best for you to live with me.”

Qi Qingyao looked over and said, “Head Grand Secretariat, we don’t know each other.”

The heck did she mean they did not know each other? She spoke as if they had no kind of history at all. Their relations.h.i.+p had involved them sharing a bed at one point! However, it was best if Jiang Yeqian did not say much to spare the other party’s feelings. He just responded angrily. “I…want to repay your kindness.”

Qi Qingyao laughed and waved her hand. “That’s not necessary, that’s not necessary. We really don’t know each other very well…”

Jiang Yeqian, “…”

The feeling of being kept at arm’s length left Jiang Yeqian looking pale.

The little woman, however, just smiled and said to Lu Yan, “Little Yan, please arrange a place for me to stay. Just take it as though I’m renting a place—I’ll pay you back later. Take it as me paying rent!”

Lu Yan’s tone was very elegant. “Didn’t I already mention? The house in Qingzhou City is yours, since I lost it to you. I didn’t give you money yet you even a.s.sisted in the treatment of my illness! Even though we’re back in the capital now, I haven’t fully recovered yet. Allowing my doctor to live in my house is just payment for her consultations.”

Doctor, consultation payments… This argument was very logical. Qi Qingyao shrugged and calmly replied, “Since the patient insists on inviting me, I shan’t refuse.”

“Very good.” The smile on Lu Fan’s face had grown.

Dong Jing, who stood behind his master and was responsible for holding onto his luggage, could not help the corner of his lips from curling up into a smile. He thought to himself that the master was making the first move to secure his advantage! How wonderful!

Jiang Yeqian, “…” As if it was good!

Jiang Yeqian wanted to say something else, but Qi Qingyao had already headed downstairs to have breakfast, her baggage over her shoulder.

After eating then boarding the carriage, Qi Qingyao glanced at the scenery outside the window and said to the triplets, “You three…”

She pointed to a certain spot and spoke to them seriously.

“Capital City is just up ahead. When we get there, please watch your words and actions.”

The triplets, who had just had their breakfast, were very excited. When they heard their mother say they were reaching the capital soon, they happily jumped in the carriage. Qi Qingyao was afraid that they would cause the carriage to collapse with their jumping, so she urged them to contain their excitement.

“Maybe you guys are still too young to understand what that means.”

Dabao, Erniu, and Xiaobao all calmed down. They tilted their heads and looked at their mother cutely.

Qi Qingyao instructed, “Words and actions refer to what you say and what you do. Although you guys are still very young, you must mind your behavior.”

The triplets blinked their dark eyes and nodded seriously.

Lu Yan, “…” ‘The triplets aren’t the ones who needed to mind their behavior. It’s you, the adult.’ Lu Yan thought about her ability to stir up trouble in Qingzhou City and was afraid that she would do so again once they reached the capital!

Qi Qingyao said, “You might meet an official while we’re out in the capital! We have no money and power. If you offend them, things will become very difficult. You must understand this.”

The triplets nodded earnestly again.

Lu Yan, “…” There were two imperial court officials with her now, the former Head Grand Secretariat and the current State Preceptor. They would not allow her to get bullied since they both wanted to take advantage of her, yet this little woman was concerned about offending an official. She had long ago thoroughly offended the State Preceptor. Did she not find it too late to say such a thing now?

Qi Qingyao said, “Don’t carelessly run around for a while after we’ve settled down. I’ll bring you guys out to play once I’m more familiar with the capital and after I’ve settled the matter of entering the palace.”

Lu Yan could not help himself anymore. He whispered, “Don’t be so hard on the children. You busy yourself with your work, and I’ll get Dong Jing to bring them out to play.”

As soon as the triplets heard this, they immediately refused, shaking their heads as they said, “No, we’ll wait until Mommy is free—then she can take us out to play!~”

Saying that, they all hugged Qi Qingyao’s arm in a loving way, looking all obedient—as if they would only listen to their mother’s words.

Qi Qingyao rubbed their heads.

“Good children!~”

They were already nearing the capital. At about twenty minutes past two in the afternoon, they could finally see the gates of the capital in the distance.

There was a unique sense of historical dignity tied to the city towers! The green brick wall looked very thick—not easily penetrable!

At the gates, there were many people traveling in and out of the city with their doc.u.ments. It was very lively.

Qi Qingyao’s first reaction was that it seemed similar to Qingzhou City.

The people who were coming in and out of the city could not help looking over a few times considering the particularity of their convoy.

This was because there were so many Tiger guards on both sides…

The soldiers near the city gate and the general of the capital garrison had come quickly forward to meet them as well, upon seeing the Tiger guards. The people in the carriages in the front opened their windows to peek outside. The capital garrison bowed down to them as a greeting, along with all the other soldiers.

Immediately after, the convoy was immediately allowed into the city without any inspection.

Qi Qingyao frowned in thought. ‘What a powerful State Preceptor!’

The soldiers who were guarding the city saw Qi Qingyao’s face, since she kept lifting the window up to look outside, and were surprised. Their expressions were mildly curious as if they were thinking about how the State Preceptor had brought such a bright and charming beauty back from a long trip!

Wait, what about the three children who had also stuck their heads out from beside the beautiful woman? Were they the State Preceptor’s illegitimate children?! All the soldiers were confused, falling into deep contemplation…

Upon entering the capital, Qi Qingyao saw desolation and chaos everywhere. Much to her surprise, the houses were very dilapidated. She shut the window.

The triplets also shook their heads with slight disappointment.

Qi Qingyao touched her chin and muttered incredulously, “So, this is the capital…” They had not made the wrong stop, had they?

Lu Yan was curious. “Why do you seem mildly disappointed?”


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