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Chapter 243: Encounter at the Banquet 8

Dong Jing did not want Lu Yan to gamble, so he tugged at his master. “Master, we should not get into a bet with her.”

“It’s just a house, I don’t mind.” The matter of today was related to honor! Honor was more important than money!

“Master, that mansion is…” It was one of the Lu family’s most precious estates!

“Stop talking, I’m going to bet with her,” Lu Yan interjected indifferently.

“…” Dong Jing knew the master did not care about anything but his own pride when outraged!

Qi Qingyao chimed in at the right time. “Your master will be completely disgraced if he doesn’t gamble.”

Dong Jing wanted to say something when Lu Yan turned around and cast a glare; the expression was as if saying that he would kill him if he dared to interject again! Dong Jing had no choice but to shut his mouth cautiously as he did not dare say a word.

He just picked up the white cat at the corner of the wall and placed it in Lu Yan’s arms.

This cat was a special fortune cat.

He thought, ‘It should bless the Master with good fortune at this moment, right?’

Although—although this was not for business…

However, gambling was also a part of business.

Lu Yan said, “But we haven’t talked about how we’re going about this bet, or what to bet on? By rolling dice?”

Qi Qingyao thought about it and said unhurriedly, “Regardless of what task we suggest, it will be biased toward what one is good at. I’ll tell you what, both of us write down two types of gambling games and we’ll crumple the paper into a ball, then randomly get someone to draw them. What do you say?”

Lu Yan replied, “Agreed.”

The two of them sent their respective servants to fetch them pen, paper, ink, and inkstone. The people around them were staring, raptured. Almost half of the people in the hall had gathered, including today’s host, Old Master Jiang. Old Master Jiang initially wanted to squeeze in to watch the fun, but who would have expected that he would not be able to squeeze in at all. He could only sit silently at the outside of the circle and listen to the happenings inside.

After the pen, paper, ink and inkstone were brought over.

Qi Qingyao and Lu Yan each wrote down two tasks and crumpled them into b.a.l.l.s. They placed the crumpled papers in a bowl and shook it. Then, they called a servant over to draw it.

The servant opened the paper after drawing one slip.

After seeing the word on the paper clearly…

Qi Qingyao’s face darkened. “Archery? Who the f*ck wrote this?”

Lu Yan looked at Qi Qingyao’s expression with great satisfaction.

Heir Pei’s heart did a flip. He warned her, “He must have written it.”

The corners of Qi Qingyao’s mouth dropped into a straight line in disdain.

She muttered.

“How despicable.”

“So, you don’t know archery.” Lu Yan raised his brows leisurely, as though he was witnessing a big joke.

“It’s not that I don’t know…” Although she had once done archery in the gra.s.slands for a bit and had learned the skill and was even quite talented in it, modern bows and arrows felt different from the ones here. Even the weight was different!

If she were suddenly forced to do archery and not perform well, then she was completely screwed…

Lu Yan became more satisfied. “You look like you don’t know though.”

Qi Qingyao stayed silent.

“If you don’t know how to, you can just admit defeat and kowtow to me as atonement.” Lu Yan, who was carrying the white cat, had never been this satisfied in his life.

“Atonement? Lu Yan, you’ve p.i.s.sed me off. I’ll make you lose even your underwear!!” When Qi Qingyao, who had been a little shaken, heard this, her compet.i.tive spirit ignited!

Lu Yan promptly waved his hand and commanded.

“Somebody fetch the bows, arrows, and targets!”

Of course, the Jiang family would not obey his command.

Seeing this, Jiang Siting calmly ordered someone to go and prepare them.

It seemed that there would be a good show today.


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