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The lunch appeared to run without any problems. At the same time, Mo Zichen’s visit to the doctor ran just as smoothly. After seeing that her son was OK, Tangning let out a sigh of relief and finally relaxed.

But, on the way home, Xia Yuling’s car was suddenly cut off by two black cars. At that time, Mo Zichen was seated in the back.

Xia Yuling immediately stopped her car in the side street, too afraid to make a move. A moment later, four gangsters jumped out of the black cars holding metal poles in their hands. Before Xia Yuling could say a word, they immediately ran over and started smas.h.i.+ng her car.

Tangning caught up to Xia Yuling with her bodyguards and started chasing after the gangsters​, but they calmly returned to their cars and drove off.

Tangning immediately opened the car door and helped her mother out of the car. She then carried Mo Zichen in her arms.

“Are you OK?”

“I’m fine,” Xia Yuling said as she held onto her chest. “I’m just not sure if Zichen was frightened or not. I can’t believe the Nangong Family would resort to such cheap tactics. What kind of society are they in? How could they use such violence?”

“Let’s talk at home!” Tangning turned around with Zichen in her arms. Afterwards, she safely escorted her mother home.

“I was scared to death!”

“I’m sorry, mom,” Tangning apologized as she held onto her son.

“This wasn’t your fault.” However, the scene was frightening to think about.

Soon after, Tangning gave Mo Ting a phone call to tell him what had happened. As soon as Mo Ting heard about the incident, his expression didn’t change, but he was obviously not as relaxed as earlier.

“I just received a phone call from my wife. My son was attacked on the way home from the hospital.”

“Really? Then you should hurry home and check on him,” Nangong Quan hurried.

Mo Ting humphed and stood up from his seat, “From now on, if you want to make a sneak attack or chase after someone, then target me, children should not be frightened. If something actually happens to him, the Nangong Family will be wiped off the face of the earth.”

“I will only acknowledge you as an opponent if you challenge me in the open!”

Nangong Quan did not say a word as he watched Mo Ting leave. Only after he left, did Nangong Quan give his agency a phone call, “Who told you to seek revenge on the Mo Family?”

“Young Master…”

“Uncle Qiu, we are in a society ruled by the law; not a violent era of the past. Why did you make such a cheap move?” Nangong Quan was furious. “Let’s discuss this when I get back!”

Nangong Quan may have been an extremely cheap character in the past, but he now had a daughter and understood gentleness. Besides, he was well aware that oppressive methods like this were the cheapest paths to go down. Even if he won by using this method, would it make him proud?

So, after returning to the agency, he immediately went to look for Qiu Jin.

“Why didn’t you listen to my advice?”

“Young Master, we’ve waited so many years for you to return, just so we could get revenge on the Mo Family. Have you forgotten the pain that they put you through?”

“No, I haven’t forgotten, but what was the point of scaring Mo Ting’s child? Uncle Qiu, if you can’t win against a person by following the rules, then you haven’t truly won!” Nangong Quan growled. “Besides, what’s your ident.i.ty? Don’t tell me you still want to be a simple punk on the streets.”

“Young Master…”

“If you want to win against the Mo Family, help me create a bigger and stronger empire than Hai Rui and help me produce a better film than ‘The Ant Queen’. Stop using cheap and nasty tricks; they have no effectiveness on Mo Ting.”

“Only by doing what I’ve mentioned can we truly step all over them!”

Perhaps, due to the volume of Nangong Quan’s voice, the ‘Little Eggsh.e.l.l’ that was resting outside, woke up and pushed open the door, “Daddy, why are you being so angry?”

Nangong Quan glared at Qiu Jin before he walked over to his daughter and picked her up in his arms.

“Sorry, my precious, daddy will try his best to control his temper from now on.”

If they weren’t competing on the same battle line, then it was an unfair fight. What kind of vengeance and victory would they get from that?

“Perhaps I’m getting old, I don’t understand how you youngsters think. I’ve waited so many years just for you to return and lead everyone to revenge, but I feel like your heart is elsewhere.”

“You may be able to forget this grudge, but I can’t.”

After speaking, Qiu Jin left the office, leaving Nangong Quan and his daughter behind.

Of course, Nangong Quan didn’t approve of Qiu Jin’s methods, but he wasn’t about to warn his enemy either. He was simply going to keep an eye on Qiu Jin. After all, he had given the Nangong Family a lot of help. This was something that Nangong Quan would never forget…

Meanwhile, Mo Ting rushed to the Tang Family home to check on his wife and child. Only after seeing them safe and sound did his stressed face soften.

Tangning jumped straight into Mo Ting’s arms and Mo Ting immediately patted his wife comfortingly on the back, “I’m glad you’re OK.”

“Mom received quite a fright!”

“Let’s go. We’ll discuss this at home,” Mo Ting said as he led Tangning back to Hyatt Regency. From Nangong Quan’s reaction, Mo Ting sensed that he was honestly not involved with the incident that happened that day. But, he still had to keep his guard up.

“Nangong Quan may be a crook, but he’s still a gentleman!”

“Are you praising your enemy?” Tangning laughed. “If he seriously competes with you in doing business, it would be quite a spectacular compet.i.tion. But, if he was actually involved with the incident today, then there’s nothing else we can say.”

“I’ve asked Lu Che to research further into Nangong Quan!” Mo Ting replied. He then asked, “Is our son OK?”

“He’s fine. The kid was born with an indifferent expression. I don’t know what to do with him. If Zixi was in his position, he would already be bawling his eyes out!”

“I’m glad that he’s fine.”

Meanwhile, after being scolded by Nangong Quan, Qiu Jin had no choice but to sit quietly in his office and drink away his frustration. Didn’t he endure all these years, just so he could get revenge on the Mo Family and get justice for his own family? Why didn’t Nangong Quan have the same intent? Was he still a Nangong Family descendent?

“Old Qiu, if the young master refuses to make a move, we can always act in private. After all, we can’t​ rely on him. So, let’s either do nothing or give our all!”

“You make it sound simple!” Qiu Jin humphed. “Did you think the Mo Family are easy to deal with? Even today, when we attacked their car, didn’t you hear how Tangning was following behind with her bodyguards?”

“The Mo Family has always been tricky,” Qiu Jin’s subordinate said.

“We need to strategize properly. We can’t attack them front-on anymore. We need to see if we can find an opportunity from within the industry. After all, Mo Ting’s wife, Tangning, still operates in the entertainment industry. I’m sure someday she’ll fall!”

“Old Qiu, you’re right! We simply have to keep it a secret from the Young Master… Now that I think about it, Springfall was created by you and you were the one that gave it to the Young Master. The whole purpose was to get revenge, but look what happened now. He’s actually taking the business seriously. By the time he surpa.s.ses Hai Rui, I’m afraid he’ll already be an old and wrinkly man! Isn’t that equivalent to letting his enemy live a long and comfortable life?”


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