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The atmosphere in the airport was not looking good. Many of Tangning’s fan club members were ‘couple fans’. But, Quan Ye had posted up the photos just before they boarded their flight. After the issue was left for 11 hours to ferment, Beijing airport was not an easy place for Tangning to get through. Especially when she walked out of the same terminal as both Mo Ting and Quan Ye… 

But, it seemed, Mo Ting was well prepared. He covered Tangning and directly weaved Tangning through the crowd. By the time the crowd noticed, he had already escorted Tangning to the exit of the terminal. The people from Hai Rui immediately stopped their car in front of them and the couple quickly stepped aboard. Before they were sucked into a black hole of cameras, the car turned around and drove out of the airport.

On the other hand, Quan Ye was stuck at the exit.

Faced with the reporters’ questioning, Quan Ye chewed his gum disdainfully as he ignored them.

“President Quan, what relations.h.i.+p do you have with Tangning? Is it convenient for you to reveal it to us?”

“President Quan, were you and Tangning on a date?”

“President Quan, can you just comment a little on the incident?”

“President Quan…”

After noticing a reporter being knocked over by the surrounding crowd, Quan Ye stopped in his track, took off his sungla.s.ses and finally turned around, “What you saw is the truth, I have no comments.”

The reporters were stunned…

Was Quan Ye admitting to their claims?

Was he admitting that he was in a relations.h.i.+p with Tangning?

But, how was this possible? Tangning had Mo Ting beside her and everyone was well aware of the relations.h.i.+p between Hai Rui and Star King. Although the two agencies weren’t at the stage where only one could be left standing, they also weren’t on good terms.

Quan Ye observed the reporters’ and was pleased with their reactions. So, he let out a laugh as he put his sungla.s.ses back on.

Under the cover of the airport security, he quickly left Beijing airport, leaving behind the dazed reporters who could only look at each other questioningly…

“Can Quan Ye’s words be trusted? When has this spoilt heir’s words been trustworthy?”

“Exactly! President Mo hasn’t said anything. What President Mo says is the truth.”

“But, the problem is, we can’t even get the chance to see President Mo!”

Tangning never expected, in the short 2 days that she was away from the country, she would return to the ‘spectacle’ she had just witnessed. As soon as she turned on her phone, it was overwhelmed with calls from Long Jie and Huo Jingjing; both questioning her about the incident with Quan Ye. They wondered what kind of a spell she had been put under. 

Long Jie even asked whether she had cheated on Mo Ting.

Of course, Tangning was well aware that this was only a joke…

However, because her phone was on loudspeaker, Mo Ting heard Long Jie’s question and immediately grabbed the phone from Tangning’s hand, “Even if it’s just a joke, you should understand your limits.”

Long Jie nearly jumped out of her skin in fright, suddenly realizing that her words may have made Tangning uncomfortable. So she explained, “I didn’t mean it that way.”

“It’s OK,” Tangning retrieved her phone and comforted Long Jie. She then looked at Mo Ting and asked, “Did you already know about this in advance?”

Mo Ting looked at Tangning in seriousness as he said in a slightly fierce tone, “What do you think?”

“I’m not sure,” Tangning replied. Although she was aware that asking Mo Ting a question like this at this time would make Mo Ting uncomfortable, she had also promised she wouldn’t keep anything from him.

“Tangning, I am not a G.o.d. I can’t predict everything that is going to happen…”

“Over the past two days, I felt like I was in a lost state. My train of thought couldn’t catch up to yours at all. This is why I had to ask,” Tangning explained. “I can’t catch up anytime soon and I don’t want to sit around and wait…”

“I thought, even if I don’t speak, at least our thoughts could be the same.”

“At least, in front of outsiders, I want to be able to give the same response as you so they can tell that we are one unit.”

Mo Ting took a deep breath. The slight bit of anger he felt had now dissipated. He hugged Tangning and explained, “If I had known Quan Ye was going to do this, I would have made it so he couldn’t return to Beijing and cleanly gotten rid of him once and for all.”

“I didn’t protect you well enough.”

“I think you are saying these words a bit too early,” Tangning suddenly smiled, “I refuse to believe that you won’t find a solution. I refuse to believe that you sent bodyguards after me just to simply guarantee my safety.”

“Plus, we have always acted covertly, President Mo.”

Mo Ting also smiled as he lay Tangning’s head on his thighs and ran his fingers through her ink-black hair, “What should I do? Previously, I could tolerate people saying one or two bad things about you, but these days…I can’t stand to even hear one word.”

“But, I’m already used to it…” Tangning replied gently. “From now on, every decision you make, you must tell me about it.”

“In that case, if I was tell you that I expected Quan Ye to do something like this a long time ago, would you start an argument with me?”

“Likely,” Tangning nodded, “We are two people that have been together for some time. Now that we understand each other more, we are bound to disagree on some things.”

“After asking that question, I feel a little regretful. Ultimately, I put my own heart through pain.”

Mo Ting lowered his head and looked at Tangning. In actual fact, he too would have answered the same way.

However, this was the Tangning that made him feel a sense of reality. Because she was honest and truthful.

“The bodyguards that were following you had pinhole cameras on them. After they discovered someone was stalking you and taking photos, they immediately contacted me. But, because the person following you didn’t stick around for long and didn’t make any rash moves, the bodyguards did not report on it any further.” 

“Mrs. Mo, I was merely aware that Quan Ye sent someone to follow you. Who would have thought that he actually wanted to create fake evidence…”

“Do you have a video recording?” Tangning held onto this point.

“I need to confirm once we get home. But, the footage of you strolling on your own is definitely complete,” Mo Ting replied.

Tangning let out a laugh; her mood was a lot better, “Do you want to take this opportunity to announce our relations.h.i.+p?”

“Because of Quan Ye? He’s not worth it…”

Mo Ting was waiting for Hua Rong to make a move. Were they going to extort them or did they have other intentions? Mo Ting hoped they wouldn’t take too long.

“Then let’s unleash your strength and play with that b*stard.” 

“Do you think I should?”

Did Quan Ye consider who’s woman he was messing with?

Of course, before Tangning closed her eyes, she said one last thing, “I feel disgusted having my name next to his.”


Tangning did not hear this last word from Mo Ting. Even if she heard it, she would not understand the deeper meaning behind it. Because, from the moment they returned home, Mo Ting had already instructed Fang Yu to release photos of him and Tangning that the public had never seen.

This suggestive action made the ‘Couple fans’ overjoyed.

Mo Ting and Tangning’s names quickly flew to the top of search rankings and overshadowed the photos Quan Ye had posted on social media.

As well as this, Mo Ting also gave Fang Yu a phone call, “Keep mine and Tangning’s name at the top of search rankings…”

“If Tangning sees this, she will feel a lot better.”


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