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The entire backstage…froze.

The person that arrived…was Tangning…

She was supposed to be on Feng Cai’s Talk Show, but at this moment, she had appeared in front of Li Danni.

Not only that, behind her followed An Zihao and 4 built foreign bodyguards.

Backstage, everyone’s eyes grew wide as they covered their mouths, waiting for a good show to play out.

Tangning gave off a cold aura; her eyes were piercing like an eagle’s. She glared down at Li Danni’s manager with an icy anger…

The manager was terrified by the look in Tangning’s eyes. He covered his cheek and tried to say something, but nothing came out.

An Zihao took the opportunity to help Long Jie off the ground as he noticed the red handprints across her cheeks.


Long Jie was a little choked up. She had been afraid that Tangning would show up and delay her interview with Feng Cai. Why was Tangning here?

“How many slaps did she give you?” Tangning’s voice was cold and clear; it wasn’t sharp. Instead, it was very low like she was trying to suppress her emotions.



Without waiting for Long Jie to finish talking, Tangning threw another slap on the manager’s right cheek without hesitation.

“You…how dare you hit me?” Li Danni’s manager looked at Tangning in disbelief. He glared at the woman that seemed to be aloof from the world.

Tangning did not say anything. Now that her right hand had satisfied its anger, she lifted her left hand and hit the manager so hard he fell to the floor.

She gave a total of 4 slaps; Tangning had paid him back double.

“Anything else?” Tangning turned to ask Long Jie. Seeing Long Jie did not respond, Tangning frowned and looked at the bodyguards, “I’ve said it before, I don’t provoke others, but once someone steps over my bottom line, I will pay them back double. So, this man…”

Tangning pointed to Li Danni’s manager and instructed the bodyguards, “…make him kneel before Long Jie. Remember…double!”

Tangning’s words were like a sentence from a judge. Even though she knew there were lots of people present. Even though she knew…this may affect her career as a model…if she couldn’t protect the people beside her, then…

…even if she was to become a supermodel, what was the point?

Tangning’s eyes were red but contained an undeniable power. Li Danni’s a.s.sistant was terrified. Especially when the bodyguards grabbed onto him…

He felt his mind go blank. All the satisfaction he was experiencing just a moment ago had now turned into retribution. In fact, it was double the retribution.

“Tangning…don’t go too far,” seeing the scene unfold in front of her, Li Danni finally stood up.

However, Tangning approached Li Danni and laughed as she lowered her head. As she lifted her head again, another slap left her hand…

Not only did she hit the manager, she even hit Li Danni!

“Since you think I am bullying you, then I might as well bully you. What do you say?”

Li Danni’s eyes grew wide as she stared at Tangning. As she had never experienced humiliation like this before, her expression became twisted and ferocious, “How dare you hit me!”

“Compared to what you have done to my a.s.sistant, I have only returned 10%.”

“President Lan arranged for her to work for me, are you trying to rebel against the president?”

“President Lan?” Tangning sneered as she moved closer to Li Danni. “What right does she have to order my a.s.sistant around? Li Danni, Long Jie is my personal a.s.sistant and has no relation to Cheng Tian Entertainment. Who gave you the right to use my a.s.sistant?”

“This is a matter between you and President Lan. Long Jie is my a.s.sistant for tonight,” Li Danni would not admit defeat. She already couldn’t stand up straight, yet she…

 …still tried to hold on to her power!

“Plus, Tangning, since you’ve hit me, don’t you want to be a model anymore?” Li Danni yelled. “This is my show. Tangning, how dare you come cause trouble here.”

“Your show? But, how come I feel like it won’t be any longer?” Tangning looked around in disdain; it was obvious, if she didn’t make Li Danni suffer today, then her surname wasn’t Tang.

“What do you mean by this?”

“What I mean is, from now on, as long as it is your resource, I will fight with you for it; as long as you like something, I will steal it from you. If you bully my a.s.sistant for half an hour, I will suppress you for half a lifetime!”

As Tangning said these words…

…she did not hold back at all. She did not show even the slightest fear…Even if she was to be scolded on the headlines the next day for bullying others, she was not going to retreat.

After hearing Tanging’s words, everyone around froze in fear from how cool she was…

They had all witnessed the entire incident and knew that Li Danni was the one that had gone too far!

Although it wasn’t completely right for Tangning to hit others, seeing her a.s.sistant being forced to kneel…

 …and kowtow…this wasn’t something anyone else could endure.

Everyone cheered for Tangning inside. Even those that had previously disregarded Tangning…couldn’t help but feel convinced by her.

Sticking up for their a.s.sistant and gambling with their modeling career, who could do what Tangning did?

Everyone had experienced being at the bottom or were still struggling at the bottom. They had all been bullied at some point, but at that time, they did not come across someone as protective as Tangning!

“You? Did you think you could steal my resources and suppress me for half a lifetime? Tangning, are you dreaming?” Li Danni obviously did not believe the words coming out of Tangning’s mouth.

“Who do you think you are?”

“Even Lan Xi hates you. How can you suppress me?”

Tangning did not reply. She simply turned her head and yelled out, “Who is in charge here at Hai Yi? Could you please fetch the brand representative for the show here tonight?”

“I’ll go!” amongst the crowd, there was a member of staff that stuck their hand up. Not long after…a French man appeared in front of everyone and looked at Tangning and Li Danni curiously.

“Let me see how you will steal my resource…” Li Danni looked at Tangning, waiting to watch a good show.

She knew Tangning was just all bark and no bite…

However, just as Li Danni looked smug…

…and just as everyone broke out in a cold sweat on behalf of Tangning.

Tangning pulled out her phone and rang a number…

“It doesn’t matter who you call, there’s no use!”

After three rings, the phone connected. From the other side of the phone a voice could be heard clearly, “h.e.l.lo, Hai Rui Entertainment, this is Mo Ting.”

Mo Ting!

Mo Ting…

It was actually Mo Ting?

The person Tangning was calling was actually Mo Ting?

Hai Rui Entertainment’s CEO, Mo Ting?

Li Danni’s face…

…slowly turned white. She took a few steps back in disbelief as a layer of sweat started to cover her forehead.

“President Mo, sorry for disturbing you. I have a matter here at Hai Yi, I wonder if I can borrow your a.s.sistant for a bit. I’m in a bit of a predicament.”

“Do you want me to come personally?” Mo Ting’s lips curved upwards as he asked gently.


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