WebNovel Transmigration: I Became The Daughter Of A Family Of Villains Chapter 264 – Who Is This Immortal Brother?

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Chapter 264 – Who Is This Immortal Brother?

On the other side, Lu An didn’t care at all as she focused on picking people.

In the screenwriter test between Ye Minglan and w.a.n.g Shu, Ye Minglan had a lot of ideas. She didn’t follow the book, yet was also familiar with the standard routines. She also had her own style, which was what Lu An liked. On the other hand, w.a.n.g Shu’s thinking felt too old-fashioned. Though he did have some innovative ideas, it still felt like something was missing, and Lu An didn’t like it.

In the end, Lu An chose Ye Minglan.

There was already a huge wave of comments in the live stream —

[She said it would be a fair test, but she already made the decision in her heart! She clearly has a good relationship with that woman!]

Lu An’s fans again started teaching the haters how to be human.

That was followed by the candidates for lighting, sound effects and others.

The lighting technician paid too much attention to beauty and special effects, which Lu An rejected.

The sound technician was quiet, reserved, and focused on tuning. It felt almost like he wasn’t doing any dubbing at all, but Lu An welcomed him warmly.

It was already 2pm by the time all the people had been selected.

The other three directors had drafted rough scripts and were already in the middle of filming. Lu An… had just finished splitting up the team!

More importantly, all of them were starving and hadn’t even eaten lunch yet.

Although Second Brother Lu Jingfan had sent people over with food that morning, everyone basically wasn’t in the mood to eat. All of them were exceptionally anxious, worried that they would fall behind.

Fourth Brother, Lu Sihao, stepped forward. He said that he wanted to take everyone’s measurements so that it would be easier to make costumes suitable for their roles.

The young man had a tall and slender figure. He was dressed in a plain white shirt with an uneven hem, which looked trendy.

His face, in particular, looked like it had been kissed by an angel. His eyes glowed and he looked very elegant. His slender fingers were distinct and nimble, and everyone’s attention was diverted!

In front of the live stream, Lu An’s fans screamed again.

[Ahhh, who is this person? It seems he was standing next to Little Sister the entire time just now, and never said anything? Is he here to help Little Sister?]

[I don’t know if I’m hearing things, but it seems like Little Sister called him Brother earlier?]

[Oh my G.o.d, this face is too good! Who cares who he is, kowtow first!!]

On the other side, the 13 actors under Lu An were very cooperative. One by one, they queued up for Fourth Brother Lu Sihao to take their measurements.

The young man’s starry eyes were focused, and his fair and handsome face was indecipherable. He wrote down each actor’s measurements and their role in an elegant hand.

Then, he went over to the tools and clothes which he had brought with him in the morning.

The tall and slender figure sat down quietly. He adjusted the fabric with slender fingers and then stepped on the pedal for the sewing machine. His movements were light and nimble, like an immortal roaming the ocean. Everyone was stunned! They didn’t even dare breathe for fear of being too loud!

Even Director Li Zheng, who was acting as the follow PD, forgot to follow Lu An, and focused on a certain fourth brother instead.

Fourth Brother was a perfect representation of a beautiful but evanescent world!

It just so happened that Lu An and Ye Minglan were discussing the scripts, which needed to be kept secret.

Very quickly, #RealLifeAngel# became a trending topic!

He had nimble hands, a refined bearing, and peerless looks!

He was quiet and reserved, and his expression was tranquil; he was absolutely stunning!

Almost all the online users were discussing this brother who knew how to make clothes. Who was he?

While everyone was going crazy online, elsewhere, a man’s dark eyes suddenly turned bloodshot. “Lu, Si, Hao!”


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