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Chapter 460: It’s Understandable If You Hate or Detest Me

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios.

When Mu Jingzhe heard his voice, she cried even louder. Those tears were for Ji Buw.a.n.g, as well as for the five kids. “I should be the one apologizing. I promised you that I would be with you kids as you grew up, but I wanted to escape…”

When watching television and movies, she couldn’t stand seeing people who wanted to die because of love. She hadn’t expected she would feel the same way one day.

At that moment, she had disregarded the kids and her parents and had only wanted to follow Ji Buw.a.n.g.

She had once criticized people like that on television, but now she knew that it was really agonizing. “I’m sorry, I let you kids down. And Mom and Dad. I let you down too…”

Li Zhaodi and Shao Dong were already feeling terrible, so they felt even worse when they heard her apologize. “We don’t blame you. Mommy, don’t apologize.”

As all that crying was going on in the ward, Shao Qihai stood outside the ward and silently covered his head with his clothes.

Tears were streaming down his face. He had yet to recover from that quirk of his, but he heaved a sigh of relief after seeing her wake up at long last. No matter what, it was good that she was alive.

He had been afraid that Mu Jingzhe would take it too hard and just go with Ji Buw.a.n.g. Ji Buw.a.n.g had made so much effort and come up with a cruel scheme just to let Mu Jingzhe live on.

Shao Qihai left amidst these crying sounds. When his mood calmed down a little, he went to the funeral parlor again.

He didn’t go in, though. He just stood outside and looked on quietly for a moment before saying, “You can rest in peace. She woke up instead of chasing after you. With the five kids here, as well as Mom… Uncle, Auntie, and the rest, she’ll live. After all, she has a strong sense of responsibility.”

Because Shao Qihai had habitually called Li Zhaodi ‘Mom’ again, he couldn’t help but recall his chance encounter with Ji Buw.a.n.g previously. He hadn’t expected that that would be the last time the two of them met.

They had always been compet.i.tors and they’d rarely spoken nicely to each other whenever they had met. That day had been no different. They had originally been at odds, but in the end, Ji Buw.a.n.g had suddenly blessed him and said that he hoped he could find his own happiness.

Now, that seemed to be his final blessing…

He hadn’t expected to make so much effort to grant Ji Buw.a.n.g’s final wish. Unfortunately, he had heard Ji Buw.a.n.g’s final wish and seen Ji Buw.a.n.g’s deep affection, which had made it impossible for him to ignore it.

“You were sent by the heavens just to restrict me…”

After Shao Qihai finished speaking, he was about to leave. However, he suddenly saw a person coming out of the funeral home. Upon seeing who it was, he froze.

This person was none other than Old Master Ji.

Other than Mu Jingzhe, the person who had been dealt the greatest blow by Ji Buw.a.n.g’s death was Old Master Ji. When he had heard that Ji Buw.a.n.g had pa.s.sed away, Old Master Ji had collapsed, but in the end, he had gotten up again.

However, he no longer had the strength to walk, so he was sitting in a wheelchair.

When Shao Qihai saw Old Master Ji, he didn’t dare look into his eyes. He avoided his gaze awkwardly and only called out softly, “Old Master Ji.”

“Mm, you came to see Buw.a.n.g too? Why didn’t you come in?” Uncle Li pushed Old Master Ji over. Old Master Ji’s voice was low but calm.

He had experienced too much in his life. He had survived the four years when Ji Buw.a.n.g had been neither dead nor really alive. However, he hadn’t expected that in the end, he would still have to bid farewell to the grandson that he had painstakingly kept alive.

An old man like him was still alive, but he had to send away yet another junior.

“How are you feeling today?” Shao Qihai asked in a low voice.

“Exactly the same. I won’t die anytime soon. Anyway, I have to arrange his funeral and send him off properly.” Old Master Ji sighed. “I want to take another look at him before he gets cremated. I won’t have many more chances to see him. I have to take a look so I can confirm that he’s really dead.”

Uncle Li’s eyes reddened again when he heard this.

Shao Qihai didn’t know what to say for a moment. Instead, Old Master Ji took the initiative to ask, “Has Jingzhe woken up?”

When Shao Qihai heard him mention Mu Jingzhe, he carefully glanced at him and paused before answering, “Yes.”

“That’s good.” Old Master Ji’s expression was ugly. Shao Qihai looked at him and didn’t dare make a sound.

He was afraid that Old Master Ji would vent his anger on Mu Jingzhe.

He didn’t say anything, but Old Master Ji said, “I haven’t gone to see her yet. I’ve had too much on my plate. Take me to her ward now.”

Shao Qihai hesitated when he heard that. Mu Jingzhe wasn’t in a good state to begin with. What if Old Master Ji said some awful things to her and affected her negatively? She was already tormented enough.

Old Master Ji’s health wasn’t good to begin with. What if he got agitated at the sight of Mu Jingzhe and his condition worsened?

Shao Qihai wanted to make up an excuse, but he heard Uncle Li say, “I know the ward number.”

Shao Qihai immediately said, “I’ll take you there.”

It was better for him to go with them. Since they were going to see each other, no matter what happened, he could stop them when necessary if he was there.

Actually, he could understand Old Master Ji’s feelings. It was normal for him to hate Mu Jingzhe.

Old Master Ji didn’t notice the complicated expression on Shao Qihai’s face. He just nodded and didn’t say anything else.

When Shao Qihai led Old Master Ji to the ward, the five kids were busy finding food for Mu Jingzhe. Li Zhaodi was also taken to rest by Mu Teng.

Since Mu Jingzhe hadn’t woken up until now, no one had been able to fall asleep. They had all stayed up too. It had been a long time since they had rested properly. Mu Jingzhe was filled with guilt and promised them that she would eat and rest well and asked them to rest too.

She finally calmed down a little, but when she turned around, she saw Old Master Ji.

When she saw him, Mu Jingzhe froze, almost drowning in guilt.

It hadn’t been easy for Ji Buw.a.n.g to wake up from the coma, and because of her, Old Master Ji had to send his grandson off now.

Mu Jingzhe slid off the bed and knelt down before Old Master Ji. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Grandpa Ji…”

It was her fault for not taking good care of Ji Buw.a.n.g and protecting him. She was still alive, and Ji Buw.a.n.g was dead. Mu Jingzhe lowered her head. Other than apologizing uselessly, she couldn’t find anything else to say.

Old Master Ji looked at Mu Jingzhe with anger in his eyes. “Get up!”

This was the first time Old Master Ji got mad. Mu Jingzhe’s fingers trembled, and her throat tightened. She wanted to say something but couldn’t.

It was understandable for Old Master Ji to hate her and detest her. Anyone would hate a jinx like her. Mu Jingzhe couldn’t speak. She was about to ask Old Master Ji to hit her if he wanted to, but Old Master Ji suddenly spoke.

“Hurry up and help her up.”

The anxious Shao Qihai was stunned when he heard that. He reacted and quickly went forward to help Mu Jingzhe up.

After being helped up by Shao Qihai, Mu Jingzhe looked up and saw Old Master Ji’s furious expression. “You didn’t do anything wrong. Why did you kneel before me? Why did you apologize?”

Mu Jingzhe had an ugly smile on her face. “You… You don’t hate me? It’s my fault that Ji Buw.a.n.g…”

“Why should I hate you? Silly child, why would I hate you?” Old Master Ji explained. “Did you think that I blamed you because I didn’t come to see you previously? I’m not blaming you. I was just afraid that the two of us would feel even worse after seeing each other, so I didn’t come.

“Look at what you’re thinking.. You’re so young. Why are you letting your body waste away like this?”


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