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Chapter 976: Parading through the Streets

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“River of blood?” Sun Chengcai repeated the words unconsciously. Tears suddenly fell from his blank eyes. “What are you going to do next to kill me?”

Suddenly, he became furious. “River of blood… Is there still room to save the circ.u.mstance?”

That warrior’s face was full of sweat. “Clan master, please make a decision. As long as you make an order, we’ll save out the young masters regardless of anything!”

What to do?

What else can be done? Other than sacrificing my life, what can I do?

Sun Chengcai flipped his eyelids and wailed, “d.a.m.n…” Then his body turned soft and collapsed onto the ground.

Zhou Yade frowned. He hurriedly asked the fat shopkeeper who was still aside. “Have you informed the other clans? Why have they suddenly fought together? Are the other clans all pigs? The other party is the special envoy of Law-Enforcement Master Han. Are they going against the entire law-enforcement officers this way? How do they have such enormous courage?”

The fat shopkeeper said with a tearful face, “I’ve come here once I sensed something was wrong. How do I still have the time to report this to the other clans… Presumably, they also don’t know that they’re confronting the special envoy of Law-Enforcement Master Han… And they just want to save their sons…”

“It’s over now.” Zhou Yade let out a long sigh.

He said bitterly, “My sons are both but frogs in the well. They’ve grown comfy nesting here all day long. Over time, how would they know how big the outside world is? With their little capability, there’re too many people who can pinch them to death with just a random hand… They’ve actually grown so arrogant. They’ve asked for this.”

He sighed again dispiritedly. “But you bunch of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds has also gotten me into trouble!”

The few elders of the Sun clan were confused. “What has happened exactly? Is it that serious?”

Zhou Yade already had no mind to be angry, and he explained this matter dispiritedly. Before he finished explaining, the few elders were already utterly shocked!

The three could hardly believe their ears, and they stood there, dumbstruck.

Our Sun clan has actually such marvels!

Everyone could close one eye when you usually robbed women. Anyway, no one else here locally could be matched with our Sun clan. Of course, nothing would happen.

But at such a critical moment, both of you should be more well-behaved. How important is the Medicine Banquet? Once something goes wrong, not to mention who you’ve provoked, as long as the Zhuge clan is raged, the whole Sun clan will immediately be done!

You’ve actually gone fooling around at this time.

It wouldn’t be a matter if you just go fool around. But even if you stir up troubles, can you please don’t stir up big troubles… It’s good now. You’ve directly stirred up super big trouble that will cause our clan to be doomed eternally!

Not only did you claim that it’s a good poem on Law-Enforcement Master Han’s ident.i.ty jade token, you actually still want to grab his envoy’s woman? I feel thunder rumbling in my head just by thinking about this.

How stupid a person is to do such… such a thing?

Not only is this a great trouble, but this is also a great joke!

The three elders gazed at one another helplessly.

“We shall go there quickly and take a look!” one of them shouted, “We shall retrieve the situation as much as possible… Otherwise, the Sun clan will really be over…”

The three finally recovered from their stupor and rushed out hurriedly. Sun Chengcai also finally recovered his senses and ran out frenziedly together with Zhou Yade.

G.o.d, it won’t be a matter if someone dies from our side. Please don’t let anything happen to Law-Enforcement Master Han’s special envoy. Who doesn’t know that Law-Enforcement Master Han is ranked number one in mercilessness in the Nine Heavens…

The duo prayed in their hearts as they ran. The more they thought, the more they felt that this thought was impossible. Their faces became teary as they ran.

Why are we so unfortunate…

In the hall, the fat shopkeeper scratched his head. d.a.m.n it, there seems to have nothing to do with me now? Grand-mother**ker, I’ve come desperately to report the news, and they actually didn’t give me any reward…

As he scratched his fat head, he walked out. Alright, I shall go join the crowd… I’ve nothing to do anyway.

Maybe my inn will have a great business in the future: When someone asks in the future: In which inn did someone say that it’s a good poem on Law-Enforcement Han’s ident.i.ty jade token? We really need to pay homage to such a strongman… That inn is also a place of interest. If people spread this out, although the reputation of my inn won’t be quite good, I’ll make a fortune anyway…

At that moment, an earth-shattering fight was going on outside!

As Chu Yang led the few young masters out from the inn, a great commotion was instantly stirred up! Who in this North Wind Town didn’t know about these few fops?

How many people were subjected to the bullies by these few fops? How many people had their families ruined because of these fops? Especially for those who had attractive-looking daughters, how did they wish to hide their daughters in the cellar? Should they be discovered, it would also be impossible for them to escape from bad luck…

Countless women were ruined by these people. If any slight resistance was put up, the whole family would be ruined!

The local youth hated these fops even more: 30 to 40 percent of these youth had turned into cuckolds after they were married. What a shame this was to them?

Even if they’re ordinary people, how could they take this lightly? Although on the surface, these people dared not to do anything as the Sun clan was big and powerful and would retaliate should any people put up resistance against them, which one of the locals didn’t bear deep hatred against the Sun clan’s b.a.s.t.a.r.ds?

Now, seeing that they’re tied up and being paraded through the streets, everyone was jubilant!

But at the same time, they were also worried whether this person could withstand against the retaliation of the Sun clan.

More and more people joined the crowd. Everyone wanted to see these few b.a.s.t.a.r.ds being retributed. Even though everyone couldn’t do so personally, they still felt good just by looking at it!

Heaven indeed has eyes! It has finally caught these few bad guys.

Hope that these evils are really exterminated once and for all! We’ve already been bullied by these few b.a.s.t.a.r.ds for a long time.

Chu Yang led the big team and strode out. He would give a violent pull on the rope once in a while; everyone who was tied in ropes would all slip onto the ground. The few fops had their bodies full of blood, and they looked at Chu Yang in deep hatred and great despair…

As the fops walked along, the muscles over their entire bodies convulsed in agony.

Perhaps, these few people wouldn’t even have expected for their whole lives that one day they would be tied up like a dog being paraded through the streets!

Chu Yang also inserted a wooden plate into each of their backs to be stuck between the backbones. The plates were erected highly and very conspicuously, while their names were written on each plate in striking bright red. Every step forward was a fit of heart-breaking pain. The pain was such that all of them had no choice but to bear with it when their minds were incredibly conscious, but it just wouldn’t let them faint.

If they fell down once, the pain they had to endure was simply equivalent to them dying once — and dying whilst being awake!

These few young masters were spoiled and arrogant, and they also spent little time on practicing martial arts. How could they endure such pain? As they walked, blood dripped behind them, and there were non-stopping shrill cries. In the end, they lost their energy to even moan.

A road would be automatically formed wherever Chu Yang went. The direction of the road was directly towards the Sun clan. On both sides of the road, everyone looked at Chu Yang pulling a string of people who were dripping blood all over their body, as if they were dogs. The scene looked so cruel and b.l.o.o.d.y, but there’s not even one who revealed fearfulness in their eyes.

There’s only pleasure in everyone’s eyes! That’s a kind of pleasure that one had after a long period of oppression. Although no one spoke, that gush of excitement within everyone was just like what one would have expected when a sudden rainstorm came after the extreme sultriness of the summer days.

Everyone looked at Chu Yang enthusiastically! The eyes of countless people were filled with grat.i.tude. No matter what you’re doing this for, as long as you kill these few b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, you’ll be our benefactor!

Many people were thinking about immediately setting a longevity memorial tablet for this benefactor once these few b.a.s.t.a.r.ds had died!

In no time, the widest street in the North Wind Town was actually heavily packed with people.

The sweeping sounds of robes through the air were heard. Several figures flew over. The leading person was dressed in black and two words ‘Law Enforcement’ were embroidered on it.

The first to come was sure enough the law-enforcement officers.

That person was already shouting in midair, “Friend, where are you from? Please keep cool. I’m from the local Law Enforcement Hall…”

Before he finished speaking, Chu Yang raised his head, flas.h.i.+ng his threatening-looking eyes like two bolts of lightning! Those law-enforcement officers instantly sensed a chill in their hearts upon having their eyes come into contact with those of Chu Yang’s. And the leader among the law-enforcement officer actually stopped speaking.

Chu Yang didn’t say anything and just raised his hand.

A ray of light slowly flew over.

That law-enforcement officer reached out for it. Looking down, he instantly became shocked and fell onto his knees. “I didn’t know that it’s the special envoy of the South-East region’s law-enforcement master. Please forgive me for not giving you a proper greeting.”

How could a law-enforcement officer from a small Law Enforcement Hall here be compared to Han Xiaoran?

Since Chu Yang was holding Han Xiaoran’s ident.i.ty jade token, his status was equivalent to that of Han Xiaoran! Although Han Xiaoran was in charge of the South-East region and the South region was not under Han Xiaoran’s jurisdiction, his status as a law-enforcement master was enough to weigh those law-enforcement officers down!

Even though they’re not Han Xiaoran’s direct subordinates, as long as Han Xiaoran gave out an order, it’s sufficient to ruin this entire Law Enforcement Hall! How could these people afford to be remiss of Chu Yang?

Chu Yang said coldly and sternly, “Y’all shall stand aside and give me a witness!”

That person said, “Yes.” Then he continued saying, “Sir, may I know how have these people offended you? I…”

“You don’t know how they’ve offended me?” Chu Yang looked at him coldly. “You dare to say this again?!”

That person broke out in cold sweats. “I don’t dare.”

Since they had arrived here in such a short time, they must be nearby when the accident took place. How wouldn’t they know?

Chu Yang snorted and said, full of sarcasm, “I don’t need you to deliver justice. You’re not capable of delivering justice in the first place! You also don’t need to talk! You only need your eyes and ears here, and not your mouths. If you dare to expose my ident.i.ty, I’ll charge you the same way as I did to the few behind me!”

He gave them a stare. “After I finished dealing with this matter, I’ll come to deal with you! Have you understood?”

“Yes!” that law-enforcement officer agreed as he oozed sweat heavily. Under Chu Yang’s fierce momentum, he only felt chilliness all over his body, as if he was naked in the winter’s wilderness.


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