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Young Master Yu looked at Chu Yang with a profound smiling expression in his eyes and said, “Let’s go to my place and chat there.”

Young Master Yu made arrangements of food and wine in his residence. He was drinking together with Dong Wu Shang, and Chu Yang.

Dong Wu Shang had already heard the ominous name of Young Master Yu. But, this was the first time that he had met the monster in reality. However, he was very calm and collected. He was neither servile, nor overbearing. And, he had maintained his natural character in front of Young Master Yu.

Young Master Yu rather deliberately looked at Dong Wu Shang several times. Then, he looked at Chu Yang and said, “I have seen these brothers of yours. I must say that you have a keen vision. You have made some pretty good friends.”

He laughed and added further, “The ones with the greatest potential among them are… the one in front of my eyes, and that boy from the Gu Clan. But, the other three are also rare geniuses!”

It could be said that Young Master Yu was an extremely influential person in the entire Middle Three Heavens. And, he had spoken these words. So, it was evident that he was giving importance to these brothers of Chu Yang!

Chu Yang remained silent. But, he displayed a proud look in his eyes. Then, he deliberately lowered his head to hide this prideful look in his eyes.

[My brothers are my pride!]

Dong Wu Shang felt a warm feeling in his heart. He had accompanied these two individuals here to drink. So, it was natural that he was secretly paying attention to everything. He could clearly see the proud look in Chu Yang’s eyes… no matter how much he tried to hide it.

He suddenly felt like bursting into tears!

[Who will be proud of me…? My father and my mother… that’s for sure.]

[But, I am seeing the same proud look in the eyes of someone apart from my parents for the first time. And yet, he’s trying to hide it…]

[My own elder brother is also proud of me. He always has pride in his eyes whenever I achieve something big. But, his eyes also have fear along with pride. And, that is very complicated.]

Dong Wu Shang knew what his elder brother was worried about. But, he didn’t wish to reveal it. [I don’t want the position of the Clan Lord. It doesn’t matter whether he suspects me or not. He’s my elder brother, and I will a.s.sist him nevertheless. Because… I am surnamed Dong!]

[He ought to have these kinds of cautionary thoughts as a Clan Lord. Otherwise, he won’t make a good Clan Lord.] Dong Wu Shang understood this well. But, this understanding wasn’t enough to make him feel any better in his heart! After all, his own brother was suspicious and jealous of him. Who would feel good in this situation? Especially someone like him… who was whole-heartedly devoted…

Dong Wu s.h.a.g looked at Chu Yang. He then lowered his head, and didn’t speak anything. His hair hung down on his forehead, and covered his eyes. Then, he raised his neck, and drank this precious feeling of brotherhood along with the wine and rinsed his heart!

He felt that his heart was burning.

“You have these many brothers. Moreover, such fine brothers! So, it’s only natural that you wouldn’t wish to remain a loner.” Young Master Yu said, “So, you must need your own place since you have already arrived in the Middle Three Heavens. But, you’re King of h.e.l.l Chu and you wouldn’t want to work under anyone, correct? No one can retain you… no matter if it is the clans of your brothers… or the Dark Bamboo, right?”

“Yes.” Chu Yang straightforwardly admitted.

“So, you’re using this gambling so that you can change the balance of power in the Middle Three Heavens! It would easily allow you to take advantage of the ongoing crisis for your personal gain.” Young Master Yu narrowed his eyes, and stared at Chu Yang with a sharp light in his eyes, “Sometimes this Young Master genuinely doesn’t understand. How are you always able to make such perfect use of every opportunity?”

Chu Yang smiled, “Isn’t the Dark Bamboo using this gambling to cause chaos in the Middle Three Heavens? Wouldn’t this allow your Bamboo clan to sow a seed for expansion into new territory later? These 500 million taels are a very big favor, but you’re going to reap a lot more benefits than that… irrespective of whether I accept it or not… and also irrespective of what the outcome of the gambling would be, aren’t you?”

Young Master Yu looked at him for a while. Then, he suddenly laughed, “King of h.e.l.l Chu, you’re genuinely worthy of your name.”

“Besides, Gao Clan has deliberately blown it out of proportion. Do you genuinely believe that all of this is just for fighting over a wife? Everyone knows that Gao Sheng doesn’t even like Huyan!”

Chu Yang coldly smiled, “Four Young Masters of Ao Clan, Mo Clan, Xie Clan, and Ou Clan are operating this gambling. Do you genuinely believe that they are doing this just for money? All the big clans are partic.i.p.ating in this contest. Do you think that it is just to help these two men s.n.a.t.c.h the wife?”

“Everyone in the Middle Three Heaven has their own plans.” Chu Yang added, “The b.l.o.o.d.y carnage, and unification of the Middle Three Heavens has already begun. My presence in the Middle Three Heavens and the existence of the Dark Bamboo clan has nothing to do with it.”

“But, it’s impossible for the Dark Bamboo to do with the unification of the Middle Three Heavens!” Young Master Yu held his wine cup, and replied in a sinking voice.

“Of course, that’s because you’re the underworld. The influential clans of the Middle Three Heavens will continuously protest against you if the unification were to done by you. Those who claim to be righteous will constantly resist you… so much so that your gains won’t be able to make up for your losses.” Chu Yang sneered.

“You’re right. So, we need someone to do the unification for us,” Young master Yu laughed heartily.

“But, aren’t you Dark Bamboo people already aware of this notion?” Chu Yang profoundly smiled, “You know that I know this affair already. So, there’s no need to tell me.”

Dong Wu Shang was listening to all this. He didn’t speak anything, but huge waves were raging in his heart!

[Perhaps, this is how decision-makers think, right? I’m afraid I can never do this kind of planning in my whole life…]

“I only want to ask you one thing about this gambling matter!” Young Master Yu stared at Chu Yang, “Do you want to get hold of the Ao, Mo, Xie, and Du clans with the help of this gambling? Do you wish to manipulate them for your own use later?”

Dong Wu s.h.a.g became gob-smacked as soon as this sentence was spoken!

[Big Brother has such big ambitions? How will this gambling proceed without the financial resources of these four clans?]

Chu Yang merely smiled, and did not say anything.

“I see. So, you will certainly make some moves later on. To tell you the truth… I am eagerly looking forward to your move!” Young Master Yu laughed out loud. Then, he pointed his finger at Dong Wu Shang and said, “These brothers of yours must be your helpers. Or should I say… your hired thugs!”

This sentence clearly had a poking meaning to it… regardless of whether if it was just a joke… or had some special intention behind it.

Anger dawned upon the entire face of Dong Wu Shang the moment this was said. He pounded the table, and stood up. But, Chu Yang held him down, and stopped him!

Chu Yang chuckled and replied, “My brothers are obviously my hired thugs as well as my helpers — just as I am my brothers’ hired thug as well as helper!”

He gently smiled, “We brothers don’t get together to drink or play around with women! We will do something since we are together now! Look at these brothers of mine. Does any one of them look ordinary to you?”

Young Master Yu laughed.

“Ten-thousand silver taels can allow a person to live a comfortable life for a lifetime. He wouldn’t need to do anything for his whole life. He can live a pleasurable life as long as he isn’t deceived by anyone. He wouldn’t have to struggle for money anymore. In fact, he can leave behind some of it for his next generation as well.” Chu Yang raised his wine cup, “However, even stingiest person in the world will make those ten-thousand silver taels vanish in less than half-a-year if you give him that money!”

“This is precisely what being a human is about!” Chu Yang mischievously laughed.

“Especially, in the Middle Three Heavens… who is safe in such chaotic times in the Middle Three Heavens?” Chu Yang squinted, “Brother Yu, would you dare to say that you’re invincible in the Middle Three Heavens?”

Young Master Yu stared blankly. Then, he forced a smile after a long while pa.s.sed, “I won’t dare!”

“In that case… how can we be safe?” Chu Yang asked.

“By practicing martial arts and upgrading your strength!” Young Master Yu replied without thinking.

“But, do you know you have already become the idol of the youths of Middle Three Heavens? Many people say – I wouldn’t have to be afraid of anyone if I could accomplish as much as Young Master Yu has,” Chu Yang smiled and sneered, “In addition, these are the words of the already-accomplished people. But, would they really become fearless when their accomplishments reach your level? Would they be content?”

Young Master Yu remained silent. He looked towards Chu Yang with flickering expressions in his eyes. He said, “Finish it in one breath.”

“I’m also afraid when I’m alone!” Chu Yang softly said, “But, there are times when I’m not afraid. And, this moment is an example of such a time! Brother Yu, Wu Shang and I aren’t a match for you if a serious battle breaks out between you and us. We’ll die for sure. But, the fact is that we won’t be afraid! Do you know why?”

Young Master Yu couldn’t help but ask, “Why?”

Chu Yang and Dong Wu Shang smiled at the same time, and replied in unison, “Because it doesn’t matter if I die or live as long as I have my brother at my side!”

Young Master Yu quietly stared at his wine cup. He didn’t speak for a long time.

“I was in the Lower Three Heavens when I had once told Du Xing… I would help my brother if he wants to climb up a mountain of blades. In fact, I would be willing help him across even I had to allow him to step on me. Then, he would only need to take one step… even if it means stepping on me!”

Chu Yang smiled, “I can also say that we have gotten together to be each other’s hired thugs in your opinion. But, I can tell you that… none of us would be alive if any one of us sworn brothers needs to die!”

He proudly smiled and added further, “In fact, that dying brother would discover that his brothers have already died before his turn comes!”

“But, you won’t understand this!” Chu Yang concluded his speech, “This is my reply to your ‘hired thug’ comment.”

Young Master Yu laughed and cheerfully said, “Why are we talking about these things? Drink, drink.”

The three people smiled. But, each smile had its own meaning.

Young Master Yu was drinking and thinking about this one word, [Brothers? Brothers? Do such brothers really exist? Who wouldn’t want such brothers? Do such brothers really exist in the world?]

Dong Wu Shang was also thinking to himself, [Will I really be able to fight for my brothers till the very last moment?]

Chu Yang was thinking, [Brothers aren’t disposable!]

They ate and drank to their heart’s content in the blink of an eye. After that, Young Master Yu got up to see his visitors out. He then said to Chu Yang with a smile, “Don’t forget. I still owe you one.”

Chu Yang couldn’t help but smile. He then replied, “I won’t forget even if you do.”

They waved their hands, and took their leave.

Young Master Yu also waved his hand. But, he stood there, and pondered for a while. And, he realized that Chu Yang and Dong Wu Shang had already arrived at the bend by the time he regained his senses. They were walking side by side. Suddenly, a fierce look flashed in his eyes. He waved his hand, and a short knife was suddenly shot out with a ‘xiu’ sound!

It was shot towards Dong Wu Shang’s back!

This knife went flying like a thunder at a lightning speed! This had happened without any warning!

Chu Yang hadn’t antic.i.p.ated this. Even Young Master Yu hadn’t thought before he had made this move! In fact, he had come to regret it immediately after!

30% of Young Master Yu’s strength had been used in this saber!

Moreover, it was a sneak attack!

The speed of this saber was unexpectedly faster than sound. The ‘Xiu’ sound echoed. The knife’s tip had already arrived near Dong Wu Shang’s vest by now.

Complexions of Dong Wu Shang and Chu Yang changed very drastically. It was absolutely unexpected that Young Master Yu would unleash such a vicious attack out of the blue. It was already too late to dodge the attack! Dong Wu Shang realized that the knife was going to pierce through his heart soon, and a look of despair appeared in his eyes.

Chu Yang became extremely tensed in an instant. His pupils expanded wide. He didn’t have enough time to think. And, he subconsciously held out his hand to grab it!



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