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The pink smoke was very dense; it was almost semi-solid.

The l.u.s.t dragons had become extremely anxious. They did everything they could’ve in this state of desperation. So, they had sprayed-out nearly half of their l.u.s.t sacs on Chu Yang…

[So despicable! So shameless! They sent someone to the front to intercept us… without even the fear of death that’s waiting ahead? Do you people believe that we – the l.u.s.t dragons – are already in your pocket?]

Chu Yang hadn’t met the enemy on his way. But, he knew that the situation was extremely critical. So, he had been fiery and impatient throughout the journey. He had been soaring through the cl.u.s.ters of the raging fire at a fast speed.

Surprisingly, he had run into two huge snakes as he had sprung out of that sea of fire.

[How can there be snakes in this fire?]

Minister Chu was baffled. He couldn’t understand the situation, and started to stare them wide-eyed. Suddenly, the infuriated snakes opened their mouths, and sprayed a mouthful of a pink smoke on him.

The l.u.s.t dragons and Chu Yang had come extremely close to each other.

Minister Chu was startled. He held his breath. But, his entire body had been shrouded in the pink smoke.

This was an unexpected disaster. Chu Yang would’ve been able to take advantage of the chaos if he had arrived a moment earlier. Then, he would’ve rushed ahead and escaped. On the other hand, the l.u.s.t dragons would’ve attracted the attention of the enemy if Chu Yang had arrived a moment later. Then, he would’ve got out of the place easily.

However, he had arrived neither later… nor earlier. He had arrived in a crucial moment – and right in the escape route of the two l.u.s.t dragons. The l.u.s.t dragons had mistaken him as a mortal enemy. So, they had sprayed-out the pink smoke in order to defend themselves; it was the l.u.s.t poison…

Chu Yang didn’t inhale the pink smoke, but his entire body had been shrouded in it. It wasn’t very different than inhaling the smoke. In fact, it was even more serious…

The l.u.s.t dragons had emptied half of their l.u.s.t sacs on Chu Yang. They had gone all-out without being stingy. As a result, Chu Yang had run into a misfortune.

“c.r.a.p! What’s this stuff?” Chu Yang shouted in his heart. He waved his big sleeves to disperse the pink smoke that lingered around him.

Suddenly, a l.u.s.t dragon pounced on him from the other side. It opened its big mouth like a door, and swallowed Chu Yang. Chu Yang was enraged, [G.o.ddammit… Did Jing Meng Hun raise these beasts?]

[They knew that I would come here. So, these snakes waited here to intercept me. They didn’t even try to avoid the fire. They’re too f*king loyal.]

Chu Yang was extremely angry. Suddenly, the Nine Tribulations Sword appeared in his hand with a ‘clang’ sound. And, he slashed-open the creature with it…

This supernatural and mighty sword of the highest quality could split the Heaven and Earth. It had existed since the creation itself. How could it be compared to an ordinary sword? It could cut through metal as if it was mud…

Moreover, Minister Chu was extremely angry. So, the seven shades cold energy had circulated in his body.

The sword cut-off the lower jaw of the l.u.s.t dragon with a ‘swoosh’ sound. In fact, it had cut halfway through its neck. Chu Yang rushed out with a loud cry. His entire body had been covered in the blood that had splashed out of the l.u.s.t dragon’s wound.

The sword light rose once again. Minister Chu wasn’t done as yet. He chopped down the other l.u.s.t dragon’s chin with a ‘swoosh’ sound.

It wasn’t a fatal blow, but it would lead to a quick death.

The credit for this went to Jing Meng Hun and the other experts of the Golden Horse Riders Department. Jing Meng Hun and the three-thousand experts had repeatedly attacked these l.u.s.t dragons, and had brought them to this state.

One of the dragons had suffered severe damage on one of its vital spots, while both vital spots of the other dragon had been wounded. The l.u.s.t dragons’ defence had been greatly reduced. Moreover, the might of the Nine Tribulations Sword had been unparalleled since ancient times. So, it had also contributed in bringing these l.u.s.t dragons to this state.

The l.u.s.t dragons writhed violently. They seemed to be on the verge of death.

Their vital spots hadn’t been attacked; they had been entirely cut down. How could they not die after that? In fact, they would’ve died even if each one of them had two lives to live.

Suddenly, the Sword Spirit appeared in Chu Yang’s thoughts. It cried out, “What kind of beasts have you provoked this time? Didn’t you see how tyrannical they were?”

“Tyrannical?” Chu Yang hadn’t felt anything unusual about them. So, he couldn’t help but ask.

“d.a.m.n! These are l.u.s.t dragons… ah! They’re full of treasures.” The Sword Spirit said excitedly, but in a helpless manner, “Hurry up! Put them inside…”

Chu Yang complied. The l.u.s.t dragons were still rolling about on the ground, but they weren’t alive. They vanished from their spots due to Chu Yang’s efforts. Now, only the blazing inferno could be seen raging around.

“Don’t forget that you’re busy with your so-called escape. The matters outside this fire are yours to deal with,” the Sword Spirit said, and disappeared without a trace.

Chu Yang laughed mischievously. Suddenly, he felt his blood heating-up. But, he didn’t mind it. He took out his sword; its entire body got covered in the surging ‘seven shades cold energy’. The intensity of the fire was stifled by the cold energy waves. Then, Chu Yang darted forward like a meteor.

Chu Yang had wanted to avoid this battle. But, it couldn’t be avoided now. Moreover, he didn’t have any plans to avoid it anymore. He was well-prepared. His sword flashed as he rushed out from the sea of fire. He saw Jing Meng Hun and the other experts rus.h.i.+ng over from the front like a bunch of meteors.

Chu Yang laughed, “Jing Meng Hun, you haven’t died yet? Come… let me send you on your way to h.e.l.l.” Suddenly, the sword light burst out; it dispersed ten-thousand rays of cold light. Chu Yang’s cold voice resounded everywhere. It seemed to have the tonality of the h.e.l.l itself.

“One ray of cold light… pierces ten thousand fathoms!”

Jing Meng Hun and the other experts were upset. They had chased after those big beasts to get their hands on the rare and wonderful treasures. They had faced a sea of fire for it… yet, they had moved forward without any hesitation in order to track those beasts.

Who knew that everything would change in a blink of an eye?

A part of the l.u.s.t dragon’s body had been visible outside the fire a moment earlier. So, Jing Meng Hun and the experts had thought that they would be able to catch it. But, who knew that it would disappear in the raging fire within a moment?

[***! Did it melt in the fire? How else can it disappear like that?]

Jing Meng Hun hadn’t been willing to accept that this rare and wonderful creature – that appeared once in a millennium – had disappeared like that. He couldn’t wait. So, he had dashed forward into the sea of fire in order to inspect.

He didn’t know that he would be greeted by a sword light after approaching closer to the fire. Then, the person who had been the target of their chase for the last five-thousand kilometres… appeared before him… It was King of h.e.l.l Chu!

King of h.e.l.l Chu looked lofty as he emerged out of the sea of fire. He didn’t run on seeing Jing Meng Hun and the experts. Instead, he let out a roar and rushed towards them like a fierce dragon.

“King… King of h.e.l.l Chu?” Jing Meng Hun was infuriated. [Why did he have to appear now of all times? Why didn’t he come out earlier… or may be later at night?]

[Why does this b.a.s.t.a.r.d always have to ruin my hard work? Why does he always have to stick a bar in someone’s way? After chasing him for five-thousand kilometres… he still had to appear at this crucial moment. He just had to destroy my beautiful dreams.]

[I would’ve gone to the Upper Three Heavens if I had gotten my hands on a l.u.s.t dragon. No matter what clan it is… which clan wouldn’t wish to increase the probability of having babies and enhanced re-productivity? How would it not have made me popular amongst them?]

[My magnificent dream of going to the Upper Three Heavens… has been shattered by King of h.e.l.l Chu’s appearance at this hour.]

[I must give-up on the search for the l.u.s.t dragons since he has shown up. I’ll have to do my best to deal with him. But… I was very close to catching those l.u.s.t dragons. Should I give them up like this?]

[What else can I do… instead of giving up?]

The voices rose from the background – like a rumbling thunder. [The Iron Cloud reinforcements have arrived to rescue King of h.e.l.l Chu. It won’t take them more than half-an-hour to get here from their current location.]

[The ordeal for capturing and killing King of h.e.l.l Chu has been going-on for almost a month now. The continuous journey of five-thousand kilometres during this arduous mission is coming to an end. We only have half-an-hour left.]

[I won’t be able to stop King of h.e.l.l Chu from going back to Iron Cloud if I don’t forth everything I’ve got… So, I must forget the matter of the l.u.s.t dragons for now… Otherwise, Diwu Qing Rou will skin me with his own hands….]

Jing Meng Hun’s fury transformed into grief and helplessness… Various kinds of emotions rose in his heart at the same time. He felt sweet, sour and bitter all at once.

The situation of the entire area being engulfed in the sea of fire, and King of h.e.l.l Chu leaping across the sky can be described in a poem – A thousand knots appear in the heart as the wind scissors through the sea of fire… As King of h.e.l.l’s sword suddenly appears… the King Level Master is enraged.

“King of h.e.l.l Chu! You mother*ker! I’ll take your life…” Jing Meng Hun roared loudly, “Don’t hesitate. Kill this f*ker! The faster… the better!” Jing Meng Hun hadn’t forgotten that their aim was to kill King of h.e.l.l Chu. He had bid goodbye to his pursuit of the l.u.s.t dragons.

Jing Meng Hun gave a long cry. He wielded his sword in his left hand, and charged forward to counter Chu Yang’s move – ‘one cold ray pierces ten thousand fathoms’. Several Revered Sword Artists rushed towards Chu Yang in unison. They seemed to have ignored Chu Yang’s formidable attack.

Chu Yang shouted, “What harm is there in slaughtering the entire world!”

Then, the sword energy started to resist numerous weapon attacks. Suddenly, Chu Yang unleashed a killer move. A ball of light appeared; it suppressed the nearby flames as it went high up in the sky. It seemed like an all-conquering power as it charged towards the incoming weapons of the countless enemies.

Chu Yang was calm; he had an ice-cold look in his eyes. His lips were slightly curved; his face revealed a cruel smile. His heart and sword had turned cold with a murderous intention.

Countless weapons – including Jing Meng Hun’s sword – struck the round beam of sword-light that surrounded Chu Yang with a loud ‘rumbling’ sound.

The sword light was slightly scattered by the force of this collision. Chu Yang – who was mid-air – spat out blood. However, the sword light remained solid, and burst into the crowd of Golden Horse Riders Department. It looked like an iron plough as it ploughed its way through them, and turned them into a pool of blood and minced meat.

Then, King of h.e.l.l Chu pa.s.sed through the place covered in the minced meat and blood.

However, he had used-up all his strength in this attack. So, he fell into a tight encirclement after rus.h.i.+ng-out for 150 to 160 feet.

Chu Yang looked upwards and started to laugh. He had exposed his vicious nature at this critical juncture while fleeing for his life. He didn’t know why it was happening. But, he had entirely disregarded the fact that he had just gotten injured. It was strange that he was unfazed even after he had sustained a strong blow from Jing Meng Hun.

Instead, he felt his blood boil. He felt that he hadn’t yet used his entire strength. He could only think of slaughtering…

He wanted to start ma.s.sacring the people…

He had never been through this kind of a situation since his rebirth. However, his sanity had been affected by the Nine Tribulations Sword when this had happened in his previous life. But, the desire to ma.s.sacre that had appeared now… was clearly his own. That was because he was in control of the Nine Tribulations Sword now; it wasn’t the other way round. But, how did this situation arise?

However, Chu Yang couldn’t think about all this right now. He just wanted to kill… Kill them all in a frantic manner.


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