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Chapter 1168: A Real Crisis, Fight for Life!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Zhuge Changchang looked rather pitiful. He looked at Chu Yang hopefully. He knew that his life was now dependent on Chu Yang’s change of mind.

“Where is my Third Uncle now?” Once Chu Yang heard Zhuge Changchang say “buy medicine for daughter”, he knew that the news was absolutely true!

If not for Chu Yang, Zhuge Clan would never notice people like Chu Feihan, who were just “little men” in their eyes.

“He’s in the dungeons of Zhuge Clan,” Zhuge Changchang answered hurriedly, “Rest a.s.sured, he’s not dead!”

Chu Yang’s eyes were sharp. “Was he ever tortured?”

Zhuge Changchang hesitated for a moment, and said, “Brother Chu, you also know that when just entered, this is largely inevitable. But, we’ve given orders from early on not to harm his life no matter what!”

Chu Yang sneered. His heart ached.

He knew that Zhuge Changchang saying so means that the torture that Chu Feihan suffered was certainly not light. Otherwise, Zhuge Changchang wouldn’t have been so hasty to explain.

A thin figure seemed to have appeared before him. For his daughter’s illness, he, still in his prime, spent long years traveling in barren mountains, dangerous waters and thick mists. Whatever treasures he found, even if he didn’t need them, he kept them carefully, exchanged them for Purple Crystals, but unwilling to spend them on himself. He stored all of them to buy medicine for his daughter.

Whenever he heard that there was medicine somewhere, he rushed over at top-speed.

Day after day, year after year.

For his daughter to recover a healthy body, he was always on the road, working himself to the bones, just holding a bit of hope, so slim that it was almost unreachable, traveling all over the Nine Heavens!

How much hards.h.i.+p he must have suffered…

Did anyone know?

Right now, still for his daughter’s medicine, he came all the way to Tianji City, yet got arrested by Zhuge Clan and tortured in their prison, just because of a nephew out of nowhere?

Chu Le’er at the side was finally unable to restrain herself, and suddenly burst into tears.

“Well! What a Zhuge Clan, a super clan worthy of the name indeed. Such honest means! Such upright schemes! Good! Very good indeed!” Chu Yang sneered, and said word by word, “I’ll remember this!”

He yelled, “Zhuge Changchang! Are you going to seal your cultivation and come over, or are you going to force me to do it myself?”

Zhuge Changchang finally felt relieved, knowing that his life could be preserved. At this moment, why would he still care about the other’s manner of speech?

Hurriedly, he sealed his cultivation tight, and sat down on the ground abruptly. He said, “Brother Chu, I can help you to save your third uncle.”

Chu Yang gave him a disgusted look. To someone like this, he really didn’t want to waste one more word. He waved a hand, and Dong Wushang sealed the man’s cultivation once more, tied him up roughly and threw him into the room.

A long cry of pain came from the room.

Dong Wushang’s methods were much rougher than most people indeed…

“Big Brother… You have to save my daddy…” Chu Le’er wiped her tears and got even more sad the more she thought about it. “He’s suffered so much for me…”

Chu Yang only felt a tightness in his throat. He said heavily, “Rest a.s.sured, I will definitely save Third Uncle!”

The war was over and everyone felt their hearts a bit uplifted. Though the matter of Chu Feihan clouded over everyone’s minds, the greatest crisis had finally pa.s.sed after all. The rarest thing was that none of them was injured, which made them even happier.

Meng Chaoran stood outside the door, stroked his beard and smiled.

Mo Qingwu had long rushed out of the room and kept on complaining. If it was so easy, why was I not allowed to come out? And you actually arranged tasks for me…

Only now did she know, that that task didn’t need to be performed at all…

When she talked, both Mo Lei’er and Wu Qianqian started laughing. Looking at the little girl, with her pouted lips and rolled eyes, both of them felt a bit humored.

Right at this moment, someone called out indifferently, “You are Chu Yang?”

Chu Yang looked back abruptly, and felt a huge wave of pressure coming right toward him.

The Wind Fox just leaped from Chu Yang’s shoulders to Mo Qingwu’s arms. The fur on its whole body stood up. Its eyes looked toward the front with some fear.

Dong Wushang’s hand pressed onto the sheath of his knife, and Rui Butong also held on to the short sword in his clothes!

He saw that behind all of them, there was a man all in black. His whole body was covered in black clothes, with only two eyes showing.

His eyes were sharp and showed the vicissitudes of life. They were fixed on them.

And then, he put his hands behind him, and stood on the snow-covered ground more than a hundred feet away, but for their senses, there wasn’t such a person there at all!

They felt a great shock inside. This person was definitely a professional!

Furthermore, even though he wasn’t on the level of Moon Breeze, he couldn’t be far below.

Right then, when the great war had just ended, how could such a person suddenly appear?

Chu Yang’s irises shrank. Though this person retrained the aura all over his body, Chu Yang could still sense the strength and enmity of this person, and a vague murderous aura!

This person, he’s an enemy!

Chu Yang made the judgment in an instant.

He took one step forward. His arms were slightly spread-out, keeping the others behind him. And then, he took two steps forward and asked cautiously, “Who are you?”

At the same time, he internally called for the Sword Spirit to hurriedly possess him.

With this person’s strength, even everyone there combined together wouldn’t be his match!

Approval showed in this person’s eyes. He said, “Chu Yang, not bad indeed. No wonder you would gain the power and influence you have now. As a leader, you can detect danger immediately, it’s already not easy; for you to stand in front of your brothers after you detect danger, it is even more admirable. People like you are worthy of loyalty indeed.”

Chu Yang froze and said, “You haven’t answered my question yet!”

This person put his hands behind him and replied calmly, “What’s the point, whether I answer or not?”

Chu Yang took a deep breath and said, “There’s no point indeed!”

A smile appeared in the eyes of this mysterious person like spring water, yet it was spring water with vicissitude, with the smell of dead trees in the spring. He said unemotionally, “Rest a.s.sured, you don’t need to be so nervous. Today, I only meant to take a look at you, but once I did, I decided to kill you! Because you are so outstanding, to let you live is really too great a threat!”

Chu Yang smiled slightly. “To kill me, it’s not as easy as you thought.”

As he spoke, the Sword Spirit had already possessed him. The Nine Tribulations Sword appeared in his hand with a clas.h.i.+ng sound. Immediately, Chu Yang turned into a long wave, flying up from the ground and squinted out across several hundred feet in the air!

This person is strong, you can’t beat him!

This was the warning of the Sword Spirit.

Yet Chu Yang had no choice.

Because he knew that with the least bit of hesitation on his part, his brothers would go on, and to go on, was to seek their own deaths.

He couldn’t retreat.

Once he retreated, his brothers would disregard their own lives in an attempt to stop this person and create the time for him to escape. His brothers would still die!

So, for Chu Yang to leave, there was only one way left!

To break out from the front and leave!

With Dong Wushang and others left, judging from the position of this person, if he said he wouldn’t kill them, he would surely keep that promise. Besides, Chu Yang himself was his main target. Should he run after Chu Yang, Dong Wushang, Mo Qingwu and others would be even safer.

Of course, all these were based on him being able to escape successfully!

His sword turned into a long rainbow.

The mysterious man in black showed approval in his eyes. His body floated up in the air lightly.

His palm went out from the side, and with a loud bang, it hit onto the Nine Tribulations Sword. Chu Yang’s body which was possessed by the Sword Spirit was abruptly shaken. He spat out blood immediately.

That man in black’s eyes froze. “Cultivation of Saint of Swords? Actually a seventh-grade Saint of Swords. You’ve concealed your ability after all!”

With a clash, his other palm hit upon the sword.

Though his talking took little time, it was still quite long in relation to the speed of sword-wielding by the Sword Spirit. Yet after he finished talking and hit out another time, it could still hit on that rapidly moving sword.

Under such circ.u.mstances, the extreme paradox of the fast and the slow made everyone look so uncomfortable that they felt as though they were going to spit out blood.

Chu Yang’s body shook again. He spat out another mouthful of blood, his body inclined and prepared to go past his body.

Yet this man in black’s body retreated lightly and stopped him once more. He hit out with his palm again.

And again the Sword Spirit was shocked: this man already had preliminary mastery of the rules of s.p.a.ce…

Right at that moment, an angry roar came, and a sharp flash of black light turned into a bolt of lightning between the heaven and earth. Dong Wushang held his Black Saber and rushed over wildly!

At that moment, Dong Wushang unleashed all his life potential without any restraint, and hit out his saber in the most powerful move he had done all his life1

He didn’t speak, yet his heart, his soul, his spirit, his power, his mind… everything was molten into this one single movement of his saber!

“Great saber!”

Admiration showed in the eyes of the man in black once more.

At the same time, Rui Butong also rushed up like a flash of lightning and went for the man in black.

A red light flashed, Mo Qingwu’s red sleeves moved and her saber cut out with great force!

Before her, a white shadow shoot out like a flash of lightning, going directly toward the man in black. It was exactly the Wind fox!

Clear and bright sword light flashed. Wu Qianqian and Mo Lei’er went out together, one on the left and one on the right. Apparently, Wu Qianqian was much faster than Mo Lei’er.

A flash of sword light came from the back. Meng Chaoran rushed over with his sword!

Chu Le’er’s pet.i.te body flew up in the air, attacking the enemy for the first time in her life!

At once, eight people and one spirit beast started the attack together.

Scorn showed in the eyes of the man in black. His fist went out in attack!

It hit the edge of Dong Wushang’s Black Saber. With a clas.h.i.+ng sound, the Black Saber was broken from the middle. Dong Wushang’s chest bones collapsed and he flew backward rapidly, spitting out blood. At the same time, his left fist hit on Wind fox. Wind fox let out a scream and fell from the sky.

His fingers flexed lightly, and several waves of sharp winds were released. Mo Lei’er screamed in pain, as several b.l.o.o.d.y holes appeared on her shoulders and legs. She fell from the air.

His foot kicked, kicking Mo Qingwu with her saber across more than a hundred feet.

All of these happened at the same time. Rui Butong rushed up from the back. The man in black sneered and kicked out. It went right at Rui Butong’s stomach. Rui Butong cried out, as his internal organs were broken. He spat out a mouthful of blood, yet he hugged onto the man’s left foot.

The man’s legs shook slightly, about to throw him out. Yet Rui Butong bowed his head just at that moment, and his sharp teeth bit into his calf hard!


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