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Volume 9 – Chapter 67: The Destined Encounter

There was loud noise all around… which sounded like a vent.

When it opened its eyes, it saw a crimson cloud… In front, it saw a young little boy standing on a fence with his arms spreading out as if he wanted to ride the wind.

For some reason, such a back figure subconsciously attracted it… it stood up and walked towards this figure. However, it had forgotten the fact that it was seriously injured. It just took two steps, and it fell directly to the ground.

“You are awake?”

Windchaser heard the movement and turned around, jumped off the fence, walked over and helped it up, “Are you okay?”

“Who are you…? What is this… place?”

“My name is Windchaser.” Windchaser wiped his nose and glanced around, “Here? This is where I live, my home!”

“But here…” It looked around.

The huge pipes were intertwined, and there was a huge water tank… this place that couldn’t even be called as a nest was randomly built with cardboard boxes and wood at the places where these pipes were intertwined. In fact, it was just a rooftop of a tall building.

“Yeah!” Windchaser nodded, “Actually, it’s very good here… By the way, what’s your name? How could you get hurt?”

Yin Greedy Wolf… no matter how I call, there is no response. I am afraid it is the aftereffects of using Greedy Wolf Descend, plus the heavy injury I suffered from the white-haired woman’s attack… Has it fallen asleep now?

Even my body is…

It shook his head, “You’d better not ask more about me, thank you for saving me. I’m leaving now… I will repay you if there is an opportunity.”

As it said, it held to the wall next to it, planning to leave here. Its body was staggering as if it could fall at any time. In fact, it was going to fall again after walking a few steps.

Windchaser was shocked and jumped over quickly. He stretched out his hand to help it, “Hey, what’s wrong with you? Don’t force yourself!”

“Let… let me go…” It whispered.

“Hey, don’t force it. Look at you, you can’t even walk properly!” Windchaser frowned, “Don’t be so stubborn! I told you that I was stubborn before, so I suffered a lot! Sometimes, you have to accept the kindness of others!”

“Let… Let go of me!” She insisted. Her voice sounded angry, “You… your hand, let go… let go!”

“Hand?” Windchaser was taken aback, only to realize that the place where his palm touched at this time was a little awkward.

Windchaser quickly let go of his hand, and he said hurriedly, “I… I didn’t mean it!”

“Even if you did it on purpose, now I …” She fainted on the ground again before she finished her words.

Windchaser looked a little embarra.s.sed. At first, when he saw this guy falling in front of him, his first thought was to send her to the hospital. Later, he felt a very weak demon beast power on this guy, so he couldn’t send him to the ordinary hospital; he should send him to Long Xiruo.

But Windchaser had been wandering outside for a long time after all, so he was careful for his every move.

When the demon beast in this city went to the pet hospital for treatment, they were usually really sick. If they were injured due to fighting, they would be reprimanded by the True Dragon of Divine Land. Because Long Xiruo had repeatedly given orders to prohibit any kind of fight between demon beasts.

However, some demon beasts were inherently warlike, and they were not able to comply with this rule very well. Therefore, as long as they still had their last breath after being injured, they rather chose to slowly recover the injury themselves than facing this Master Long.

Before figuring out why this guy was hurt so badly, Windchaser still didn’t plan to send her there.

Windchaser looked at her, who looked pale, and he suddenly became a little distracted. Probably because she was weak, she was not able to maintain her human form properly.

A hairy silver tail came out from the position of her hind hip, and her ears became pointed.

“She seems to be a wolf?” Windchaser looked closer at the other person; this exquisite face made him hold his breath slightly… especially looking at the pale pink lips.

I really want to… own her myself

For an instant, this terrible thought came out of nowhere in Windchaser’s mind. When he gained his senses, he had gotten close to her face. Windchaser was frightened with cold sweat behind his back, and he jumped away.

“No way, no way! How can I, Sir Windchaser, do such a thing!” Windchaser shook his head vigorously.

He wanted to calm himself down, so he simply jumped directly into the water tank on the roof of the building.

Urm… so cold!!

However, her body is really soft; very soft.

Number 18 seemed to be keen to approach Zhu Maolin like Little Lu.

For example, today, Number 18 planned an encounter with Zhu Maolin. As long as Zhu Maolin came out of the client’s company, it would stage an encounter.

It’s just that Zhu Maolin ran into a big traffic jam on the road, and the traffic jam could only be cleared after a long time. Therefore, when Zhu Maolin came to the client’s company, it was almost evening… Not knowing when would the discussion between Zhu Maolin and the client’s company end, so Number 18 had to once again change her moves.

Of course, to Dazhe, such behavior seemed to be a bit redundant… He didn’t quite understand what this Senior Black Soul Messenger was thinking in her head.

“However, what happened on the river bank just now? Why Zhan Lu warned me just now?” Dazhe asked Number 18 who was looking at the floor of the client’s company where Zhu Maolin was located.

Number 18 said calmly, “I’m not interested in what happens. I just know that master and Ms. You Ye were nearby. So even if something happens, it’s not our turn to ask more… We just have to mind our own business.”

Seducing someone to have an affair is also our business… Dazhe felt powerless to complain.

I still don’t understand. Isn’t the club letting guests buy things… Even if Zhu Maolin really has an affair, at most, it will only destroy the relations.h.i.+p between the husband and wife right? So what would Zhu Maolin, as an investor, want to buy?

Regret? If he regrets, what would he want?

“Finally, he came out.” Number 18 sneered at this time. After lifting the black robe on her body, she once again became Little Lu’s appearance and came to the back corner of the building.

She looked at Dazhe and said calmly, “It’s your turn, remember to act your part convincingly. Don’t make any mistakes. Is it clear?”

“Yes…” Dazhe sighed, “Your family is very poor, and your father borrowed a lot of money from usury. Then I am here to collect your debt…”

As Dazhe said, he naturally showed an unusual banditness. Number 18 took a look and nodded, “Well, your acting really seems good.”

Things like collecting debt, I had been doing that before I quit. So, this can be regarded as… acting out my own character.

However, is this kind of drama very cliché?

Dazhe sighed again, then he waited for Zhu Maolin to come out of the building.

It seemed that the maid’s smile was much brighter after Nero was teleported away at the moment of falling into the river.

Boss Luo also looked away from the battle, and he had returned to the club with the maid. Out of curiosity, Boss Luo also looked at the situation of the young master of the Greedy Wolf Clan.

“I didn’t expect the young master of the Greedy Wolf Clan to run into Windchaser.” The maid who was watching along smiled slightly, “Yin Greedy Wolf and Greedy Wolf Star are separated by thousands of mountains and rivers, but they meet here… Isn’t it a destined encounter?”

As for what would happen, that would be in the future.

Boss Luo just smiled without speaking because at this moment… the club had a guest.

The bell rang suddenly, and a woman looked around blankly. She was still carrying a bag in her hand.

“Me, why did I suddenly…”

The boss has stood up and greeted softly, “Welcome to my shop, is there anything I can help you, Ms. Hou Chen Yuhan.”

That’s right, the guest who walked in by herself was the wife of the investor, Zhu Maolin, who was the target of Number 18… Hou Chen Yuhan.

Perhaps this was also another… destined encounter.


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