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A healthy looking old man stepped into the auction site with a youth by his side.

The old man was in a good health. His physical body seemed stronger than most young ones. The young man following him was looking around in curiosity.

“Zhan, no need to look at those worldly items,” the old man calmly said.

The young man lowered his head, tearing his gaze away. He had followed the old man for a long time, thus he soon smiled, “Master, if there is still some time, can I walk around after we obtain the jade containing the Koan Sutra?”

Then old man glared at the young, giving him a scare. “Stupid disciple, how many times have I told you, don’t attract attention. Don’t bring up the secret of the jade token. If anyone gets wind of it…”

The young interrupted his words with a serious face, “If anyone gets wind of it, those ghosts and monsters would covet it, which would mean fights everywhere. Then we won’t be able to cultivate quietly! Master, did I memorize it correctly?”

“Shut up!” the old man snorted, “From now on, meditate on the Inner Mind Sutra a 100 times.”

The young was dumbfounded. However, he dared not to go against his master, so he followed him while reciting the boring Inner Mind Sutra quietly.

Right then, an agitated 30- year-old man with an old black frame gla.s.ses fell right towards the old man.

The old man quickly caught him, but found out that his eyes were closed tightly. Furthermore, his complexion was pale and sweat beaded his forehead.

The old man frowned. He extended a palm to hold the man while pressing an acupuncture point.

Soon the patient woke up, “What happened to me?”

“Your breath suddenly became disordered, which caused your conscious to blur. Without my help, you would have fallen seriously ill.” The old man then stood up.

Indeed, the young man felt a warm current flowing through his body. His headache had also subsided a little bit, so he expressed his thanks, “Thank you for helping me.”

After showing his appreciation, the man hurried to the main meeting place of the auction.

“Who is he? He left just like that?” the disciple said.

“Did you finish reciting the sutra?” the old man asked.

“No…I’m reciting it now.” The young man zipped his lips at once.

The old man then continue walking slowly into the site.


“We’ve accepted your deposit of 150,000. It’ll be returned to you if you don’t buy anything in the auction. Please take care of your card and the original copy of the guarantee. This is my business card. You can look for me if you need any help.”

You Ye nodded and received all the receipts and doc.u.ments, except the business card. Then she turned and left.

His colleague, a female attendant, sn.i.g.g.e.red to herself as she watched him get rejected. She then started imagining why such a beautiful woman would be with such an ordinary looking boy.

The female attendant was shocked out of her daydream when her manager pounded on the table, “Take care of the work here, I’ll be back later.” The manager left saying those words, then headed to the meeting place.

You Ye walked up to Luo Qiu, and said softly, “What are you looking at?”

“Something interesting happened.” Luo Qiu smiled. Then retold the story of the old man and the man that fell. “The young man seemed nervous the whole time, but that old man seemed to be an old physician with knowledge of Chinese medicine. Perhaps he also specializes in acupuncture?”

“It might be the ‘Qi’ therapy from ancient China,” You Ye said.

Luo Qiu wanted to ask more about the mysterious ‘Qi Gong’…However, compared to the club, the b.u.t.terfly and mantis monster, it wasn’t anything special. So he asked, “Do a lot of people know ‘Qi Gong’?”

“What I said was ‘Qi’.” You Ye corrected him. “To be precise, there are ‘Nourishment Qi’ and ‘Defensive Qi’, which is different from the ‘Qi Gong’ that is known by the common people. In fact, the current Taoists are no match compared to the previous masters. Most skills have been lost throughout history. “

Luo Qiu smiled, “So it’s like the traditional crafts, lost in the pa.s.sage of time.”

“Master, it’s starting right now. Let’s go in,” You Ye reminded him.

Luo Qiu watched the time, “All right…by the way, how much deposit did you pay?”

You Ye smiled, “Less than the price of a spoonful of caviar that you eat.”

“Really?” Luo Qiu laughed and nodded.

Luo Qiu reached for the white jade token in his pocket. He felt as if it got a little warmer. He had no idea if it was his imagination or not.

He wanted to take it out and have a look. But suddenly, he felt a sense of discomfort. Turning around, he found a man staring at him.

if he recalled correctly, he was the man that was saved by the elder just now.


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