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‘If I can live up to 200 years old, the whole Europe will lie under my feet’— Ekaterina II.

“…Sophia•August has obtained ‘Zosimus handwritten copy’ by using love and fertility as transaction fees.”

“…Ekaterina II, has earned a gold mine by making an alchemic puppet.”

“…Ekaterina II, has earned 300 years of lifespan in exchange for her soul.”

The thickness of the account book, according to the appearance, was probably six centimeters, but the real number of pages was far more than what it looked like.

It seemed to be a book that couldn’t be finished reading— So, even if Luo Qiu planned to read the account books after returning from Romania, he couldn’t really finish even one amongst the dozen of these account books.

Perhaps for the book that he had picked, he finished only one percent or one out of several hundreds, or even slower. Yet, if he checked using the catalog, it was easy to find the page that he needed.

Since she was the creator of You Ye’s body, Luo Qiu was definitely curious about her. This Miss Sophia•August had three deals with the club. The handwritten copy was perhaps the opportunity for her to be an alchemist.

Later on, Sophia became the first female Tsar emperor throughout history. She took 10 years to create an alchemic puppet, and obtained a mine that was abundant in gold ore reserves—Calculating the time, Russia, in that period, seemed to be lack national treasures and was facing internal trouble and outside aggression.’

The third time was the 300 years of lifespan. According to the spirit of the club’s contract, this female emperor’s soul would be collected after 300 years… Checking Luo Qiu’s current time, there should be at least 50 years more for her.

However, this female emperor had already died — Nevertheless, the collecting time wouldn’t be changed. No matter the difference of one year, one month, one day, or even one second.

“Did she feign her death…”

Luo Qiu continued reading the account book, it was written that Ekaterina II’s soul hadn’t been collected—in other words, this former female Tsar emperor was still alive.

Because Ekaterina II was a customer who was waiting to pay the transaction fee, if Luo Qiu wanted to know her current location, he should just pay quite a reduced price to the club—to the extent that he felt the club was extremely generous in this part.

“Deducted three days of your lifespan successfully. Ekaterina II is now in Szczecin, Poland.”

Luo Qiu creased the part between his eyebrows unconsciously.

There was no need to push himeself to clear all the transactions that the club had made throughout these years.

Take it one step at a time.

The thing he needed to do now was… to achieve long-distance teleportation, not only in this city— Comparing with the beginning, the distance of teleportation had already been doubled.

“You Ye, No.9 didn’t come back throughout this duration right?”

Luo Qiu usually came back home punctually. Currently he still slept at home.Therefore, if Black Soul No.9 returned, they wouldn’t meet each other.

Throughout these days, he had not received the information cards of the potential customer that No.9 had handed in to You Ye.

Although it was not the rigid requirement of the club for Black Soul Envoys to hand in their information, Black Soul Envoys were usually more hardworking to achieve higher sales.

Such as Tai Yinzi.

In fact, seeing Black Soul No.9 for the first time gave Luo Qiu a feeling that it would be the kind that devoted itself to develop customers.

But was it tired of it recently?

“No, not yet.” You Ye answered quickly, “Master, do you want No.9 to come back? It’s still in the city.”

Luo Qiu considered for several seconds, “No need…Well, let me go and have a look.”

No breakthrough had been found regarding the matters about ‘Gospel’. Furthermore, it was too embarra.s.sing for the boss himself to find potential customers outside, so Luo Qiu decided that going out to take a look was not a bad idea.

He smiled and said, “Come with me, since it is a waste of time doing nothing here.”

The pet center didn’t open for business in the recent two days but Luo Dance dared not stop working.

The little b.u.t.terfly monster didn’t want to do nothing so she cleaned the pet center from inside out.

She stood barefoot on the brand-new floor, like a mirror, she could see her appearance. Luo Dance grabbed the mop by in one hand, while the other wiped the sweat on her forehead. A sense of satisfaction emerged from her heart.

Luo Dance decided to drink two cartons … no, three cartons of milk to reward herself!

Bang, bang—!

Right now, a sound of something dropping was heard from the treatment room. Thinking of the young girl with black clothes who had popped up that day slept there, Luo Dance ran over there barefooted in a hurry.

In the treatment room, half Hanba Su Zijun fell down. She held the edge of the operating table that was originally used for animal surgery which was now her temporary bed. It seemed that she wanted to get up with its support.

Those tools that were placed on the shelf near to the operating table perhaps dropped when she fell down

“Ah, what happened to you? You should not leave the bed!”

Luo Dance hurried to Su Zijun, grabbing her arm to help her up and sit back on the operating table.

“Who are you?”

No longer could those dark red eyes like that day be seen. Luo Dance now saw white and black eyes of this half Hanba.

“I’m Luo Dance, the a.s.sistant of Sister Long.”

“Sister Long?”

Luo Dance opened her bright eyes, “Sister Long is Long Xiruo, you should know her.”

“Tut, turns out that you’re the newly received servant of the old hag.” Half Hanba Maid indifference on her paper-like pale face, giving off a sense of coldness.

The little b.u.t.terfly monster had no experience in dealing with customers of such character, so she didn’t know how to reply… If Sister Long heard someone calling her ‘the old hag’, she might go into a frenzy.

She still remembered that not long ago a cat monster aunt brought her son. here. That little cat monster was crying and resisting the injection while shouting ‘Old hag, go away’. At that time, sister Long’s face was full of indignation— Anyway, the little cat monster left with pain, tears and snot, and shouted that it would never want to come back here anymore!

But now, Su Zijun stretched out her hands and pulled Luo Dance towards her, starting to use her nose to sniff the b.u.t.terfly’s neck.

She felt a little bit ticklish and intended to push her away, but was afraid of hurting her— After all, she just recovered from a serious injury. Now, the b.u.t.terfly monster didn’t know how to deal with it.

Yet at this moment, half Hanba, Su Zijun grasped Luo Dance’s breast all of a sudden and kneaded them with a little force.

“Well… what are you doing…”

Su Zijun didn’t do it for long. She let go after several seconds. A sudden vicious desire flashed across her eyes, but showed reluctance finally, “You are too young, I’m not interested, wait another 200 years.”


‘Did she…attempt to eat me?’ the little b.u.t.terfly monster felt a s.h.i.+ver on her back with cold sweat starting to emerge. Her body turned weak, seeing stars.

Seemed like she was to faint.

Suddenly, Su Zijun lifted up a little bit of her dress. Her fair thighs were seen. She pointed at the holes left on the inner side, “There’s half bottle of blood left there, and the syringe has the smell of the blood. The old hag Long Xiruo isn’t that unskillful. So, did you do this?”

“I, I… this is my first time…”

“Tut, so what?” Su Zijun snorted, “Do you want me to thank you for injecting such inferior blood into my body?”

“I, I’m not…”

‘Sister Long, come back soon… this guy is too hard to get along with!’


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