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Chapter 331: Wei Zhiqian the Fool

Qin Muye puffed out her cheeks.

She was angry!

Ming Yeqing smiled and picked out a piece of yam with blueberries for her. “You like this too.”

“Yes!” Qin Muye immediately smiled again. “You really understand me.”

“Yam paste is soft and smooth, and with the blueberry sauce it tastes as good as ice cream,” Ming Yeqing said gently. “While you are on your period and you shouldn’t eat ice cream, you can try this instead.”

Qing Mufeng: “……”

Why was this kid saying these kinds of things in front of him?

Wei Zhiqian looked coldly at how Ming Yeqing was busy serving Qin Muye.

Then he looked at Tan Mo, who had started eating.

She was afraid to get the dress dirty and had put on a special jacket, which she used to cover the dress and protect it while she was eating.

At this time of year, it was a little bit cold to wear an off-shoulder dress.

The bottom of the skirt was thick and heavy and could keep her warm, but her shoulders could get cold easily.

It was a good idea to wear a jacket.

Moreover, the fair skin of the young lady was too attention-grabbing.

With the jacket, Tan Mo’s mind was at ease, and she could eat without worrying about dirtying the dress.

Wei Zhiqian himself wasn’t eating, but was busy picking dishes for Tan Mo.

“The person you like, is it Ming Yeqing?” Wei Zhiqian suddenly asked.

His words caused all of the Tan family members at the table to look over at him.

Other than Wei Zhiqian, everyone seated at this table was from the Tan family.

Now, everyone from the Tan family looked toward Tan Mo.

Tan Wenci was so angry that he wanted to slap the table, “Whaaat?”

His daughter had just turned into an adult today, and there was already this nightmare…

Could it be that his precious daughter was going to be given to someone else so quickly?

Since Tan Mo had been born, Tan Wenci had always thought about the day Tan Mo would get married.

Every time he thought about it, his eyes would turn red.

He could only hope that that day would arrive later, rather than sooner.

He didn’t think that it would come this early.

Tan Jinqi: “……”

As he’d expected, Ming Yeqing had bad ambitions!

He’d had his eye on Ming Yeqing for a long time.

Tan Jinsheng stood up so fast his chair almost toppled over. “I will go and break his legs!”

Tan Jinyi’s eyes watered. WHOHOO! “If she has someone she likes, then the person she likes the most is no longer me?”

Xu Mingzhen: “……”

She glanced at Wei Zhiqian with a complicated expression.

Look at how one sentence of his had caused so much chaos.

Xu Mingzhen had to suddenly become busy because of him.

She had to stop Tan Jinsheng from lifting a chair to beat Ming Yeqing up, while consoling everyone else and calming them down.

Upon hearing Wei Zhiqian’s question, Tan Mo almost spat out the soup in her mouth. PFFT!

To hold it in, she started to choke.

Her nose became uncomfortable, and she coughed until her face was red.

Wei Zhiqian quickly fed Tan Mo some water and gently patted her back to clear her airways.

The movements from their table caused other people to look over.

Qin Muye asked curiously, “What happened at Mo Mo’s table?”

“Young Master Wei is there, so there will be no problems.” Ming Yeqing had yet to know that he was implicated in the situation.

Qin Mufeng sneered.

Only Wei Zhiqian the fool could possibly think that Ming Yeqing liked Tan Mo.

Tan Mo finally calmed down after some difficulty.

Although she had not recovered fully, she could at least speak.

She quickly said, “No! What are you talking about. Yeqing is just my good friend. Who spread this rumor?”

“It’s not Ming Yeqing?” Wei Zhiqian was doubtful.

“I really only see him as a friend, and he only sees me as a friend.” Tan Mo was very clear about this.

“Who was it that spread this rumor? They are just nasty,” Tan Mo said angrily.

“Wei Keli said so,” Wei Zhiqian put the blame on Wei Keli without a moment’s hesitation.

Previously at Beijing University, when he was trying to find Tan Mo, he had used his ability to judge where Tan Mo was based on the direction of the voices.

He had then heard Wei Keli’s guess.

Wei Keli had told Tan Mo how it felt like to like someone.

Although Wei Zhiqian was not able to see Tan Mo’s reaction, he could deduce it from Wei Keli’s words.

From what Wei Keli said at that time, Tan Mo’s heart must be occupied by someone.

Wei Keli suspected it was Ming Yeqing.

To be honest, Wei Zhiqian also felt that the possibility that it was Ming Yeqing was very high.

At this time, Tan Mo wasn’t thinking about Wei Zhiqian’s hearing ability and thought that when Wei Zhiqian asked her to wait outside first, he might had been lecturing Wei Keli.

Then he heard that from Wei Keli at that time.

“He really is stupid and has a loose tongue,” Tan Mo said angrily. “He guessed it wrong and still spread the rumor. If Yeqing and Muye heard that, it would be so awkward.”

Tan Wenci sighed a sigh of relief. “You mean that you do not like Ming Yeqing?”

“It is not that kind of like, it is the like toward a friend,” Tan Mo spoke seriously and carefully.

She really did like Ming Yeqing, who was one of her best friends.

Tan Jinqi’s expression relaxed.

Tan Jinsheng finally stopped fighting with Xu Mingzhen over his chair.

Tan Jinyi took a piece of tissue to wipe his eyes and no longer felt upset.

“If it is not Ming Yeqing, who is it?” Wei Zhiqian would not let the matter rest easily. “From what I heard from Wei Keli, you do have someone you like.”

Wei Zhiqian’s words caused the Tan family’s father and sons who had just relaxed to become anxious again.

They looked toward Tan Mo.

Tan Mo: “……”

What was going on with Uncle?

“No, there is no one!” Tan Mo shook her head with great strength. “When do I have time to be with other people?

“I go to cla.s.s every day and have to shuttle between Professor Zhao and Professor Guo’s research labs, and recently I’ve been going to Professor Yue’s research lab as well. I am very busy,” Tan Mo said.

Tan Jinsheng decided to put his two cents in. “But in your cla.s.ses and the research labs of the three professors, there must be plenty of male students…”

“I hardly ever interact with the others in my cla.s.ses.” Tan Mo was getting depressed. Why are these things not cleared up after she’d made her explanations to these people?

“As for the handsome men in the research labs of the three professors, they are all on the doctorate level and are very old,” Tan Mo said. “Moreover, I was previously young and underage. They are not perverts. Why would they come and flirt with me? Even if I was of age, there still is quite a large age gap.”

Tan Jinqi nodded. “This is true.”

People who have reached the doctorate level would have a big age gap with Tan Mo.

This was why Wei Keli felt that the person Tan Mo liked was Ming Yeqing.

Wei Keli really shouldn’t be blamed for guessing blindly.

“Why would Wei Keli guess this?” Xu Mingzhen felt as if it was odd.

Tan Mo pouted in disgust and said, “He knew that I was turning 18 today and came over to tell me that both families had agreed that we should get married in the future. And he wanted me to be his girlfriend now.”

“Dream on!” Tan Wenci said with real anger.

“Of course, I did not agree. I said directly that I do not like him, and he became angry, guessed blindly, and asked if I liked Yeqing because I hang out with Yeqing usually.”


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