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Chapter 279: Full of Herself

Yuan Keqing and her cla.s.smates in the tour group approached the cla.s.sroom where Ming Yeqing’s cla.s.s was.

They saw that there was a huge crowd surrounding the cla.s.sroom.

“What’s going on here? Is there an event going on?” Someone from the tour group asked curiously.

“I haven’t heard of any event going on here. Let me go and ask,” the Beijing University student who was leading the tour said.

She hoped it wasn’t anything like a quarrel, because she would surely be embarra.s.sed in front of the high schoolers.

It probably wasn’t.

She didn’t hear any sounds of an argument.

The student amba.s.sador hurried over and asked a student in the crowd.

But obviously, Yuan Keqing and her cla.s.smates didn’t stand still.

They squeezed into the crowd to get a look at what was happening.

Then they heard someone among the crowd outside of the cla.s.sroom say, “It’s Tan Mo. She is solving Professor Yue’s problem. That problem has been up on the blackboard several days already, and Professor Yue said he will wait and see who can solve it first. But who knew that Tan Mo would come and try to solve the problem?”

“Tan Mo, my cousin?” a soft voice said with a note of astonishment.

Everyone turned and looked at her.

They saw that the person who had spoken was Yuan Keqing. The student leading the tour asked her, “Why did you leave your group and push up here?”

“I heard that my cousin was inside, so I came here to get a look at what was happening,” Yuan Keqing said quietly.

One of the other students asked with curiosity, “Your cousin is inside?”

“Her cousin is Tan Mo,” the student amba.s.sador explained.

“May I go in?” Yuan Keqing asked with a shy look on her face.

High school seniors were obviously not young anymore, but in the eyes of college soph.o.m.ores they were still kids.

They thought Yuan Keqing must be extremely shy, seeing that she spoke in such a quiet tone. They worried that they would scare her, so they quieted down.

And they made a path for Yuan Keqing to walk through.

Yuan Keqing walked to the door and saw Tan Mo inside. Tan Mo was standing before the whiteboard thinking.

Yuan Keqing rolled her eyes without anyone noticing.

Tan Mo was at it again.

Pretending that she could actually solve a problem like that.

“Tan Mo,” Yuan Keqing called out.

Tan Mo was just thinking through different methods of calculation, because she needed to choose the one with the simplest solution.

She was highly focused and didn’t hear Yuan Keqing call her.

Everyone looked at Tan Mo, then they turned to look at Yuan Keqing.

Yuan Keqing realized how everyone was looking at her, and she felt her blood boiling.

They must think that she had been lying.

She called out to Tan Mo, but Tan Mo just flatly ignored her.

She was so sure that Tan Mo did it on purpose.

Tan Mo wanted her to be embarra.s.sed.

Yuan Keqing bit her lips, then with a moment’s hesitation, walked into the cla.s.sroom and stood next to Tan Mo. She reached out her fingers and poked Tan Mo on the arm, “Tan Mo”.

Yuan Keqing raised her voice slightly.

Tan Mo’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted, and, when she came back to herself, she felt a bit confused.

There was a confused look in her eyes.

Tan Mo’s face was being blocked by Yuan Keqing.

Otherwise, if others had seen that rare look of confusion on Tan Mo’s face, they would’ve thought it super cute.

Tan Mo tilted her head and asked curiously, “Why are you here?”

Why was Yuan Keqing here?

“I came to visit the campus.” Yuan Keqing felt embarra.s.sed.

She hadn’t been admitted to Beijing University, she was just here on a tour.

She’d wanted to meet Tan Mo here and tell her that she’d been admitted.

But now she had to say that she was here on a tour.

Yuan Keqing said hurriedly, “Tan Mo, I’ve heard that you are like a celebrity at school.”

Tan Mo looked at her curiously and blinked her eyes, waiting for her to continue.

“Especially in the Language and History Departments…” Yuan Keqing had omitted the Finance Department purposely and continued, “But Tan Mo…you are enrolled in the Finance Department. Why are you more known for your activities in the other departments?”

She’d never heard about anything Tan Mo had done in the Finance Department.

“As for that…” Tan Mo said with a smile, “you will understand after you get into Beijing University.”

Yuan Keqing’s face hardened.

What did Tan Mo mean?

Was she mocking her and insinuating that she couldn’t get into Beijing University?

“Tan Mo, what I wanted to say was, you have done a lot for the Departments of History and Language, and you are also liked a lot by the professors there. But after all, that is different from aeros.p.a.ce engineering. You don’t know anything about this subject.” Yuan Keqing spoke in a thin tone, as if she was speaking privately, but actually she made sure that everyone could hear what she said.

To be fair, that required some skill in itself.

“There’s no need for you to pretend here. Isn’t that faking things a little?” Yuan Keqing had a worried look on her face, and she said with a look of resignation, “Isn’t it enough to be heralded in the Departments of Language and History?

“Now you’ve come here without permission, and you are trying to… I think that isn’t the right thing to do,” Yuan Keqing said with an urgent look. “Tan Mo, I know that you are famous here, and you probably enjoy the feeling of being famous. But…you should know your limits…”

Yuan Keqing said that to all of the students surrounding the cla.s.sroom.

So Ming Yeqing also heard what she’d said.

That person was Tan Mo’s cousin?

Tan Mo never mentioned Yuan Keqing because she hated Yuan Keqing. She was like the version 2.0 of Qin Murong.

Tan Mo had said that Yuan Keqing was even more distasteful than Qin Murong.

Ming Yeqing wasn’t sure what such a person would be like. He didn’t think it was possible for a person to be more distasteful than Qin Murong, so he was curious.

But now he knew, for sure.

“Tan Mo’s cousin is much more mature than Tan Mo,” someone in the crowd said.

Those who were loitering outside to get a look at what was happening also took the opportunity and squeezed themselves into the cla.s.sroom.

More and more people crowded into the cla.s.sroom. Soon the cla.s.sroom was filled with people.

“Tan Mo seems to be getting a bit full of herself recently.”

“That’s what happens when you get famous all of a sudden.”

“She is still small after all. She isn’t very mature yet. After getting some attention, she got too full of herself. It’s interesting that she thinks our subject is the same as History and Language. It isn’t a subject that you can master by doing some leisurely reading. If a humanities major like her actually solved the problem that Professor Yue gave us, then what are we doing here studying so hard?”

Yuan Keqing heard those voices and smiled to herself, but the look on her face got even more worried, “Tan Mo, why don’t you just…stop.”

“I know how to solve this problem. Why shouldn’t I do it?” Tan Mo asked her, confused. “I’m not trying to get attention. I am here because I was bored waiting for a friend. I took a look around and saw this problem, so I decided to try solving it while I waited.

“I didn’t come here to prove anyone wrong… You make it sound as if I am trying to do something bad against the students here,” Tan Mo said, looking troubled.

“And didn’t you simply come here to tour the school? Whether you can get into Beijing University or not in the future… At least right now, you are not a student here.” Tan Mo tilted her head and finished, “You said that I shouldn’t dabble with this subject. Then why are you here getting involved with matters of my university?”


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