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Chapter 210: I’m worried you’ll ruin my things

“I’ll also do my best to write faster. It’ll help you save time since you don’t need to find an external expert.” Tan Mo was an expert herself. She didn’t even need to do any additional research to get the job done. All she had to do was write.

“I’ll try my very best to write quicker than you shoot,” she said. “If I can do that, it’d be easier to deal with then there are minor changes to be made, or if you want to shoot with two groups.” Tan Mo smiled proudly as she tilted her head.

“It would be perfect if that turned out to be the case!” Director Liu could not contain his appreciation and excitement.

Initially, there would’ve been huge pressure to rewrite the entire script. But now? A miracle had happened.

Of course he was ecstatic.

“Then, can you write one part and show it to me tomorrow?” Director Liu said in an understanding tone. “I shouldn’t be bothering you this much though.”

“That’s not a problem,” Tan Mo smiled politely. “Director Liu, you don’t need to feel bad. I understand the situation you’re in. You need to a.s.sess my scriptwriting abilities and see if they’d match up to your standards. This is completely normal. If my work doesn’t match up to your standards, you’ll have to find another scriptwriter within such short notice. It wouldn’t be ideal if you only realized there was an issue once I finished the entire script.”

“Additionally, you haven’t seen any of my scripts before,” Tan Mo explained. “It’s only logical for you to want to take a look.”

Director Liu let out a sigh of relief.

Even as a student of Professor Gu and Professor Tang, she was still willing to help out this much.

Although she was just a young teenager, Director Liu realized that he shouldn’t underestimate her.

“I’ll be heading back to my room first to get started then.” Tan Mo waved goodbye and left in a hurry.

She had already thought this through. There would be requirements for this.

As she left in a hurry, everyone else was left to process what had just happened.

A short while later, Director Liu looked over at Professor Tang and Tan Jin Qi. “Tan Mo has helped to rea.s.sure me about this entire situation.”

She’s so reliable!

If Tan Mo said she could do it, then she would do it as soon as possible. Not hold ups of the sort.

“You’ll be even more rea.s.sured tomorrow.” Even though Tan Jin Qi didn’t know when exactly Tan Mo learned scriptwriting, he was highly confident in Tan Mo’s abilities.

“Director Liu, Tan Mo knows a lot about history, and even ancient Chinese, but what does she know about scriptwriting?” Yuan Qi Shan was a little worried.

“We can see what she’s got for us tomorrow and discuss it then.” Director Liu ignored her comment. “If there are any unsuitable sections, you can be the editor and help with those parts.”

Yuan Qi Shan raised her voice. “You want me to be her a.s.sistant?”

She was the official scriptwriter, but now she had to a.s.sist Tan Mo?

Director Liu really meant that even though scriptwriting wasn’t her specialty, he was still going to let her handle it.

She would be helping her to edit it.

“Ha ha ha.” Professor Tang stood up. “Scriptwriter Yuan, don’t be in such a rush. Maybe she won’t even need you as her editor.”

Yuan Qi Shan went silent.

Were they serious right now?

Shen Jing Yi lowered her eyes.

If Tan Mo was actually in charge of the entire script, then she’d be useless here.

Historical events and figures were part of Tan Mo’s specialty too,. There was absolutely no need for discussion between them.

She even lost the chance of redeeming herself in front of Professor Tang now.

She can’t let Tan Mo succeed!

The meeting ended and everyone left Director Liu’s room.

Shen Jing Yi headed back to her own room. She sat down on her bedside and thought about everything that had happened.

Meanwhile, Tan Mo started to work on the script.

Since she had volunteered to do it, she was going to do it properly and efficiently.

There was one issue though; she had forgotten to bring her computer with her.

Thankfully, she had brought along her iPad. It was for watching dramas when she got bored though.

She supposed it could be a lifesaver right now.

Tan Mo would now follow Yuan Qi Shan’s chosen time period and start writing. The time period chosen was actually not bad.

But the starting point was slightly off.

Tan Mo sat on her bed and laid on her pillow.

She placed her iPad on her knees and started typing away.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

She thought it was Tan Jin Qi, so she put down her iPad to go get the door.

Little did she know it was Shen Jing Yi.

“Senior Shen.” Tan Mo didn’t say anything and fasted the door chain.

Shen Jing Yi was didn’t say anything.

She’s making it obvious that she’s avoiding him.

“Senior Shen, it’s late. What are you doing here?” Tan Mo asked through the slit in thedoor.

“…” Shen Jing Yi drooped her eyes to prevent herself from looking at the chain. “Won’t you let me in? It’s a bit strange if I’m talking to you in the hallway.”

“Just say what you want to say. I’m worried you’ll break something if you come in.”

Tan Mo’s words were so straightforward that it caught Shen Jing Yi off-guard.

“What… Why would I ruin your things?” Shen Jing Yi scrunched up her face as she failed to control her expression.

“Senior Shen, you can just stand outside anyways.” Tan Mo smiled as her eyebrows creased. “It’s as simple as that.”

Shen Jing Yi was speechless once again.

Was she there to wreck havoc?

She had to stand outside just to prove that she wasn’t?

What kind of buffoonery is this!

“Is there some sort of misunderstanding between us?” Shen Jing Yi had a face of hurt as she asked sincerely.

Tan Mo simply only blinked twice in response, as if she didn’t understand what Shen Jing Yi was saying. She put on a face of hurt and said quietly, “If that’s what you think, then that’s what it is.”

Shen Jing Yi had no response to this either.

Why did this line sound so familiar?

A few moments later, she remembered. This was what she had said to Zhong Liu Si!

Tan Mo was now returning the words.

Shen Jing Yi momentarily felt anger rise up in her stomach.

The words she had used to defeat someone else was now being used on her.

That’s disgusting!

Shen Jing Yi laughed coldly in her heart.

Tan Mo was so young, yet she already knew what grudges and revenge was.

But then again, resentment was understandable. To think that she would voluntarily show it. Seems like she wasn’t smart enough.

If one really harbored bitter feelings, you’d have to catch the other person off guard when enacting your revenge.

The trick was to only expose yourself at the very end so that your enemy would be angry.

That’s what paying off old scores really looked like.

You’d only be a fool if you were only wis.h.i.+ng for that fleeting moment of satisfaction and ended up exposing yourself early on.

But Shen Jing Yi didn’t find it hard to understand.

Tan Mo would only turn 16 after Chinese New Year anyway.

Despite her high level of intelligence, she was still a kid and hasn’t matured yet. It’s easy for her to get emotional. She couldn’t handle mental battles just yet.

She could not help but complain to herself. Not only would she not be able to earn benefits for herself, she’d also be exposing her own dirty motives.


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