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Chapter 177: The H*ll with That

Wei Zhiqian had his left hand in his trousers pocket and his suit was perfectly draped where his wrist and the trousers met.

Huang Mingshun had wanted to pull on Tan Mo’s hand, but he stopped abruptly and did not dare to make another move.

Even though Wei Zhiqian was standing in front of the stage with a fence separating them, Huang Mingshun could still feel the immense pressure coming from the man and quickly pulled his hand back.

“Uncle!” Tan Mo turned around without hesitation and ran to the edge of the stage where the fence was.

However, the fence was too tall for her to glance over it.

She stepped onto the lower bar of the fence so that she could see over it. Only then could she see Wei Zhiqian.

Since the man was standing below the stage, Tan Mo had to tilt her head down.

“Sorry for being late,” Wei Zhiqian said in his deep voice.

There had been an important meeting at his office. He’d rushed to the venue as soon as the meeting concluded.

The compet.i.tion might not mean anything to other people, but to Wei Zhiqian, anything that Tan Mo partic.i.p.ated in was important to him.

This was also Tan Mo’s first time partic.i.p.ating in such a huge compet.i.tion. The thought of this little person standing in the spotlight made him proud.

That was why he had had to be there to see Tan Mo s.h.i.+ne brighter than the spotlights that were pointing at her.

“Not at all,” Tan Mo shook her head. “I thought you weren’t going to come.”

“How can I not come when you compete?” Wei Zhiqian answered.

Even on his way to the venue, he had watched the compet.i.tion from his phone.

He’d been watching while driving.

Of course, it was something he could never tell Tan Mo, or else she would scold him for not paying attention while he was driving.

Yet, the truth was, even if Wei Zhiqian had wanted to focus on the show, he could not.

Before he could even read the questions shown on the screen, Tan Mo had already answered them.

It all happened so fast that the man had no choice but to focus on his driving instead.

When Wei Zhiqian saw Tan Mo’s reddened eyes, it made him feel like someone had tightened a grip on his heart. His heart began to beat faster as he tried his best to hold the anger inside him down.

The man then raised his arm and gently wiped the tear off Tan Mo’s eye.

At that instant, the girl felt like a lost puppy who had finally been found by its owner.

She slowly moved her face toward him as Wei Zhiqian’s finger touched her.

At first, she hadn’t felt wronged and had only had the intention to make Huang Mingshun look bad. That was why she’d forced herself to cry a little.

Little did she know that when she saw Wei Zhiqian, her heart would finally give in.

She couldn’t believe how rude these people from Tsinghua University could be. Not only were they arrogant, but they would not admit their defeat either.

All they did was bully a little girl.

When Wei Zhiqian comforted her, she finally let her tears run loose.

“Do you still want to compete? If not, let’s head back home.” Wei Zhiqian forced himself to smile gently while holding his anger back. He was suppressing himself so much that his voice got deeper and to the point where it turned hoa.r.s.e.

“Of course!” Tan Mo nodded. “They tried to bully me because I am better than they are. I want to win the whole thing so that there’s nothing else they can say!”

Tan Mo’s pouting expression with a hint of slyness on her face miraculously made all the anger and hatred inside Wei Zhiqian disappear. It was as if she had cast a magic spell on him.

“All right,” Wei Zhiqian replied with a smile. His voice had now returned to his usual calm tone.

Once Tan Mo had calmed down, the host and staff approached the duo.

“Tan Mo, can you continue?” the host asked in a low voice.

“I can.” Tan Mo nodded.

“All right. The third round is going to begin soon.” The host smiled. “If you still want to compete, you have to return to the stage.”

“Okay,” Tan Mo replied and turned to Wei Zhiqian. “Uncle, I’m going now.”

“Go!” Wei Zhiqian smiled.

Tan Mo returned to her spot, and Wei Zhiqian found a seat among the crowd.

He was now sitting just a row behind the VIPs, which was the best seat one could hope to find other than the VIP seats.

Tan Mo’s eyes followed Wei Zhiqian all the way until he found his seat. She quickly waved at him as soon as he was seated.

Wei Zhiqian responded with a smile and a wave.

When Tan Mo put her hand down, Huang Mingshun interrupted her sweet moment. “I…I wasn’t trying to hurt you before…”

HMPH! Tan Mo averted her gaze and ignored him.

Just as she was starting to feel better because of Wei Zhiqian, Huang Mingshun had ruined her mood again.

On the other hand, Huang Mingshun was completely furious as well. Never had he ever thought that he would be labeled as a man who would bully a girl.

“Now, let us begin the third round of the compet.i.tion. Please have a look at the screen,” the host announced.

The familiar ten-second timer appeared on the screen once again.

As soon as the countdown began, the screen s.h.i.+fted to the first question. Only half a second had pa.s.sed and, before anyone could even read what the question was, someone had already pressed the buzzer.

Huang Mingshun’s hand was still on top of his b.u.t.ton, but he wasn’t the one who’d pushed it. Instead, he was glaring at Tan Mo.

He clearly understood what Tan Mo’s strategy was, but he didn’t have the guts to mimic her. It only made him even more frustrated and furious.

The host’s expression showed that he had already expected this outcome and said, “Beijing University! Your answer, please.”

Tan Mo answered in a shaky voice with her eyes still red, “The answer is B.”

The audience, especially those from Beijing University, couldn’t help but sympathize with Tan Mo when they heard her voice.

It was a situation where a lady had been bullied but chose to continue to fight despite her frustration.

The sportsmans.h.i.+p that Tan Mo had shown blew everyone’s minds. She was already showing something amazing by keeping the shakiness in her voice as little as possible. Not many people on Earth could recover from being bullied right away as she had.

That was why when her soft, shaky voice was relayed through the speakers, everyone could feel their own heart shatter a little bit.

“B is the correct answer!” the host announced. “Now, on to the next question.”

However, what followed next sent s.h.i.+vers down the audience’s spines.

Tan Mo slammed her buzzer for the next few questions as soon as the question appeared and answered all of them correctly in her still shaky voice.

It was as if everyone was watching a replay over and over again.

The other partic.i.p.ants didn’t even have a chance to answer.

The audience began to wonder if Tan Mo was really frustrated from being bullied, as the sight of her tearing up while answering questions was too eerie.

It was even worse for Huang Mingshun, the man who had bullied Tan Mo.

Didn’t you say you could only guess half of the questions correctly? 50 percent? Are you kidding me? You are answering all of them correctly. The h*ll with that! Also, can you not cry when you answer the questions? Aren’t you the one who’s doing the bullying now?

Huang Mingshun had already given up, and all he could do was hope that the audience could see what kind of person Tan Mo really was.


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