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Chapter 292

Tondemo Skill – 292 – As Expected, Dragons are Astounding

As instructed by Ugor-san, I came back to the Adventurer’s Guild with Fer, Sui and Dora-chan the next afternoon. We arrived there promptly [6] and were immediately greeted by a pleasant-looking receptionist.

[8] “Mukouda-san, we have been waiting for you. This way please,” the receptionist stood up and ushered us towards the warehouse.

We found Ugor-san and Elland-san waiting for us.

“”Oi, we’ll wait for you there,” Fer said, jerking his snout towards an empty s.p.a.ce. [1] [5]

[6] I noticed they were heading towards the area furthest away from the Elland-san and Ugor-san table.

“”Aruji, Sui will go with Uncle Fer and Dora-chan~~”” Sui popped out of her leather bag and bounced away.

“Alright, I’ll be here so all of you be good, alright?” [8] [1] [5] I made my way towards the two people waiting for me and finally noticed a distinctive shadow under Elland-san’s eyes. “What happened?”

“No need to worry. The Idiot Master went against my advice and stayed up all night,”

[6] “Eh?”

[4] “I told him to properly dismantle the Red Dragon by today and not waste his time stupidly observing everything but,” [5] [6] he waved a hand at the slightly crazed looking elf. “However this idiot obviously did not listen and stared at every bit of the dragon he butchered. If he had just dismantled the dragon properly it would have been over long before now.” [5]

“What are you saying!? It’s not every day I get to dismantle a Red Dragon. Of course, I must study it properly. Y-you’re the source of my suffering!!”

“… …” [5] [8] I’d sympathise with Elland-san but his suffering seems to be self-inflicted.

“Anyway, just ignore this Idiot Master. I’ll give you a breakdown of the materials taken from the Red Dragon.”

I followed Ugor-san’s lead and ignored Elland-san [6] who was muttering to himself while staring at a bottle of something…

[6] Anyway, let’s just ignore him.

“First, the meat is all in the cold storage. You can take them later.”

“Yes, thank you,” [5] I look forward to tasting Red Dragon meat.

“We managed to collect 227 vials of blood, liver and other organs,” he waved at the neatly lined vials of blood on the work table along with many other large and small jars. [5]

“Over here we have other materials such as [4] fangs, bones skin and this magic stone,” [6] Ugor-san patted the larges magic stone I had ever seen.

“Woah, that’s ma.s.sive…”

“Yes, we got a lot of good stuff from the Red Dragon. Now, our guild will take 25 vials of blood…” [5]

[4] “25? Isn’t that a lot?” I inquired. “You bought 2 vials of the Earth Dragon blood last time.”

“Eh, it’s pricey but it got sold in a blink of an eye and we ended up with lots of buyers but no supply. I’d rather stock up as much as I dared,” Ugor-san replied cheerfully. “Dragon blood is a kind of panacea so lots of people are fighting to buy it. We’ll pay 160 gold per vial.”

I nodded. I’m not phased by these kinds of amounts anymore, hahaha!

“We’ll take the liver too. The whole thing, fufufu. I’ll not let this opportunity to make money go! Muwahaha!”

Ugor-san had been in a bad mood earlier today but he’s scarily cheerful right now.

“We’ll pay 3700 gold for the liver. [5] [4] As for the heart, lungs, eyeb.a.l.l.s…”

Apparently, the internal organs could all be used to make miracle medicines, hence, there is no shortage of people willing to pay good money for them.

Seeing an opportunity, I said, “If dragon organs are so valuable, I still have those from the Earth Dragon…”

“Ah, it’s a shame but, I’m afraid our budget is limited. [5] I think it’s best to spend what’s left of it on a fang…”

“Ugor-kun~! As expected of you!” Elland-san, who had been imitating a corpse just now suddenly revived himself.

“What’s that got to do with Idiot Master? The fangs are bought to be sold, of course,”

“Noooo, anything but thaaatt…” Elland-san wailed bitterly.

I have no idea why this elf would think that Ugor-san would spend Guild money on his personal purchases.

“Haahh, ignore him. Let’s see, that’s:

25 vials of blood – 4000g

1 liver – 3700g

1 heart – 3600g

2 lungs & 2 eyeb.a.l.l.s – 1700g

1 fang – 3000g

The total purchase is 20,000 gold. That right?”

Ooohh, 20,000 gold! Thanks to Fer & Co, money kept pouring in. To the point that I’ve somehow gotten used to hearing large denomination numbers, hahaha.

“Yes, that’s fine,” I said in a fairly calm voice.

“Good, good. Well, here’s 200 platinum coins.”

I accepted the little jute bag of coins and put it away after checking the amount, “Nice doing business with you, Ugor-san.”

“Fufufu, we got a good deal this time too. Thank you very much for the opportunity, Mukouda-san.”

“No, no, I should be the one thanking you. Your guild is the only one that could dismantle a dragon…”

“Hold it!” [1] Elland-san suddenly leapt over.

“Idiot Master, what do you want now?”

“Ugor-kun, if I buy the things myself, then, you won’t scold me, right? Right?”

“The Red Dragon materials? Well, go ahead if you have the money and…” Ugor-san’s strong gaze suddenly fell on me. “If you have the permission of the seller.” [5a]

“Fufufu,” Elland-san giggled and said. “If it’s money I have it~”

Oh right, the Avering dungeon Loot-

“Mukouda-san! Sell me a dragon fang!” he howled.

“Eh? Ah, that is…” I don’t mind selling him the Fang but Ugor-san’s eyes felt very heavy…

“Please! Please! A dragon fang! A Red Dragon fang!”

“No, wait, please calm down, Elland-san,”

“Please, please, please~~” Elland-san was clinging to me now. “A request for a lifetime. Sell me the dragon fang~”

“Calm down, Elland-san-”

“Dragon fang! Dragon fang!” [5]

“Alright, alright, I’ll sell you one!”

In the end, I could not win against Elland-san.

“Yay! Thank you so much, Mukouda-san~” this old elf was now cheering and jumping about happily.

“Here you go!” Elland-san straightforwardly handed the bag containing 50 platinum coins to me.

“This is too much!” the cost of a fang was only 3000 gold.

“Oh, then give me some claws worth 2000 gold too!”

“… …” what can I say? This guy takes his love for dragons to the extreme. Since he’s buying the fang and claws with his own money, I’d feel bad about not letting him.

“Ufufufu, I have the fang and claws of a Red Dragon! I’m so happy! These are mine, all miiiiine…”

He’s rubbing his cheek against the claws and fang while singing his love for dragons. It’s kind of gross.

Ugor-san was staring at him with judging eyes.

“Ugor-san, I’m sorry…”

“No, the Idiot Master can be quite persistent when it comes to his peculiar hobby,”

There was a faraway look in Ugor-san’s eyes.

I guess he’s been through a lot. [5]

To be honest, I’m kind of tired too, “Ugor-san, if you don’t mind…”

[6] “Umu, fine,”

I made my way to the area where Fer and the rest are resting, “Hey everyone, it’s time to go home.”

““You’re finally done? Oi, did you get the meat?””

“Of course,”

““Okay, let’s hurry back and eat that meat,””

“”Red Dragon meat! That’s got to be delicious!””

“”Dragon meat~~””

Everyone’s very eager to go back and eat Red Dragon.

I guess I won’t be resting tonight.


[Gumihou: Ahh, I guess everyone’s pretty happy tonight? Also, Gumi deleted a lot… close to 400 words?]

Eguchi Ren: Total gold possessed by Mukouda, estimated at 84, 270. The amount has increased drastically due to the sale of dragon parts.

In a little while, this amount will fall… quite drastically.

[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

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